Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 11

Running with Scissors

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2000 on HBO
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Carrie's reignited affair with Mr. Big puts a increasing strain on her relationship with Aidan, and she meets Natasha again in the worst of circumstances: while letting herself out of the Big's home. In the commotion, Natasha has an accident, so Carrie takes her to hospital. Charlotte becomes more and more preoccupied with preparations for her wedding, especially finding the perfect wedding dress; she also finds out about Carrie and Mr. Big, and is outraged. Samantha's new boyfriend, Tom Reymi, makes her take an AIDS test, which fortunately proves negative, before he will sleep with her. Miranda is attracted to a man wearing a sandwich costume.moreless

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  • Keeps going down a darker path...

    Miranda gets harrassed by a sandwich. Charlotte needs the perfect dress. Carrie keeps making the same mistake over and over again affecting her relationship with Aidan, and Samantha takes an HIV test.

    I don't understand why the writers keep making the show more depressing. I give props to the show for trying to support safe sex however. I thought for a show centered on sex, they should have done it earlier, but couldn't they have done it to someone other than Samantha? Yes, she's the most sexually active one in the group, but Samantha is the one who usually provides the comic relief. Miranda took the role in this episode but she's too uptight to be the only one delivering the laughs.moreless
  • We need a new word for over.

    First appearance of Anthony. Charlotte gets serious about planning her wedding. Samantha has to get an AIDS test or a guy won't sleep with her. Miranda gets turned on by a guy in a sandwich costume. Her storyline is the worst of the episode. Carrie is tormented by her affair with Big, she finally confesses to Miranda and Charlotte. She hooks up with Big at his apartment and after he leaves she gets caught by Natasha who falls and gets hurt. Carrie breaks it off immediately. Love all the womens outfits at brunch, Charlottes grey dress shopping dress, Carries cream colored dress when she and Big run into Charlotte.moreless
Sam Robards

Sam Robards

Tom Reymi

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Adrian Reider

Adrian Reider


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Blanchard Ryan

Blanchard Ryan


Guest Star

Mario Cantone

Mario Cantone

Anthony Marintino

Recurring Role

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Mr. Big

Recurring Role

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan


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    • Carrie; I have to go.
      Big: Hey, Carrie, thanks for being here. I'll call you.
      Carrie: For what? We're so over, we need a new word for over.

    • Charlotte: I'm getting married in three weeks how would you feel if somebody did this to me?
      Carrie: I would kill them.

    • Charlotte: You ever think about how she'd feel if she found out?
      Carrie: Yes, I think about it all the time.
      Charlotte: "No you don't "! You think about what will happen to you if she found out. You don't think about her, she's just the idiot wife. You don't know anything about her.

    • Charlotte: He's married, Carrie.
      Carrie: I know he's married.
      Charlotte: That makes you the other woman, you're the other woman.
      Carrie: I'm not the other woman, I'm not. I mean I know I am, but, I'm not that woman.

    • Miranda: I can't have sex with a sandwich. Can I?
      Carrie: Well, I never thought I'd have sex with a married ex, can a hoagie be that far behind?

    • Charlotte: There are 1400 gowns in this magazine and I've only seen 600 of them, I need help.
      Samantha: Okay, listen, you need to chill the fuck out and hire yourself a stylist.
      Charlotte: A stylist?
      Samantha: Some little minued to run around town and do your dress bidding.
      Charlotte: I can hire someone to do that for me?
      Samantha: Honey, this is New York city, you can hire someone to do anything. I'll fax you some names.
      Charlotte: Oh thank you, thank you.

    • Samantha: Have you all had an AIDS test?
      Carrie: Good morning, where did that come from?
      Samantha: I just met this very hot guy and he won't sleep with me, unless I have a test.
      Charlotte: Samantha, we're looking at wedding gowns, could you please not talk about AIDS right now?
      Carrie: Wait, you've never had an HIV test?
      Samantha: No! Have you?
      Carrie: Two.
      Miranda: Three. How can you not have had an AIDS test?
      Carrie: She doesn't mean that the way it sounds. It's just that, well, why not, sweetie?
      Samantha: I always practice safe sex.
      (Carrie stares at her)
      Samantha: Alright, I'm terrified. What if I have it?
      Carrie: You don't have it.
      Samantha: Sometimes, it takes me a really long time to get over a cold.
      Carrie: That's not AIDS, that's central air.

    • Miranda: Oh, cute purse.
      Charlotte: No purses, there's no time for purses, this is gowns, specific.
      Miranda: What's your theme again? A Nazi wedding?

    • Charlotte: The pink posties are for the gowns I kinda like, the green posties are for gowns I kinda really like and the yellow posties are for the gowns I don't know if I like.
      Miranda: Kill me, please. Just take a sharp object and drag it across my throat.

    • Miranda: Who else know about this? Carrie: Samantha and God. Miranda: Not Charlotte? Carrie: Please, if "The World According to Bride" knew I was having an affair, she'd kill me. Miranda: Well, at least you wouldn't have to be a bridesmaid.

    • Carrie: I want everyone to get out of this without anyone getting hurt.
      Miranda: Well, that's realistic.
      Carrie: Why not? You've heard those stories about affairs where people realise how great their other relationship is and end it without anyone being the wiser?
      Miranda: I don't watch Lifetime television for Women.

    • Carrie: I'm just so confused, does he only want me now because he can't have me?
      Miranda: Yes.

    • Carrie: I'm also smoking again. I'm smoking and sleeping with Big. Feel free to delete me out of your palm pilot.
      (Carrie reaches for her pack of cigarettes)
      Miranda: Gimme one.
      Carrie: Really?
      Miranda: I think I need it.
      Carrie: Oh, you are such a good friend.

    • Carrie: Okay, I have something to tell you and your not going to like it. And believe me I would rather tell anyone but you, but I have to...
      Miranda: Okay!
      Carrie: Cause, I need your help...
      Miranda: Okay!
      Carrie: I'm having an affair with Big.
      Miranda: I swear to God, I think my heart just stopped.

    • Nurse: Do you have sex?
      Samantha: Yes
      Nurse: Do you have anal sex,
      Samantha: Yes.
      Nurse: Do you have oral sex,
      give, receive?
      Samantha: Yes, yes.
      Nurse: Do you swallow?
      Samantha: Only when surprised.
      Nurse: Do you use condoms?
      Samantha: Yes.
      Nurse: What kind of condoms?
      Samantha: Trojan, Lifestyle, Chic, Wet n Wild...
      Nurse: No, I meant, latex, lamp-skin?
      Samantha: Oh, yes, yes.
      Nurse: How many sexual partners have you had?
      (silence from Samantha, nurse looks at her)
      Samantha: I'm counting. (thinks) This year?

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    • Carrie: When Charles Dickens wrote "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
      This is an allusion to the opening lines of Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities", which are "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."