Sex, Love & Secrets

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN

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  • As I just join and don't think I will write (enough) reviews (or do anything else) to get to level 2, here is the overview and the recap. Feel free to copy and paste it in the right place

    Episode 7 Overview
    Jolene makes a replicate of the Aztec sculpture and sells the original. Inauguration of Hank's club is a success and investors show up. Billy comes back to Silver Lake, steels the fake Aztec sculpture and gives it to Ray. Deena get married with her best friend Andrea.

    Episode 7 Recap
    Coop's dad arrives and tries to get Deena back. Deena told him she is gay and he gets furious. A friend of Jolene makes a replicate of the stolen Aztec sculpture and sells the original. Rose is a little bit jealous about Jolene helping Hank. Billy is coming back to Silver Lake. Deena and Andrea will get married in Nina's house and Charlie helps Nina to decorate. Rose invites George to talk about the novel in her apartment. Hank's club inauguration is running well... until a power cut. Hank saves the situation and investors are satisfied. Billy steels the (replicate) sculpture to Jolene. Rose has some suspicious about what George really wants. Billy gives the sculpture to Ray Foler. Nina told Charlie that she used to have a huge crush on him, Charlie did not know about that. Coop's dad makes a secret apparition on his daughter's wedding and Charlie is questioning himself about Nina. Ray was in fact looking for the serpent sculpture for somebody else (we don't know who).
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