Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on HBO

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  • really makes you think

    Enid and Carrie are having lunch, Enid invites Carrie to a party and begs her to find her a date for the party so she won\'t look completely pathetic.Carrie is reluctant to do so,but asks THE RUSSIAN who is more than happy to set enid up with a food critic friend of his.Then he drops a bombshell on Carrie. He is goin to Paris for his art show and probably staying there for good. He wants Carrie to move
    their with him immediatly.
    They have dinner that night with her five best friends and their other halfs, Sam makes some stupid comment about her vibrator and The Russian informs everyone that Carrie is moving to France with him soon, Meanwhile Charlotte is upset that Elizabeth taylor is preggers and most of her friends have kids and she can\'t have one...
    Miranda is mad that THERUSSIAN controls carrie so much and tells steve, her husband so. Steve tells her she can be pretty controling herself, and let carrie be carrie.
    Sam teels carrie to flooow her heart ,learn french, and if sposed to work with THE RUSSIAN it will, if not, make arrangements so she stay there for a awhile annd have her own adventure.(I love the short dark brown wig sam wears in this scene, she looks very dignified in it.)
    At the dinner party,Enid is unsatified with mr. food critic and calls him a hobbit,She pulls THE Russian away from carrie and ignores the food critic. Carrie goes ov er to Enid and tells her ever so politley to stop it, he\'s hers.
    And to be nice to Mr. Food Critic, he\'s a sweet man.
    Enid tells her that she\'s lucky she\'s thirty something instead of lae fifty somethign, because once you get to late fiftysomething it gets rather lonely, yourf riends retire, your looks fade and great guys are completley impossible to find and the great old guys all want pretty ,nice 25 and 30 year olds.
    Carrie bumps into an old friend from her 20\'s who is very loud and belligerent. she and carrie go into the bathroom to talk and the chick starts snorting coke , she come back out and stands on the window sill and end up falling off it and dying.
    At the funeral,Carrie sees Mr. Food Critic and Enid together. Enid looks really really old shook up.
    At that point Carrie realizes Enid has a point. Miranda\'s married, has kid, moved to Brooklyn,Charlotte is married and trying to have a kid, and Sam has Cancer and could die.
    She\'s heading towardwhere Enid is: very attractive and successful in the business world, very bitter and alone on the inside.
    She tells the girls at tghe funeral that she\'s quit her job and is moving with THE RUSSIAN.
    After the funeral , Miranda completely attacks her and tells her stupid she\'s an idiot if she doesn\'t see through THERUSSIAN.
    Carrie yells backs and tells Mirando to keep opinions to herself for once in her life and stomps off with Mirando screamong and yelling at her some more.
    It was nice to see Murphy Brown again.she kinda even looks a little like an older version of carrie.
    AND that is so true, about being alone.... that why old people are so mean sometime is cus they so are alone...