Sex and the City

Season 4 Episode 2

The Real Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2001 on HBO

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  • About the episode

    It has great directing.
  • Really funny episode!

    A really nice episode! Full of laughs and great moments. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, it's been hilarious. We can see Carrie model for a day. She is asked to partecipate to this fashion event that mixes all together top models and people from real life. She is really concerned about her looking, but of course everybody tells her that she is beautiful and that she can afford the event without worries. Unfortunately she falls. But she stands up and keeps on with pride. As she says, normal and real people rise again after a fall. That's why, with a big smile, everyone was clapping for her. It almost seemed that even real people could become important and fashionable for a day.
  • Fashion RoadKill

    It is completely fitting that Carrie becomes fashion roadkill on a catwalk when SATC had by this time already become a powerhouse in influencing fashion in most of America.
    Samantha gets nude photos of herself taken (Buster from Arrested Development make a cameo during her photo shoot). Miranda stresses out when she gets hit on by a young stud at her gym. After a while there is only so much of Mirandas "I'm so ugly" issues that I can take. If I was her friend I would probably have to slap some sense into her. Charlotte sets up a blind date between Stanford and her wedding stylist Anthony. A complete mismatchif I ever heard one. Where she got this idea from I absolutely do not know. Then she finds out that her vagina is depressed.
    Carrie runs a perfectly food red cowl neck shirt and jeans combo with some sort of blanket thrown over herself.
  • Carrie becomes a model.

    This episode was hilarious. I loved it so much. It was really funny, yet, it was still sad for Carrie. She has a chance to become a model, she has the big hair, she picks out the very high heels, and she ends up falling on her face. It was definately a very very special episode. I enjoy watching it on DVD and every time it is on the television. This episode is probably one of my favorite of the whole series. It was very well written. The writers are very talented. This amazing episode is yet another great installment.
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