Sex, Love & Secrets

Season 1 Episode 5

Territorial Defense

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Unknown on UPN

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  • As I just join and don't think I will write (enough) reviews (or do anything else) to get to level 2, here is the overview and the recap. Feel free to copy and paste it in the right place.

    Episode 5 Overview
    Jolene introduces Charlie to T. Gerard (Charlie's idol) and gets him a job in a fashion show. Nina's housemate, Milo, has a nightmare and frightens Nina with a gun. Hank's project to open a music club up to his restaurant falls down because he can't accept Jolene's help to not disappoint Rose.

    Episode 5 Recap
    Jolene invites Charlie to a party at her home and when Charlie shows up he finds that there is only one guest, T. Gerard, a fashion designer and Charlie's idol. Nina's housemate, Milo, doesn't seem to be the nice guy we believe. By the way of his dance class, he seems to be looking for a single woman. Nina starts to be suspicious. Hank doesn't see his future in the restaurant and dreams to open a music club in the empty room up to the restaurant. Momma wants a real project with return of investment. T. Gerard asks Charlie to be his stylist for his fashion show. Charlie thinks it will be easy and agrees. One night, Milo has a nightmare and frightens Nina with a gun. To be forgiven, Milo ask Nina to come with him see his mother. Hank doesn't know how to built a good project and refuses Jolene's help because Rose will be jealous. He must forget his dream. Charlie discovers that is not so easy. The show runs very quickly and Charlie takes too long time by model. I finally succeed with Jolene as assistant. Nina meets Milo's mother, an old woman. She told Nina that Milo is not her son but he don't and must not know.