Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 7

The Post-it Always Sticks Twice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2003 on HBO

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  • A funny ep. that is in the great tradition of SATC: relatable, relevant, funny.

    This episode opens with two great things to be in New York: Engaged (Charlotte) and enraged (Carrie). Carrie\'s dead end relationship with Jack Berger has finally come to a close after Burger sneaks out in the middle of the night, leaving a break-up post-it bearing the words \"I\'m Sorry, I can\'t, don\'t hate me\" Therein lies the theme for the episode: getting over a break-up; does there need to be a lesson? Carries attempts to get over Burger\'s insulting split note provide hilarious and realistic scenarioes throughout the episode. For example meeting the friends, fun distractions even trying to make the day related to something completely different memory wise. The three b-stories are not as interesting and slightly more one-dimensional, though each is cute (Charlottes wedding plans), funny (the skinny jeans) and touching (labeling in a relationship). The crowning glory in \"Post-It\" are the scenes involving the pot smoking. Particularly at the end when Carrie dismisses her and Burger\'s break up by declaring that the lesson in it was........\"Wait a minute...I just had it.\"
    Definately one of my favorites (and one of the first episodes I ever saw that got me hooked)
  • Carrie gets dumped via sticky note. Miranda fits into he super skinny pants.

    It starts off what the girls meeting up, carrie is still very upset at how berger dumped her.( he left her a sticky note)

    Charlotte tries to make her feel better by telling her that maybe someone fabulous will come along now that berger is gone, like if she hadn\'t gone through all that with trey, bunny never would have tried to get her apartment and she never would have had to hire a lawyer, and she never would have met harry, who she is like so enganged to.
    Miranda fires back, yeah if i hadn\'t have met steve and I wouldn\'t have gotten pregnant with brady, I would have never became a single mom,gotten really skinny because i\'m, always chasing after a kid or at work and never have time eat.Miranda is kinda happy cuz she can fit in these skinny prematernity pants she hasn\'t fit into in years. Weight watchers paid off.
    Sam feels kinda bad for carrie and invites them to this new club called BED.
    Charlotte also tells the girls she is having a small wedding and doesn\'t want a bachelorette party or anything.
    Sam rolls her eyes.
    They arrive at the club and berger\'s buddies are their right behind talking about her, she tries to move, but they see and corner and make her feel even worse about the breakup. She tells them off and has a nervous breakdown.

    Undaunted , sam is determined to make sure the girls have fun, takes them to this seedy little bar. They see this girl in her 20\'s having a bachelotrette partyu and sam tells everbody charlotte isd getting marrid soon, but is kinda shy and dosn\'t make a big to do. the others girl from the party and our friends party together. Carrie goes outside and smokes a joint. A cop catches her and arrest hr. Her friends bail her out of trouble , they the cop about her awful day with berger and his stupid friemds and the sticvky note. he lets her go with a warning.
    The episode ends with the eating bana splits and carrie as high as a kite.
  • Carrie gets high, Samantha gets jealous, Charlotte gets a ring and Miranda gets in to her skinny jeans.

    One of the great things I love about Sex and the City are the meetings in the various cafes and bars in and around Manhattan. This episode has some of the greatest conversations in the series and after "I Love a Charade" ranks of the second best episode in the series (for me at least). Charlotte's happiness at being engaged to "her Harry" is quickly burst when Carrie declares in a tone of voice that has me in giggles (just watch) "Berger broke up with me. On a Post-It.".

    In the series' usual genre-busting writing, we don't see Carrie shouting at Berger, in fact we don't even see Berger. Instead we see Berger's friends who Carrie hollers at in the best club ever seen in the series- "Bed".

    But it's when the girls end up trying to score some pot in a dive bar that things really heat up. I love the shot of Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte as they watch Miranda flaunt her stuff in her skinny jeans. Miranda has always been the least favourite of the four girls for me, but in this episode, she's truly amazing. The scene where Carrie gets arrested for smoking pot is also an episode highlight, especially when she sticks the post-it note on the police car window.

    All in all, this is a brilliant episode of the series and while some argue it's just a filler for Charlotte and Harry's (spectaculary bad) wedding, it's still a classic episode of a classic series.
  • carrie high

    the first part of the episode is good, but the lst ten minutes i thought, was hilarious. i love the episodes when carrie gets high. this and hot child in the city. the last 5 minutes when the girls are in a little cafe and eating ice cream, carrie had me laughing the whole time. watch her and samantha when they arent talking, their expressions are really funny.