Shadow Chasers

ABC (ended 1986)


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Shadow Chasers

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Shadow Chasers ran for less than a season, but it still has a contingent of loyal fans to this day. The premise of the show was that straight-laced British anthropologist Jonathan MacKensie (Trevor Eve) was blackmailed by his department head, Dr. Julianna Moorhouse (Nina Foch), into investigating a supposed "haunting" in return for a research grant. He paired up with flamboyant tabloid reporter Edgar "Benny" Benedek (Dennis Dugan) in an attempt to short-cut the time involved, and over Moorhouse's objections. Benny and Jonathan meshed about as well as oil and water, but somehow managed to solve the case without killing each other. The episodes continued in this vein, with Jonathan and Benny grudgingly learning to respect and admire each other in typical Odd Couple fashion. Only nine episodes were actually shown in the U.S. Four others were only shown overseas on the Armed Forces network in the original run of the series. The pilot is often rerun on cable, particularly the Mystery Channel.moreless
Dennis Dugan

Dennis Dugan

Edgar 'Benny' Benedek

Trevor Eve

Trevor Eve

Dr Jonathan MacKensie

Nina Foch

Nina Foch

Dr. Julianna Moorhouse

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  • A hilarious, supernatural comedy mystery series.

    Set in Fartham, Shadow Chasers followed the paranormal cases of Benny Benedek and Prof. Mackensie, who tracked down portegeists, ghosts, and

    witchcraft by searching for clues to the supernatural happenings that threatened everyone's society. With the help of Prof. Moorehouse,

    Benny and Prof. Mackensie tracked down paranormal evidence in each episode of Shadow Chasers.

    In Phantom of the Galleria, the Shadow Chasers unraveled the strange mystery of a 125-year-old ghoul

    who came to Fartham to haunt a local enclosed shopping center; and Benedek (Dennis Dugan) used a torturous weapon to stop this gruelsome supernatural creature in their tracks during this most suspenseful

    investigation yet!moreless