Sex and the City

Season 2 Episode 1

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1999 on HBO
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After Carrie ends her relationship with Mr. Big, she dates a new member of the Yankees team, but they bump into Mr. Big and she realizes she is not over him. Miranda becomes annoyed with the others talking about nothing but men. Samantha is unsatisfied with her boyfriend's shortcomings. Charlotte has a problem with her new boyfriend, Paul Ericson, continually adjusting himself, and her attempt to improve things misfires.


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  • the Big picture

    I love watching episodes of Sex and the City especially when one of the girls is going through a traumatic break up ... in this case Carrie and Big. I loved the scene where Carrie invites the new Yankee out to a party only because she knew Big would be there and she wanted to upstage him. I loved that Miranda was so jealous. The guy was hot and Charlotte's date wasn't bad either, although that scratching thing totally turned me off. Big and Carrie just seem like the perfect couple despite him occasionally treating her badly. I hope they work things out.moreless
  • Liked it

    I liked this episode because I like seeing Samatha, Charlotte and Miranda try to help Carrie move on from Big especially by taking her out to the ballgame. I love the fact that these four women aren't so snobby that they can't go to a ballgame and drink some beer. It doesn't have to be cosmos all the time with them. I also like how they show Carrie's reactions to thinking she sees Big everywhere because after a breakup you do feel like that. You do think you see that other person somewhere and it's like this shot of adrenaline that you cannot control. So happy that Carrie looked great when they met up again.moreless
  • Carrie tries to get over Big

    I like this episode.

    Carrie is still heartbroken over her recent split with Mr Big. She dates the new Yankee to get over him. Everything that happens to her is very familiar. I too have had the experience of thinking you saw your ex in a crowd when it was really someone else. When she finally does see him she gets really upset.

    Charlotte's new boyfriend is really great, except he keeps touching his balls. This part of the episode was funny I suppose, but not very exciting.

    Samantha still has trouble with her boyfriends small penis This also had some funny moments, but not great.

    Miranda was upset because everybody was whining about their boyfriends, until she saw an ex of her own and freaked out about it. I have to say, I hate the way they make her look sometimes. She looks so scruffy and manly.

    All in all a funny episode, and I always like Sex and the City, but it wasn't the greatest one out there.moreless
Robert Bogue

Robert Bogue

Paul Ericson

Guest Star

Mark Devine

Mark Devine

Yankee Joe

Guest Star

Jamie Goodwin

Jamie Goodwin


Guest Star

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Mr. Big

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Charlotte points out Carrie's photo in the newspaper and hands it to Carrie and Samantha, the paper is bent badly at the spine. When they hand it back seconds later, it is smoothed and shows no sign of having been bent at all.

    • Goof: When the women are waiting outside the Yankee locker room to get their baseball signed, a Yankee player passes by them wearing uniform number 9. The number 9 was worn by the late Roger Maris and retired by the Yankees in 1984.

    • This episode marks the first time we see the now famous 'Carrie' necklace.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Samantha: Why are we sitting all the way up here?
      Carrie: It's the only place I can smoke without Giuliani putting me away for ten years.

    • Samantha: Me, James and his tiny penis, we're one big happy family.

    • Miranda: All we talk about anymore is Big or balls or small dicks. How does it happen that four smart women have nothing to talk about but boyfriends? It's like seventh grade but with bank accounts. What about us? What we think, we feel, we know, Christ! Does it always have to be about them? Just give me a call when you're ready to talk about something besides men.

    • Carrie: If Big had any class he would've moved away, I was here first.

    • Carrie: And finally, the most important breakup rule, no matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends.

    • (They are all standing in front of the locker room doors of Yankee stadium waiting for the "New Yankee")
      Samantha: (as a ball player walks in front of them) Did you see that bulge?
      Miranda: Ummm....he was wearing a cup.
      Samantha: Well honey, his cup runneth over.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Carrie (in voiceover): But there was no joy in Mudville. Mighty Samantha had struck out.

      This is an allusion to the famous poem Casey at the Batby Ernest Thayer. In it, Casey, an overconfident baseball player, intentionally misses the first two pitches (resulting in two strikes), and then strikes out on the third pitch. This makes his team lose and upsets the crowd.

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