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  • I did my absolute worst to hate this show with all of my being, and I failed miserably. The sharp writing and the great characters won me over and I ended up looking forward to each new episode of this show, even though it's apparently not for people like

    I'll come right out and say I love this show. Let me also qualify that by saying I love this show despite being a 27-year-old straight man, albeit married, since I doubt I ever would have invited this show into my household were it not for a woman's influence. Lucky for me, though, because I'm not afraid to admit that Sex and the City is one of the best shows I've seen in the last 10 years or so. The writing is surprisingly sharp, the characters are surprisingly endearing, and the tone of the show strikes a remarkable balance between humorous and believable.

    I only started watching this show when the censored versions of it started showing on TBS, so I'm not sure how much of it I missed. I'm pretty sure that the main gist of everything came across even on non-premium TV, though. What struck me about Sex and the City was how it managed to make me actually sympathize for the sorts of people whom I tend to actively dislike in real life. It makes unsympathetic people likable and completely endearing--probably has something to do with how, through thick or thin, you could always assume that the friendship between the four main characters would remain intact...and, sure enough, it would. But it's not that hokey, either. The show offers what I consider a very "modern" look at sentimentality.

    But that's deconstructing it a little too far. The show's just really entertaining, ultimately. It often surprised me by not going the obvious route and broaching serious subjects head-on, with a lot of humor and insight at the same time. And when the last episode concluded, I was sad to realize there wasn't going to be more where that came from, but happy that this show started strong and pretty much just got stronger till it went out on a high note.
  • As a native New Yorker I finally decided to give my opinion on Sex And The City. I'll admit I didn't watch the show when it was first aired but later became glued to the repeats. There's a lot to be said about this show...some fascinating and some...

    The writing on the show is fantastic especially with the analogies and play on words. I find myself deeply amused as Carrie spontaneously types away on her laptop about her thoughts on men, relationships and sex. Each character has a different and interesting personality which works well with each other as they express themselves at their leisure lunches which they always seem to have time to do. Most women can relate to many of the mentioned relationship situations at one point of their life. Haven't we all at one time fell in love with our own Mr. Big and found it impossible to detach even though we knew it was unhealthy? Or wondered why we can't be friends with our old boyfriends? As Carrie puts it "If you break up with your once loved boyfriend then where does that love go?". I really appreciate that there isn't a set answer to the questions but phrased as a "Maybe" which is food for thought in our own lives. It's not about right or wrong but real emotions which women feel. If the show was meant for women viewers then does that really matter? It is enjoyable to watch and to explore our own personal views. On the other side of the coin there is a misconception to the show which I feel is important to touch upon. Does the show misrepresent the average New York woman and possibly influencing other's thoughts about her and New York? Although it's fun and strictly for fun to watch the latest fashion runway trends it is also so unrealistic. If a woman walked down the busy streets of NY during work hours wearing a clingy low cut short dress bouncing braless in expensive sexy heels then there would be a countless number of offensive comments that no woman would want to hear repeated ever again. Most New Yorkers which includes models are rushing along on their busy schedule wearing casual clothing, muted colors, jeans, or yes…the famous black. We love wearing black! It goes with everything and hides our flaws. Sure women will dress up for a date at night but not with a fur and a mini-skirt when the bright sun is shining. Come on…it's the Big Apple City with 6 million people where you fight to get a cab to go a block. And worse is the idea that one can walk into a classy cool club, meet a hot potential new guy and end up in bed time after time without regretting the dangerous risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Give us a little more credit in the responsibility department. There would be a major decrease in Manhattan's population if that were the actual NY belief and Samantha would be first. Besides it's not like every NY guy feels he can approach every woman or that you will go out and find a guy every time. Not a good message to send out to our female audience. And last while easily admitting to love fashion I believe fashion should enhance a woman instead of forcing a women to enhance the fashion! It's embarrassing to watch these beautiful ladies dressed in their smashed chest couture gowns where their tummies protrude and make the worse of their features. Okay, it's only a show, a fantasy and colorful to watch. And it is just that…an entertaining adventure in the controversial topic of sex and love from different women's viewpoints. Oh, and yes with a delightful curiosity in staring at their jewelry and designer fashions with Prada and Jimmy Choo shoes. Sharon of
  • love or hate it but accept that it is a cult.

    Sex and the City definitely is a cult. Everyone who has television probably watch at least one episode.
    Some think that it is a stupid and blank show and some think that it is the show which save and give freedom to woman.

    So everyone loves it or hates it. But everyone has an opinion so this makes "Sex and the city" is a cult show.

    I love Carrie and Samantha, they are funny and bold. All love all of the seasons but the last one is best for me because Mikhail Baryshnikov is included.

    I wish that it never ended but at least we have movies.
  • Hi. I'm Josh, and I'm a male "Sex and the City" fan.

    Yeah, I'm a guy. No I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). And I like "Sex and the City". I started out like the normal guy would; thinking this show is just a bunch a woman sitting around ripping on men. While that is partially true, there is so much more to this series. Yes the woman sit and rag on men, but most of it is justified. This isn't a propaganda show for women. Men aren't always the bad guys. More than once the women have been the bad guys. There were even a couple times where the women would take their friends boyfriends side. But the most important thing (no, not seeing 3/4 of the cast naked. Although that is a plus) is that the show is extremely fuuny. So, if you are a guy, watch a couple of episodes before you make judgement on this show.
  • Neither daring, sexy or interesting. The characters were flat and uninspiring. Its view of gender was plastic, old fashioned and execrable.

    It was neither daring, sexy or interesting. The characters were flat and uninspiring. The topics were insulting, not just to women, to all humans. I don't mean the sex, I mean all the whining. I don't care how liberal they talked about sex when the concept was to imprison women into a stereotype that belives that the answer to their problems is solved if they just spent a month's rent on a pair of designer shoes. That it was advertised as a show about strong independent women made it worse. Its view of gender was plastic, old fashioned and execrable.
  • One of my all time favorites. SATC is loved by women and loathed by men, because it shows how women can be sexy, successful and confident. Even though ultimately they're still searching for "the one", the girls show what fun we can have in the meantime.

    I noticed that the show reviews vary dramatically in score, either 1s or 10s. Indeed SATC is quite controversial and not everyone can stomach it, especially not most men. What I want to say it, just like with any other show, take it with a grain of salt, take it for what it is. SATC is trying to show a point and exaggerates quite much in doing so, you don't have to buy everything, but the underlying concept is power to the women, and I'm pretty certain SATC has changed the perception of successful women and the relation between women and sex.

    Thanks to SATC, it's no longer taboo for women to have casual sex, just look at Samantha, she's much worse! Miranda set an example for single women who want to have a baby, just do it! Charlotte showed us that good-looks and the perfect facade aren't everything, it's personality and chemistry that matters in the end. Carrie gave us all hope again for finding "the one", even after so many men and so many setbacks, he comes through in the end and becomes your prince in shining armour.

    Feminists will probably say that all of these women except Samantha fall into the traditional female role afterall, since in the end what it's all about is finding the right man. But isn't that exactly what most of us girls want? What SATC shows us is that yes we're looking for the right man, but we can all be beautiful, sexy, strong, and independent women who will not accept anything less than what we deserve. One most important thing SATC shows us is that we can still be all those things even after we're 35!

    I love SATC, I think it's the best thing that's happened to women on TV.
  • To those that don't understand never will.

    I was and always will be addicted to this show! I have all the seasons on DVD, and I can literally watch them over and over again.

    The characters were perfectly written, almost any woman can identify with at least one them. And, you have to applaud a show that can make an entire city a character! The story lines weren't always perfect, but for the most part, they made sense and left me wanting more.

    For those of you who never saw it on HBO, watching it in syndication is not how it was meant to be watched, go buy it or go rent it!
  • Take a Square Peg, an Assitant PE Teacher, a Ex-Child hippie, and Lil Miss Perfect, put them all in New York with a script that pushes limits to the max and keeps them looking SEXY at the same time and you have one of TVs greatest shows.

    The best thing to hit television since cable. Sex and the City out proforms any others of its kind and definatly had what it took to keep viewers hooked. I being a straight teenage male have no problem telling AnyOne i watch this show. It is classic, its inspiring and the writing is terrific. I admit when i first tuned in it was by the misleading title, however the storyline and characters where so well developed and interesting i was hooked. This show became the frontman for all things feminine, with good reason. Almost everyone can relate or knows someone who can relate to this show. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda where such real characters that you felt like you were watching more than just a real show. The best thing about this show in my opinion is the friendship these characters had. It was more than a TV relationship. The characters arent perfect, they dont always make the right choice, and everything isnt always solved at the end of the show Or by the end of the season. The only thing that can be said more about this show is that its inspiring, incredible, and in style.
  • "Sex and the City" is intelligent and funny. It also works on the emotional side. It's one of thte best shows ever made.

    "Sex and the City" isn't about sex or anything related to sex. It's more about life and the ups of downs of friendship. "Sex and the City" talks about the stories of four single best friends. Carrie is the main character and the writer of her weekly newspaper column titled "Sex and the City" at The New York Star. Samantha is promiscuous and try-sexual(she try anything) but, she still loyal to her friends and she is a caring person. Charlotte is the one who tries to find emotional love not lust. Miranda is the voice of reason and is Carrie's best friend. "Sex and the City" isn't just another dumb shows about people having sex. "Sex and the City" is realistic, intelligent and funny. "Sex and the City" also works on the emotional side. "Sex and the City" is not even about sex but, rather about life and friendship than anything else. The characters are not boring or shallow but, rather interesting and any woman could relate to. "Sex and the City" isn't afraid to show anything on sex.

    "Sex and the City" is one of the best shows ever made.
  • 4 years later I still talk about lines and scenes of this show.

    This show is either THE epic of my generation or the best friend a woman can have. It was the most talked about during its time, but 4 years later I still find myself remembering scenes and lines from this show.

    It feels like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were also my friends. I experience my life and their life side by side.

    And don’t get me started with the rest. I am far from a fashion girl. I prefer classic looks to the color abundance shown nowadays. But I am amazed to remember how trend setter the clothing selected was. Just to give an example to finish my point. Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend starting chemo and afraid of the results in her life in general. I had to remembered Samantha and her ordeal, her ups and downs, and even her moments of glory like her pink wig on the red carpet. She looked fabulous. This show is fabulous. I have watched other good shows in my life but none marked me as much as this one.

    Ps: this is my first contribution ever in a TV review ;-)
  • I love this show - but I thought that the season between Aidan & Petrovsky was weak.

    I've seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times, own the first three seasons on DVD, and still watch the TBS reruns. But when you compare the first couple of seasons to season 5 and the beginning of season 6, you definitely see a difference. The last two seasons had better story lines for Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha...Carrie seemed a bit - hyper? I almost stopped watching during the "Berger" episodes because SJP seemed a little spazzy, but the show was redeemed as they started to wrap up all the story lines for the series finale. The last few scenes were amazing and I felt sad the series was ending.

  • Sex and the City is like the bible for women and most gay men. I would say that it was "absolutely fabulous" but my boyfriend would say that i porn for woman!!!!!!!!!

    I aboluutely love Sex and the City, who doesn't? I love all the fashion, the quotes and most of all the girls. Carrie, Samantha, Marandia and Charlotte remind me of my three friends and I. I just hope we're till a good friend as they are 20 years down the line!

    Sex and the City to me is a bit of a boost as i was the shy type and when i started to watch it, it made me re-think my life. It made me laugh at sex and not to take it as serious! I think the program had an amazing story line and humour behind it, my boyfrind thinks its porn for woman!

    All the girl are strong and independant and thts the type of role model i was looking for and its so true what Carrie says in the last episode, Relationships "There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, and those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you, you love, well, that's just fabulous"!
  • This is the show I will stay up for hours after my "bedtime" to watch!

    Everynight after I tuck my kids into their beds and call my hard working husband and tell him that I hope he has a good night at work I make some snacks, maybe pop some popcorn and get a cozy spot to sit and watch my favorite "girly show". Even if I am so tired and need to go to sleep I will set my alarm to 12:00 am (that's when it airs at my home) so I won't miss it! It is seriously that good. It is the kinda entertainment a mom, wife, and woman needs sometimes to have a little "innocent fun". ;)

    It is a good show and gets better in the later seasons, seriously! Love it.
  • A Classic show that entered our hearts

    This show was so wonderful because it involved something that at one time or another we have all done; Searched for love. The way in which these four women fight for it is the struggle we've all faced. We have had the opportunity to "tag" along with these women as they go on adventure after adventure together as best friends in an epic battle to be happy in love. Oh, and just a quick heads up. They are giving away an entire season of Sex and the City on DVD at endedtvseries-com.
  • I was so into this show during its original run. And then came the movies.

    Funny thing is that watching the movies makes you realize just how clever the show was - particularly in the first few seasons. The dialogue was clever and and witty. The acting of the entire cast was good and the humor of many of the situations registered with me.

    For me the turning point for the show was when SJP's creative influence as (co)executive producer became more pronounced in the series run. By that I mean that the show became very "Carrie-Away." in many respects. Also after a spell the product placement can get a little much.

    The show was never meant to change the world, it was a hyper-stylized look at a group of single women in New York City. For that reason, I enjoyed the ride.
  • A useless show about a bunch of old (excuse the language)horny women. YUCK!

    I don't know why this show was such a success. It was stupid and sad. It had a poor cast and why oh why people thought that Sarah J. Parker was a sexy leading lady is beyond me. I tried a couple of times to sit down and watch this show and I was more disgusted each time. If you ask me the real star of this show was Kim C. she was the only real talent on the show. Glad its off the air and glad any hopes of a movie are in the toilet.
  • About the series

    It has great writing episodes in season 3, casting in season 4-5, acting for Cynthia Nixon in season 6 and Sarah Jessica Parker in season 6.
  • Do you think I could be the next Samantha?

    Wanting to play Samantha's part in the new Carrie Diaries.
  • Carrie Bradshaw and and her three best friends explore the tough role of being a sexually active single woman in the new millennium


    The series covers topics previously considered taboo in the small screen as orgasms, penis size, semen taste and the rules to follow while performing oral sex.

    But overall,Sex and the City has followed up the women's issues like no other TV series, from divorce to infertility, adoption, breast canceror, indeed, the problems of bed.

    These four women have changed the women's thinking and the city of NewYork.The message is: it's OK to be single and older than 30 years, Sex and the City is not about sex, is about every woman who is behind the sex.


    I have seen every single episode of every single season from when it aired on HBO. At the time, Sex in the City was one of the two reasons why I paid extra for HBO. The other reason was the Sopranos. My ex-boyfriend bought me the first three seasons on DVD as a present. I still plan to complete my collection. Just recently saw the movie in the theater, and it was just as good as the show, if not better. Very funny. Various emotions actually. Well written and well acted. So realistic. So Sex in the City. I hope there will be a sequel!
  • A great show for the ladies about life and love in the big city.

    What a fantastic show! Style, relationships, and sex all rolled up in a cute package. I watch the reruns again and again. The show tackles topics such as threesomes, erectile dysfunction, abortion, homosexuality, and more. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie perfectly, creating an amazingly round character with flaws that double as charming traits. Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are more flat characters, but become dynamic as the show progresses. Each character has their own vulnerabilities, revealing the show's surprisingly insightful nature underneath the glitz. Its only flaws arose in some less than realistic plot points, including man crazy Samantha's adventures in being a lesbian. I only hope the movie doesn't ruin this fabulous show.
  • "It's good to know that the ones you love will always be in your heart."

    Sex and the City. What can I say? It is one of my FAVORITE shows of all time!

    It is amusing to the point of my crying from laughter and the tears definitely flow during the heartwarming moments too. Needless to say water is streaming down my face every episode.

    Most women (and probably men too) can relate to a character and it seems to make life more bearable. The fashion, the night life, the locations, the guest stars, the monologues and narration are excellent. I think the writing was innovative and clever.

    The sex is what made the show intriguing but what drives the show is love. The four women are constantly on a search for love/companionship from a significant other but the main relationship is between Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. They exemplify unconditional love between friends/soul mates :). Throughout all of their trials and tribulations as well as all of their success and victories they were always there for each other.

    This show takes me on a true journey from beginning to end and you feel the progression of growth all the way through. You end up rooting for their happiness every step of the way. I can safely say I was not disappointed in this regard by the shows end. Even though the series is over I pop in the DVDs every so often because I cannot get enough. It is an ultimate feel good show.

    Word to the wise: watch the original versions of this show not the watered down versions currently in syndication. It makes all the difference in the world!
  • Yes, I'm a guy, and yes I watch this show

    I really wanted to label Sex & the City a "Guitly Pleasure," but when I though about it, I realized it's more of a "Trendsetter." And I really have no guilt in admitting that I watch one of the most well-writen and -acted shows in TV history. Even if it IS considered chick-flick material.

    The fact is, they're four hot, successful women in an ugly-male-dominated world. And watching their adventures is really an eye-opener sometimes.

    I bought my wife the series on DVD and find myself watching it with her very often. This show is high-quality, high-brow TV for consenting adults.
  • Sex and the City is a series that discusses what most people have considered taboo - sexually independent women.

    Sex and the City is a series that discusses what most people have considered taboo - sexually independent women. Most sex issues have revolved around men through the times. Women have always been looked upon as sluts or misguided souls for having any form of sexuality. Sex and the City puts the real woman out there - sexual and with feeling. It is a true trendsetter that breaks the barriers for women everywhere. Freedom at last.
  • ok.. i know i said bring it back... i mean all new ones. now that it is alll old ones!

    ok this show is the shit. i know i just put that this show needs to cum back.
    what i mean by that is this is the best show ever!!! we need to have more shows like this. these girls are the hotties honey out there. this is how my life is. hahah just like them! i live by this show. and damn it needs to cum back right now. i have seen every one out there and know everything about it. well cum back girls!!!
  • My favorite show!

    If you think this show is boring, you obviously don't have girlfriends. This show has a character for every woman I know. It is humorous and relateable. It shows every side of a true woman. It shows you the ups and downs of single life. If you ever want to know what women really think? Just watch this show!
  • Never has friendship, independence, love, and confusion been so classically packaged together in a way to showcase what we all feel.

    Carrie Bradshaw (played by my favorite actress of all times, the wonderful Sara Jessica Parker) is a columnist in NYC, diving unflinchingly into the world of sex and love for today's woman. Her friends, cynical lawyer Miranda, optimistic Charlotte and outrageous Samantha help her take a look at the world from three very different perspectives. Through the show, all the ups and downs, Carrie constantly questioning her own judgement and the nature of women that defines the actions they take. We all do it, but she does it in syndication.

    Through time, she has various suitors, most notably businessman Mr. Big, earthy Aidan, wry Berger, and older Petrovsky. With each failed relationship, she learns more, and we learn and question our own actions with her.

    If you were too bashful to watch the series in its entirety on HBO, both TBS and the WB show edited, censored versions of this wonderful sitcom. Though the edits leave it a little too wholesome, the stories, the connections, and the wonderful characters still jump out and grab you.
  • Sex and the City ended too soon..classic and classy show sure to be missed

    What a guilty pleasure of a show...The show should come back for it ended too soon...Love the writing, the characters, the great much fun...thanks for making this wonderful will never be have no idea how much it is loved all over the world.....

    What a guilty pleasure of a show...The show should come back for it ended too soon...Love the writing, the characters, the great much fun...thanks for making this wonderful will never be have no idea how much it is loved all over the world.....
  • Always Origional and will be missed

    This show was always origional although towards the end did start to becoem a bit monotonus with the carrie and mr big relationship but it still always managed to make women around the world feel like they were in control. We will miss watching this show on TV but thankgod for the dvds.
  • This show is the reason that "absolutely fabulos" is an available classification.

    Try as you might, there is just no physical way that "sex and the city" can be hated... it demands to be loved, and it always gets its way. I originally tuned in for the sex and nudity (being 13 years old), but it was the characters and the comedy that brought me back week after week (don't get me wrong there was sex and nudity too). I don't really know what to say except this show is the reason the Emmy awards where invented.... and I am so glad for HBO for without, 2 of my top 10 shows of all time would never have seen the light of day!

    Thank you HBO for 6 years of fabulous bliss!
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