Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2003 on HBO

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  • Hi everyone! Hoping someone can help me with info re: Carrie's necklace in this episode! On her 1st date w/ the "Russian" she wears a necklace w/ a large hot pink stone. Does anyone know any info about it?

    She's worn it in another episode, but I'm not sure which one. Possibly around the time she was with Aidan (2nd time). It seems to have 2 gold chains attached to it with 2 diamonds/rhinestones-1 on either strand.
    I appreciate any info anyone may be able to give me! I love it and either would buy it or even try to make it myself, but I can't find a photo of it. I've searched every which way possible!! Thanks in advance for any help!
    P.S. She is wearing another necklace with it that she wore in the episode with David Duchovny!
  • sam dyes her hair down below and charlett finds out she is pregent

    this is not a bad episode there is plenty to laugh at with sam. while at a art show charlet and carrie meet her new man. mean while charlet finds out she is pregent but later on loses her baby. sam is drying her hair when she finds a grey hair down there. she goes to dye it and leaves it on to long. when she looks at it. it has turned a pink colour . then she shows carrie at bradys birthday party. this is a very funny scene. mirdada and steve are putting the canndles when they tell each other that they love you.
  • Miranda and Steve celebrate Brady's first birthday; Charlotte is finally pregnant.

    This episode was a series classic. It was very well written. It was the perfect episode. This episode alone could have gotten the show a seventh season. Samantha was especially funny in this episode. She died her pubic hairs the wrong color, and now they are red. When she sees the clown at Brady's party, the wig reminds her. Charlotte was also very good in this episode. She got pregnant and lost the baby in one episode. The acting in this episode was great. This episode was a perfect installment to the sixth and final season of this amazing series.
  • this episode shows just how human these girls can be

    i heart this episode so much. miranda re-finds love with steve, and harry proves to be the husband that we were all hoping charlotte would find when she is devasted by the fact she had a miscarriage. this, along with the fact that samantha has the dilema of the grey hair (so funny!), this is definatly one of my top 5 episodes.