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HBO (ended 2004)





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  • "Sex and the City" is intelligent and funny. It also works on the emotional side. It's one of thte best shows ever made.

    "Sex and the City" isn't about sex or anything related to sex. It's more about life and the ups of downs of friendship. "Sex and the City" talks about the stories of four single best friends. Carrie is the main character and the writer of her weekly newspaper column titled "Sex and the City" at The New York Star. Samantha is promiscuous and try-sexual(she try anything) but, she still loyal to her friends and she is a caring person. Charlotte is the one who tries to find emotional love not lust. Miranda is the voice of reason and is Carrie's best friend. "Sex and the City" isn't just another dumb shows about people having sex. "Sex and the City" is realistic, intelligent and funny. "Sex and the City" also works on the emotional side. "Sex and the City" is not even about sex but, rather about life and friendship than anything else. The characters are not boring or shallow but, rather interesting and any woman could relate to. "Sex and the City" isn't afraid to show anything on sex.

    "Sex and the City" is one of the best shows ever made.
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