Sex and the City

Season 2 Episode 10

The Caste System

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 1999 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Carrie decides to say "I love you" to Mr. Big, but his response isn't exactly what she was hoping for. Instead, all she got was an ugly purse. They attend a fancy party from an upstate socialite, who won't allow indoors smoking or have any brown food or drinks at the party. While out in the terrace for a smoke, Carrie runs into Jeremiah, an artist/bartender with whom she's been flirting with for a several years. While he was showing her his tattoo, Serena the socialite walks in on them, and tells Mr. Big Carrie was giving him a blowjob. Offended, Carrie leaves the party with Jeremiah, get drunk and wakes up the next morning with him on his bed. Luckily they didn't do anything, because Mr. Big called her first thing in the morning saying he does love her, but he was just afraid to say it. Meanwhile, Charlotte meets a famous actor and acts like a groupie around him. But despite making exceptions on several dating rules, she feels like she has to establish some boundaries when the guy goes too far with his sexual requests. Miranda is seeing a guy who's poorer than her, and money issues eventually lead to a breakup. Samantha is sexing a guy with a servant, but she feels like there's no space for her between their employee-employer relationship after repeatedly being thrown out of bed by the two-faced jealous maid.moreless

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Samuel Ball

Samuel Ball


Guest Star

Brian Van Holt

Brian Van Holt

Wylie Ford

Guest Star

Harvey Bouvy

Harvey Bouvy

Cocktail waiter

Guest Star

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Mr. Big

Recurring Role

David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene where Charlotte first introduces herself to Wylie Ford the movie star in front of the fire extinguisher, you can see the microphone above the "STEVEN MILLER" sign.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Carrie: Well, I didn't put an expiration date on the sentiment, but I figure it's got the shelf life of a dairy product. It's going to start to curdle in about a week.

    • Carrie: No brown food? I think we just encountered a mutant strain of Upper East Side anal.

    • Wylie Ford: Oh, Charlene, you're so hot, I can't wait to get you to bed.
      Charlotte: Charlotte. My name is Charlotte.
      Wylie Ford: I prefer Charlene.

    • Mr. Big: I fucking love you alright, you know I do. It's just a tough thing for me to say, because it always seems to get me in trouble when I say it.

    • Miranda: I wanted to do this for you?
      Steve: Then, I start to think of you as my mother and that can get a little wierd for me.

    • Steve: Jesus, 1800 bucks, I guess I better not spill anything.

    • Charlotte: This guy is working class.
      Miranda: Working class?
      Carrie: It's the millenium sweetie, we don't say things like working class anymore.
      Charlotte: You're trying to pretend we live in a classless society and we don't.
      Carrie: Ok Marie Antoinette, we get the picture.

    • Mirnada: When a single guy has money, it works to his advantage. But when a single woman has money it's a problem to be dealt with. It's ridculous! I want to enjoy my success, not apologize for it.
      Samantha: Bravo, honey.

    • Samantha: How's he in bed?
      MIranda: There are no words.
      Samantha: Sounds like a dream relationship to me.
      Carrie: Yeah, he can make you cum then he can make you a cosmopolitan.

    • Samantha: It's so interesting, you can tell a man I hate you and you'll have the best sex of your life, but tell him I love you, and you'll probably never see him again.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Joy to the World AKA Jeremiah was a Bullfrog: Was written by Hoyt Axton and gained its fame when it was performed by the band Three Dog Night.