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ITV2 in the UK may air all 10 episodes?

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    [1]Jul 16, 2006
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    It  looks like only 4 episodes of the 10 made were ever aired in the US, but the UK digital channel ITV2 has started airing "Sex, Lies and Secrets" as of Tuesday 11th July 2006 (at 9.00pm - repeats are on each following Friday). There is a reasonable chance - that I can't confirm because you can only get UK TV schedules 2 weeks in advance - that ITV2 may air all 10 episodes!

    If that happens, the UK may indeed get the TV world premiere of episodes 5-10 (just like it did for the final few episodes of the equally cancelled-and-unaired-in-mid-run Threshold, which aired the "missing" episodes on Sky One in the UK before anywhere else). After all, why would ITV2 buy only 4 episodes of a US import TV series? Episode 5, for those keeping an eye on things, will theoretically air in the UK on Tuesday 8th August wonders if it might "magically" appear on the Net somewhere the next day? :-) That happened with the Threshold episodes after all...

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