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  • The best anime show ever

    I saw this show on Netflix thinking it would be a typical boring anime show but it exceeded my expectations. Its funny and can make you laugh especially the character keroro. Its very enjoyable and the plot is interesting to watch. This is one of my favorite shows i just wish it was on tv.
  • also posted on as Keroro Gunso

    amusing tv show, one of the few times I think I enjoy a dubbed anime show more than I would a translation of the original japanese (with references to Japenese pop culture, tv & movies).
  • Funny and random but can get old fast

    After the first 20 episodes or so it starts to get old at least for me but if your looking for a good laugh I suggest you watch this anime and it's on Netflix too.
  • If you're looking for a funny anime, come on over.

    Alright, I know the weird concept might put some people off, but here's the series in a nutshell:

    An alien invader who happens to be a frog comes to take over Earth, but gets discovered and lives with the family that found him. He then finds the rest of platoon and constantly makes up schemes to take over Earth that all ultimately fail. He also has mixed feelings about taking over Earth because if he did, there wouldn't be any more Gundam models for him to build.

    trust me, this show is good.