Sex, Love & Secrets

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN

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  • As I just join and don't think I will write (enough) reviews (or do anything else) to get to level 2, here is the overview and the recap. Feel free to copy and paste it in the right place.

    Episode 6 Overview
    Rose asks Jolene to help Hank for his music club. Jolene discovers that her serpent sculpture is a real Aztec sculpture. Ray Foler tries to get close of Rose to find Billy. He kills Billy's friend Arturo. Deena, Coop's sister, told his brother that she is gay.

    Episode 6 Recap
    Hank is still hungry against Rose about his club project. Ants are invading Nina's house and Milo try to guide them safely outside. Rose wants to help Hank about his project and ask an architect friend to make some drawings. Coop's sister, Deena, comes to see her brother to ask him to come to her wedding, but Coop is still mad against their father. Ray Foley, aka George, Billy's ex-acolyte, is still looking for Billy and his money and Jolene asks Billy to come back. Jolene finds out that the serpent sculpture, a Billy's gift, is a real Aztec sculpture and has a high value ($100,000). Hank appreciates Rose's help but he needs a business plan to convince Momma. Rose asks Jolene for help. George finally get the right to read Rose's novel about her life and Rose told him the real story. Coop finally agrees to go to his sister's wedding but, unexpectedly, Deena runaway. She doesn't want to marry Dennis because she is in love with her best friend, Andrea. Momma is interested in Jolene and Hank's project. Milo failed with the ants. Nina kill them with an ant spray and buy an ant farm toy to Milo. George tortures and kills Arturo, Billy's friend, to find Billy, unsuccessfully.