Sex and the City

Season 2 Episode 6

The Cheating Curve

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 1999 on HBO
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Where does the line between cheating and not cheating stands? The four glamorous women from Manhattan discuss the topic while going through their own experiences. Charlotte is having an opening at her gallery, where she walks in on her date making out with another woman. She is intrigued by the "powerful lesbians", a group of well-dressed, successful lesbians with good shoes. She accepts an invitation of dinner from one of them and has a great time on a men-free environment (the G-Spot, the newest, hottest girls club in the city), but soon faces restrictions due to her heterosexuality. Meanwhile, Samantha discovers that her hot personal instructor (that shaved her privates in the shape of a lightening) is giving lightening to other woman. Miranda has a tough time competing with porn when she discovers her date can only have sex while watching porn. And Carrie has trouble revealing to her friends that she is back together – officially – with Mr. Big.moreless

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  • We all cheat sometimes

    I dont know if I am the only one or not but I neer was a fan of the whole Carrie and Big relationship. I know she can do better. and the fact the they started secretly sleeping wit each other again was very dissapointing. Charlotte is such a pretty woman, so i dont see why it's so hard for her to find someone. But then again she could be picky like me. She should have known that by hanging around a bunch of lesbians, that they were going to asume she was one too. Maranda and her porn crazy boyfriend was a little weird. I would have dropped him a long time ago.moreless
  • Carrie dates Big secretly, and Miranda dates a guy who is addicted to porn. Charlotte finds a guy she has been seeing kissing an old girlfriend, and begins hanging around with lesbians she met at the art gallery.moreless

    although this series won awards for their writing, it was more about the fact that this show tackled issues that other shows hadn't, not necessarily the writing itself. this show was a prime example. the character of Ethan Watson was totally unrealistic. no matter how much a man likes porn, he's going to shut it off in the presence of a real woman, especially if she gives him an ultimatum. no straight man would turn down sex with a real woman for porn. that defeats the purpose of porn, and would be demonstrative of a mental problem that would keep him from being a functional member of society, and Miranda wouldn't date a guy without a job. Charlotte found out the attraction of lesbianism, but this, too was unrealistic. near the end, the lesbians wouldn't let her join them at a retreat, and quite frankly, i can't imagine any lesbian turning down an opportunity to "recruit" one for their "team", (an i wouldn't want to!)moreless
  • you learn something new

    this episode is not the most pivotal in the series, but you do learn alot about the characters. In today's day and age i think a lot of people pair up too quickly too often, especially anyone under the age of 25. (I know the girls are in their 30s but we also have to remember the target audience) I think the ideas of 'dating' and 'going steady' and being 'pinned' are not as archic as one might think. They are good ways of defining what you are and where you want to be in a relationship.. yeah it sucked that Charlotte's date went off with some other women, but really how serious where they?

    so I think acctepting the idea of 'quantum cheating' might not be a bad idea... just laying down how much is expected of the other person in a relationship.

    My favorite part of this episode has to be the quote from Big about how he sure did listen to a lot of Sinatra... there is wonderful sentimentality about that, its as if he is being the most honest as he has ever been with Carrie and yet at the same time he is still as mysterious as ever, I think that should be in every relationship because that is what keeps the spark alive.moreless
Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Ethan Watson

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Mary McCann

Mary McCann


Guest Star

Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie


Guest Star

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Mr. Big

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Samantha and Thor are in the shower and he shaves her legs and pubic hair, you can see that Samantha's wearing black boxer shorts.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Carrie: (to self) I wanted to tell him that I was afraid he could never love me the way I wanted to be loved. I was afraid that maybe he didn't really have the capacity to love anyone but himself. I was afraid that given the chance, he'd break my heart again. But I cheated and just said, (outloud) "I guess I was afraid."

    • Carrie: Well, I think maybe there's a cheating curve. That someone's definition of what constitutes cheating is in direct proportion to how much they themselves want to cheat.
      Miranda: That's moral relativism!
      Carrie: I prefer to think of it as quantum cheating.

    • Big: I can tell you one thing, I sure did miss you, officially.
      Carrie: Did you cry?
      Big: No, but I did listen to a hellava lot of Sinatra.

    • Charlotte: What are you saying is that a straight woman and a gay woman can't be friends?
      Samantha: Of course, they can, but you can't expect to move to Wonder Woman's island and not go native.

    • Miranda: They know you're straight, right?
      Chalotte: I'm sure they do, but we don't even talk about sex, it's a non-issue. Miranda: You have to tell them, otherwise your just leading them on. Samantha: That's right, your nothing more than a big clit tease.

    • Charlotte enters the room
      Samantha: Wow, you didn't have to get all dressed up for us.
      Miranda: Why not, you did your hair?

    • Samantha: You can't just let it grow wild anymore. There's an entire buisness these days devoted to the upkeep and management of pubic hair. It says as much about you as your shoes.

    • Samantha: What is this thing, that guys have these days about wanting to shave your pubic hair?
      Miranda: It's obvious, they want a little girl.

    • Samantha: Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls, because they can. It's part of their biology.

    • Charlotte: I can't believe he had the nerve to stand there kissing that woman and still pretend he wasn't cheating on me.
      Carrie: Maybe he doesn't consider kissing cheating.
      Samantha: Oh, come on it was only your second date.
      Charlotte: So, doesn't that still guarantee me fidelity until the end of the evening?

    • Samantha: Nobody told me it was B.Y.O man?
      Carrie: What did you expect? It's a lesbian art show.
      Samantha: I know but don't straight guys usually follow them around to see what they're gonna do?

    • Miranda: I was a major lesbian back in 4th grade. Wendy Kristen we kissed. It was nice.

    • Miranda: Oh, haven't you heard? Charlotte's a lesbian now.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Wonder Woman

      Wonder Woman is a DC Comics superheroine, and was created in 1941.
      She possesses several superhuman abilities and gifts. The comic book heroine was made into a television show in 1975 and starred Lynda Carter.

    • Shoah

      Is a 9 1/2 hour documentary of the Holocaust directed by Claude Lanzmann. He interviews survivors, witnesses, and ex-Nazis, who gives minute details into the horrifying events of Nazi genocide.

    • Percodan

      Percodan is a potent opioid painkiller used to treat moderately to severe pain. Percodan was first marketed by DuPont Pharmaceuticals and prescribed in the United States in 1950. At one time one it was one of the most widely prescribed painkillers, but it has been replaced by safer alternatives.

    • Eileen

      The actress who plays Eileen is Tamara Tunie who plays Jessica Griffin on As the World Turns and Medical Examiner Melinda Warner on Law & Order SVU.