Sex, Love & Secrets

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN

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  • As I just join and don't think I will write (enough) reviews (or do anything else) to get to level 2, here is the overview and the recap. Feel free to copy and paste it in the right place.

    Episode 8 Overview
    Ray finds out that the sculpture is a fake. He violently asks Rose where Billy is. Charlie discovers a new way of love (without sex). Ray is arrested by the police and charged for murder. Hank makes his proposal to Rose and Billy is found dead in Hank's club.

    Episode 8 Recap
    Ray discovers that the sculpture is a fake. He comes to Rose's house and violently asks Rose where Billy is. Investors give Hank $100,000 to spend in his club. Milo asks Nina to have a dinner (date) tonight in their house and Nina agrees. Jolene asks Charlie to be the date of Maddie Lyall, an actress playing a teenager on TV, in exchange of a beautiful BMW motorbike. Police is looking for Ray, and Rose go to sleep to Nina's home under the protection of her friends. Milo is disappointed about his date falling down. Hank calls Billy and told him they need to talk. Billy comes to the restaurant and Hank punches him. Charlie "break up" with Maddie and consequently with Jolene. Billy asks Jolene where is the real Aztec serpent. Milo set up a "sophisticated sonic alarm" (meaning pans). Jolene tries to fix the "Maddie and Charlie" thing and let them in her house for the night, away from paparazzi. Billy comes back to the restaurant after open hours. During the night, Milo is frightened because his alarm went off and he calls the police but it was only Hank. At the same time, Ray breaks a window and takes Rose in hostage. The police arrest Ray. On the morning, Jolene comes back to her home and finds Charlie and Maddie asleep in her bed… fully clothed. Jolene is upset. Rose asks Hank where he was this night and he told her he was looking for a wedding ring and make his proposal. Rose says yes. When Charlie and Maddie get out Jolene's house, a dozen of paparazzi were waiting for them. Just before opening, Coop finds Billy's body in Hank's club.