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  • As a native New Yorker I finally decided to give my opinion on Sex And The City. I'll admit I didn't watch the show when it was first aired but later became glued to the repeats. There's a lot to be said about this show...some fascinating and some...

    The writing on the show is fantastic especially with the analogies and play on words. I find myself deeply amused as Carrie spontaneously types away on her laptop about her thoughts on men, relationships and sex. Each character has a different and interesting personality which works well with each other as they express themselves at their leisure lunches which they always seem to have time to do. Most women can relate to many of the mentioned relationship situations at one point of their life. Haven't we all at one time fell in love with our own Mr. Big and found it impossible to detach even though we knew it was unhealthy? Or wondered why we can't be friends with our old boyfriends? As Carrie puts it "If you break up with your once loved boyfriend then where does that love go?". I really appreciate that there isn't a set answer to the questions but phrased as a "Maybe" which is food for thought in our own lives. It's not about right or wrong but real emotions which women feel. If the show was meant for women viewers then does that really matter? It is enjoyable to watch and to explore our own personal views. On the other side of the coin there is a misconception to the show which I feel is important to touch upon. Does the show misrepresent the average New York woman and possibly influencing other's thoughts about her and New York? Although it's fun and strictly for fun to watch the latest fashion runway trends it is also so unrealistic. If a woman walked down the busy streets of NY during work hours wearing a clingy low cut short dress bouncing braless in expensive sexy heels then there would be a countless number of offensive comments that no woman would want to hear repeated ever again. Most New Yorkers which includes models are rushing along on their busy schedule wearing casual clothing, muted colors, jeans, or yes…the famous black. We love wearing black! It goes with everything and hides our flaws. Sure women will dress up for a date at night but not with a fur and a mini-skirt when the bright sun is shining. Come on…it's the Big Apple City with 6 million people where you fight to get a cab to go a block. And worse is the idea that one can walk into a classy cool club, meet a hot potential new guy and end up in bed time after time without regretting the dangerous risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Give us a little more credit in the responsibility department. There would be a major decrease in Manhattan's population if that were the actual NY belief and Samantha would be first. Besides it's not like every NY guy feels he can approach every woman or that you will go out and find a guy every time. Not a good message to send out to our female audience. And last while easily admitting to love fashion I believe fashion should enhance a woman instead of forcing a women to enhance the fashion! It's embarrassing to watch these beautiful ladies dressed in their smashed chest couture gowns where their tummies protrude and make the worse of their features. Okay, it's only a show, a fantasy and colorful to watch. And it is just that…an entertaining adventure in the controversial topic of sex and love from different women's viewpoints. Oh, and yes with a delightful curiosity in staring at their jewelry and designer fashions with Prada and Jimmy Choo shoes. Sharon of