Sex and the City

Season 6 Episode 1

To Market, To Market

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 2003 on HBO

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  • Kudos to a great beginning to the final season!!!!

    This was the best season opener the seriers had.

    The ending to the finale of season 5 was a downer and I am glad that this season began with a positive vibe. The episode also showed that this series is the best ever at the "pie-in-the-face" moments.

    One question this season is "Who will Carrie end up with?". We know now that Aidan is definetely a no, although realistically he so far was the best chance Carrie had at finding marriage. But I definetely even from the beginning didn't see Berger lasting very long.

    Well, Miranda has decided that NOW Steve is the one. But now he has a girlfriend. I think now she realizes that life doesn't happen when and like you want it to.

    And Charlotte is considering becoming a Jew......this show is taking a big chance with this and so far they are setting it up right.

    And of course Samantha is being herself....

    This final season looks like it will be one of the best final season a series has ever had.

  • An new season starts when Carrie is going on a date with Berger. Samantha gets an new neighbour, while Charlotte has to become a jew to marry the one she loves. Miranda finally realises what she feels for Steve. To Market, To Market is the pilot of the la

    To Market, To Market is an fresh beginning of the end. The classical Samantha has sex again, Miranda is f*ck-up again and the poor Charlotte can't have what she really wants, again. Even so, this is not an unoriginal episode. I even wonder if it cán be unoriginal with these characters. The episode isn't outstanding or special, but just the way you like it, and that is what we need for the first episode, of what will become an tragical end for the fans of this show. However, To Market, To Market is an episode you do not want to miss, because it perfectly tells you what you can expect this season.