Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 5

No ifs, ands or Butts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2000 on HBO
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Carrie tries to quit smoking to improve her chances with her new boyfriend, Aidan Shaw, a furniture designer. Charlotte has a new boyfriend, Brad, but he turns out to be an irredeemably lousy kisser. Samantha dates Chivon, an African-American, but his sister is no so open-minded. Miranda doesn't have the time to watch Steve practice basketball, even though there's the potential to win a million dollars: he is upset about this, and she realises she needs to put more effort into their relationship.moreless

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  • Samantha's catfight.

    I think this episode is noteworthy because it is the beginning of the Aiden and Carrie storyline. Although I myself would not be attracted to Aiden at this stage of the show, especially with that hair, he is very sweet and the perfect person for Carrie to have a relationship with post-Big. I also really like this episode because I like the Samantha storyline for some reason. Miranda and Steve fight Again because she is unsupportive of his dream to win a million dollars at a basketball game. Yes it is stupid, but the least she could do is pretend to care, but Miranda can't even do that. I liked Samathas top and Carries dress when there are the diner discussing Samantha's boyfriends sister.moreless
  • My Reason Why I Like This Episode......

    I loved this particular episode, with cute, sexy KIM CATTRALL, all due in part to what you do not see a whole lot of, due to racism and bigotry institutionalized by producers & directors of [made for] televsion movies and series, is that is interracial relations between a [handsome] black male, and stunningly beautiful anglo female....... Although televison is most in part depictions of fictioanl situations, there is, in some respect, real life application, to what you see..... Such as the interracial situation depicted where samantha character was not afraid to interracially date with a male of color, more so a black male... It was a jealous black female, [her lovers sister] that was closed minded, to not allow him the right that was solely his to explore interracial dating, and thus, he was fearful as loosing his sister, all due this matter... He wimped out, and lost out on what could have been a great thing, as samantha, would have been a great woman to have been with.... In some respects, this depiction plays itself out in reality: A racist society of anglo males which now always explores it's options to interracially date & even marry females of all races & colors, does not allow the same unilateral opportunities for black males to do the same: Daring black males to defy & challenge the racist convetionality of which they, [the racist anglo male society of today] have set in place... {Of forbading black males having the same right to interracial date with females of other races and color] Black females also carry this same attitude as well, calling any black male a "uncle tom", for not "staying within the race", dating and even marrying, [solely] black female... Though they "go outside", of the black race, to do what they say that black males shouldn't do: Iditoic, and contradictive.... I feel that there should be more show that touch on this subject, [Of black male/anglo female interracial dating] so that the interracial barriers can truly be broken down on television, and that seeing black males with anglo, asian and hispanic females, will be a common, ordinary occurence on to be see... And a everday occurence in our society... My heart & thanks to Miss Kim Cattrall, [as well as Darwin Star] for doing such a daring episode.... It show that she has heart and courage, to challege what other anglo female actress refuse to...moreless
Asio Highsmith

Asio Highsmith

Chivon Williams

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Sundra Oakley

Sundra Oakley

Adele Williams

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Ross Gibby

Ross Gibby


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Willie Garson

Willie Garson

Stanford Blatch

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David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg

Steve Brady

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John Corbett

John Corbett

Aidan Shaw

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, and others, Carrie identifies her cigarette brand as Marlboro Lights. However, every single time we see her smoking, she is clearly smoking a cigarette with a brown-tipped filter. As anyone who has ever seen Marlboro Lights knows, those cigarettes have white-tipped filters, not brown, which would be Marlboro Reds. Despite that, at the end of the episode, when she dumps her remaining cigarettes into the toilet and flushes them, the pack she holds DOES appear to be a pack of Marlboro Lights.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Carrie: Look. Since you negotiated such a good price for me on the chair, maybe I could negotiate a little deal for you on the smoking.
      Aidan: What kind of deal?
      Carrie: Well, I've been thinking about quitting anyway, so why not now. (Opens purse and shows Aidan the inside) Ta-da. No cigarettes.
      Aidan: Can you do that?
      Carrie: See, I think maybe you think I'm more of a smoker than I actually am, I only have, like a cigarette with cocktails.

    • Steve: If this is ever gonna work, I need you to believe in us a little more. I need you to believe in me, even if you think it is fucking stupid.

    • Samantha: Well I am not about to back down to her. That is just not who I am.
      Carrie: Yeah Samantha's right. She shouldn't have to sacrifice who she is just because somebody else has a problem with it.
      Samantha: Thank you.
      Carrie: It's like me with smoking. You know it's too bad that Aidan had a problem with it. But you have to accept people for who they are.
      Miranda: Wait, you're choosing cigarettes over a cute guy?
      Carrie: He's not that cute.
      Miranda: You bought furniture he was so cute.
      Carrie: OK, but for him to dump me like that over a little thing like smoking...
      Charlotte: Smoking is not a little thing, it's a dirty disgusting habit and you're killing yourself!
      Carrie: Thank you, chin.
      Charlotte: Really, Carrie, we all hate it. We just put up with it because we love you. Now you have a reason to quit, so quit.
      Carrie: You know, I really don't appreciate being ganged up on.
      Miranda: Who's ganging up on you?
      Carrie: Smoking is a part of who I am. I will quit when I want to quit, and it won't be because some cute guy told me to. Right, Samantha?
      Samantha: No, honey. Fighting a battle for Chivon is one thing, but holding on to those nasty cigarettes, well that's just whack.
      Miranda: Please tell me she didn't just say whack.

    • Miranda: Steve thinks he's going to win a million dollars.
      Carrie: You told me.
      Miranda: I guess I have to keep repeating it until I believe it. It's totally illogical, and then he wants me to be all supportive.
      Carrie: Well?
      Miranda: Well, what? It's a half court shot, there are actual Knicks who can't make it. I would have no trouble supporting him if it was a real dream, like opening his own bar or something, but this is just silly.
      Carrie: Isn't that what you couples do, support each other's silly dreams?
      Miranda: You're asking me?

    • Carrie: It's all total bull shit. What is wrong with cigarettes?
      Stanford: Nothing, they're fabulous!

    • Charlotte: Don't make fun of me, my chin hurts.
      Carrie: Yeah exactly what happened there?
      Charlotte: He raped my face, I'm never seeing him again.

    • Charlotte: Maybe you should stop seeing him, race is a very big issue.
      Samantha: No, there is no reason to bring race into this, Chivon is a sweet man, we have great sex and he happens to have the biggest....
      Charlotte: Black cock, we know, he has a big black cock.
      Samantha: I was about to say biggest heart, but now that you're so interested, yes, he does have a big black cock.
      Miranda: It's a big Afro-American cock. Right, Charlotte?

    • Aidan: You know my dog is obsessed with you. He kept me up talking all night. Her leg, man, her leg. Arrrrf..... Finally had to say, Pete, let her go man, it's over.

    • Carrie: I have a crush.
      Miranda: Um, yea, you haven't had a crush in a while, not since Big.
      Carrie: Big wasn't a crush, he was a crash.

    • Stanford: Have you seen the New York Times style section?
      Carrie: You know I can't handle hard news before noon.
      Stanford: There's a beautiful man downtown, selling beautiful furniture, and we're going.
      Carrie: I got a whole afternoon plan of Australian Vogue, I'm not just going to drop everything, to go see some cute guy.
      Stanford shows her the guy's picture
      Stanford: His straight.
      Carrie: I'll get my purse.

    • Samantha: That is one fine looking man, I would like to get me some of that.
      Charlotte: Don't talk like that.
      Samantha: Like what?
      Charlotte: You know.
      Samantha: Oh, relax, with the nicher glibly reaction, that wasn't black talk, that was sex talk.
      Charlotte: First, of all, it isn't black talk, it's African American talk, and you should'nt be talking like that at all Samantha, it's rude and politically incorrect.
      Carrie: Sweetie, a reminder, Samantha is rude and politically incorrect.
      Miranda: She's an equal opportunity offender.
      Samantha: Precisely, I don't see colour, I see conquest.

    • Charlotte: Maybe, we could work on it, practice makes perfect.
      Samantha: No, no, no, dump him, a bad kisser is non-negotiable.

    • Charlotte: You'd dump a guy because of a bad kiss?
      Samantha: Honey, you have too. I mean, if their tongue's just gonna lay there, what do you think their dick's gonna do?
      Carrie: Point taken.

    • Charlotte: He has these sweet little lips, I thought he would be a good kisser.
      Carrie: You see that's the scary thing, you can never tell, they look totally normal.
      Miranda: Until their pointy tongue is darting in and out of your mouth.
      Carrie: Oh, the stabby little pointy tongue, that is the worst of the worst.
      Samantha: No, what's worse, is when they expect you to do all the work, and their tongue just lays there in your mouth like a clam.
      Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte: Ewwwww!!
      Carrie: Clam mouth, that's the worst!
      Samantha: At that point, I say get that thing out of my mouth, put it in a cab and take its lazy ass home.

    • Miranda: Bad kissers are the worst.
      Carrie: Worst, when it comes to the worst, they're at the top, the top of the worst.

    • Charlotte: I mean all around my mouth.
      Carrie and Miranda: Ewwww!
      Charlotte: How do you think I felt? His tongue actually licked my teeth.
      Samantha: I don't get it, did he want to fuck you or floss you?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Carrie: So, it's "Goodbye, Dolly"?
      This is a subtle allusion to the musical "Hello, Dolly". In this musical, a matchmaker named Dolly comes to a town to meet a man.

    • Stanford: (Regarding Marty's dolls) Are they all queens?
      Marty: Not the ones from Madame Alexander.
      Madame Alexander is a brand of American collectible dolls that are usually very expensive (one doll listed on her website was $165). She has dolls that depict characters from such works as Wicked and Gone with the Wind.

    • Carrie: It was Martha Stewart meets Puff Daddy, on a plate.
      Martha Stewart is a woman who is famous for her cooking, and very methodical ways of doing things, like decorating for the holidays.
      Puff Daddy, or Diddy, as he is known today, is a hip-hop star, and a mogul in his own right, with restaurants and a clothing line.