Sex and the City

Season 2 Episode 3

The Freak Show

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 1999 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Carrie ruins a new relationship with Ben, a guy she meets in the park. Samantha dates Harrison, but finds he is into something she isn't. Charlotte dates Mitchell Sailor, “Mr. Pussy”. Miranda quits dating after Carrie sets her up with a blind date she doesn't like. Carrie realizes she's a freak, too.moreless

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      • Carrie: We all get freaked out from time to time, but we keep trying because you have to figure, if the world fattest twins can find love there's hope for all of us. Somewhere, out there, there's another little freak who'll love us, understand us, will kiss our three heads and make it all better.

      • Carrie: Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better.

      • Miranda: Whatever happened to aging gracefully?
        Carrie: It got old.

      • Miranda: You can tell everything about a person by who their friends are.

      • Miranda: He's a freak! Aside from technique what do you even know about him? Do you talk?
        Samantha: Do you even fuck?

      • Samantha: Hang on honey, you don't fall in love with Mr. Pussy. You enjoy him and then set him free.

      • Samantha is showing off her new girdle
        Carrie: That's a girdle with a hole.
        Samantha: Of course, it has a hole, its for peeing, ectetera.

      • Miranda: I can't believe this, we spend all our lives trying to hid the fat in our ass and your gonna put it right out there on your face?

      • Miranda: This is why I don't date. The men out there are freaks!

      • Charlotte: Forget it, I'm not dating anyone who is known as Mr Pussy.
        Samantha: Why not?
        Charlotte: Maybe I want more than that.
        Samantha: Oh, sweetie, if a man is good at that there is nothing more.
        Carrie & Miranda: Amen!

      • The women are speaking about oral sex
        Charlotte: Would you please just stop calling it that.
        Samantha: Fine, going down, giving head.
        Carrie: Eating Out!
        Miranda: I never understood that, shouldn't it be eating in?

      • Miranda: If a man is over thirty and single there's something wrong with him. It's Darwinian, they're being weeded out from propagating the species.

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      • Freak Shows

        Were shows where human oddities and freakish working acts were performed. The term applies to both circus and carnival. These shows were often made up of the unusual human prodigies like sword swallowers and fire eaters or man-made freaks like tattooed people.

      • Darwinian

        Is a term used for various processes related to the ideas of Charles Darwin, particularly concerning evolution and natural selection. Darwinism is not synonymous with evolution, but rather with evolution by natural selection.