Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 11

Running with Scissors

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2000 on HBO

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  • Keeps going down a darker path...

    Miranda gets harrassed by a sandwich. Charlotte needs the perfect dress. Carrie keeps making the same mistake over and over again affecting her relationship with Aidan, and Samantha takes an HIV test.

    I don't understand why the writers keep making the show more depressing. I give props to the show for trying to support safe sex however. I thought for a show centered on sex, they should have done it earlier, but couldn't they have done it to someone other than Samantha? Yes, she's the most sexually active one in the group, but Samantha is the one who usually provides the comic relief. Miranda took the role in this episode but she's too uptight to be the only one delivering the laughs.
  • We need a new word for over.

    First appearance of Anthony. Charlotte gets serious about planning her wedding. Samantha has to get an AIDS test or a guy won't sleep with her. Miranda gets turned on by a guy in a sandwich costume. Her storyline is the worst of the episode. Carrie is tormented by her affair with Big, she finally confesses to Miranda and Charlotte. She hooks up with Big at his apartment and after he leaves she gets caught by Natasha who falls and gets hurt. Carrie breaks it off immediately. Love all the womens outfits at brunch, Charlottes grey dress shopping dress, Carries cream colored dress when she and Big run into Charlotte.