Sex and the City

Season 3 Episode 1

Where There's Smoke

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 04, 2000 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • In this episode when Carrie and Charlotte are at the bar and Charlotte is hoping to meet a guy. A guy named J.J. comes over and asks if he can "buy those sweep lips a drink?". Later in the series this same guy will appear as a gossip columnist who writes about Richard Wright "canoodling" with a bunch of different women while he's dating Samantha. It seems weird that if J.J. really was a gossip columnist in New York that Carrie and Charlotte wouldn't have known him already.

  • Quotes

    • Charlotte: (drunk) I'm nice. I'm pretty and smart! I'm a catch!

    • Steve: Carrie thought you might need a little help. Is that okay?
      Miranda: I'm on Valium. Everything's okay.

    • Carrie: Over on the East Side at a more Charlotte-friendly bar, the Iced Tea Princess began her quest for a White Knight.

    • Carrie: Next morning at breakfast, Miranda and I wanted poached eggs, Samantha wanted to give us the juicy details, and Charlotte wanted to keep her head from exploding all over her Burberry raincoat.

    • Miranda: Okay. They don't make Cosmopolitans. It's Staten Island Iced Tea.
      Samantha: Is that like a Long Island Iced Tea?
      Miranda: I think so. (takes a sip) Hello I'm drunk.

    • Miranda: I do not have Steve. There is no having of the Steve. We're just friends.

    • Carrie: (to Bill Kelly) You're like a Jehovah Witness with a good suit.

    • Charlotte: It's because women really just want to be rescued.
      Carrie: (voiceover) There it was. The sentence independent single women in their thirties are never supposed to think, let alone say out loud.
      Charlotte: I'm sorry but it's true. I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he?
      Miranda: Who? The white knight?
      Samantha: That only happens in fairy tales.
      Charlotte: My hair hurts.

    • Samantha: (to Charlotte) You fantasized a man with a Park Avenue apartment and nice big stock portfolio. For me it's a fireman with a nice big hose.

    • Samantha: I just want you to know that my fireman was every bit the fantasy I had in mind.
      Miranda: New York's finest.
      Carrie: That's cops.
      Miranda: Whatever.
      Charlotte: I think it's wrong to sleep with a man just to fulfill a certain fantasy.
      Samantha: Please, all the men we sleep with fulfill a certain fantasy.
      Carrie: Or nightmare.

    • Samantha: Ladies, let me tell you about his cock.
      Charlotte: Would you be quiet. The people at the next table have a child.
      Samantha: Well, that's their choice.
      Carrie: Little Miss Hangover is right. Can we lighten up on the cock talk until cocktail time?

    • Carrie: You have the worst taste in men. Ever.
      Bill Kelly: No way.
      Carrie: You gave that guy from Midtown a seven.
      Bill Kelly: Hey, I like a firefighter with love handles. It gives you something to hold on to when you're riding down the side of a burning building.
      Carrie: You, got a point there my friend.

    • Samantha: I would love to show him my lower Manhattan.
      Charlotte: Eww!
      Samantha: Look at his arms, they're huge.
      Miranda: You know what they say, big arms...big arms.
      Samantha: Hello, 911, I'm on fire.

    • Miranda: Who woulda thought that an island that tiny, would be big enough to hold all our old boyfriends?

    • Charlotte: This is an awfully long way to go to watch some firemen take their shirts off.
      Samantha: Honey, I'm on the fucking ferry, I better see more than just peaks.

  • Notes

    • Music: Song played when the firemen are stripping is Donna Summer's"Hot Stuff".

      Song played when Samantha is hitting on the fireman is Donna Summer's "Bad Girls".

      Song that drunk Charlotte is dancing to is Carol Douglas' "Doctor's Orders".

  • Allusions

    • Carrie: It was time for this dancing queen to have a breather.--This is in reference to the ABBA song, Dancing Queen.