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  • shadowhunters

    I think that is show is very awesome. I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. I hope it will continue for more seasons. I think that Dominic Sherwood is great actor
  • Plot holes bigger than jupiter


    So the bad guy takes the cup which was so important is season 1 and doing the unthinkable creating an army, yet finding it not a priority. Also, doest he in charde of all demons now? So why isnt he using it?! However we have a new main star: bullying. Most main character gets bullied. Why? Well to be frank, why not?! It has nothing to do with the original material, but why not make a soap opera of feelings of a supernatural drama. Its gonna possible more attract the Kardashian hooked zombies to watch it!

    Never mind good fight scenes or a logical supernatural plot, its so much fun to watch a bitch boss a bitch mum and a bitch dad bullying poor little helpless main characters. Never mind those characters suppose to kick ass this emotional mess is will be so fricking producer pleasing, and sure all the drama hungry kardashian fans weill love it! Well maybe cast Honey Booboo in season 3 producers, or ask her to write the plot, because clearly the original writer of the book did a bad job and honey boo boo is the fix for that! Seriously, one of the most disappointing second season since smash! Well done!

    So when Clary and Jace jumps of the boat Valentiene cannot follow, because of reasons?! Or is salty water his kryptonite?

    So if you want to watch the kick ass characters from season one windge and whine like emo kids from a high school drama, their boss being nasty and parents doing bad parenting, than this is a good show for you. Forget the action forget the books forget the supernatural abilities and listen to moaning, windging, complaining, drama more drama, and more windging, with occasional bitching and bullying.

    Staring: 2 misunderstood emo kids with the ability to cry you a river, one bitch mum, another sibling pair with the ability of complain, one vampire with the ability of effall, a warlock with the ability of steal random objects, the mean boss, a big baddie and a bunch of storm trooper minions!

    I m actually reducing the stars to 1.
  • Hmm don't know what to fully day hopefully.

    Got to admit the is alright so far, but please leave the sentimental stuff please , like the story is so great but low the love triangle shyt please, be like supernatural in your own great league, cause I loved the movie,, but clerence best friend stop making him over dramatic like other people please, but so far its a solid 6/10, but you can achieve 9/10 or 10/10, please please please don't give up on this show... I got 15 of my friends on this shoe and they love / hate only Cz of negative part I said that they agree.
  • Like the series for the most part

    The series is better than the movie,however just like the movie the casting is what makes it difficult to stomach sometimes.

    I enjoy most of the characters on the tv show but once again their choice for Clarissa Fairchild is what brings it down. Katherines acting is the most atrocious i have seen for a long time!!!
  • Improvement!!

    Wow! What can I say?! This was an incredible season! I watch Shadowhunters on Netflix and I have to admit this is something I look forward to every week! It is such a shame another season is done but, I see they might be cancelling it because views were not high and that saddens me because I think it is amazing! I enjoy watching this programme so much. The love between Magnus and Alec - woah they seriously need to have a cold shower there chemistry and sexual tension is burning up the place. The relationship between Simon and Clary was different I wasn't expecting that what so ever. The love that Jace has for Clary will never fade! He loves her unconditionally and I think in season 3 when she finds out they are not brother and sister all hell will break loose and it will be a fight for Clary between Simon and Jace and I am a Jace fan! i also though the addiction of Yin Fen for Izzy was incredible the ending of her explaining she doesn't want anything from Raphael because of his actions and she is standing on her own - being an independent young lady! Also who is the man with the sword? Who will that turn out to be? I fell in love with this season and I hope the rumour that have already occurred are lies because season 3 will be amazing! (I hope to rate season 3 a 10)
  • Season 2A was a overall huge improvement compared to Season 1

    Season 1 was ok for me, it took some getting used to as I'm a Cassandra Clare fan, the changing of the plot was traumatic. I was more prepared for Season 2 and found it to be captivating.

    The extra hard word the cast and crew put in this season most definitely showed. The change in the storyline is refreshing. I am all for Clace, however after seeing the great chemistry between Simon and Clary am totally converted!

    I thought the Yin Fen scenario with Izzy was a stroke of genius as it plays with making Izzy more 'human' And thus more relatable. I'm looking forward to seeing the old Izzy back though.

    I love the healthy, normal pace Malec is growing at! Seems they're the only couple going through the challenges of being inlove and slaying it!

    I really do hope they put in the Izzy and Sebastian chemistry for Season 2B! Will Tudor? No pressure but if he does not KILL this he might just kill the show. pressure.

    So excited for Season 2B!

    Great job everyone!
  • Season 2 needs to correct important mistakes

    Not even similar to the book. Jocelyn dead? Simon with Clary now, really? Isabella hanging with the vampires and needing their venom, really? I have read the books twice and the writers are not following the books at all. And can I just say Clary and Simons acting is so horrible. They have botched the series so why watch. To the writers, it's not to late to fix this.
  • Disappointed a lot

    Everything was wrong i have read the books and the institute is wrong thefe was never that much technology at all, clarys mum when did she die she is ment to marry luke, you can not just change things it has already been written, i thought the film was a big flop but my god this is eaven worse and it had the potential to be better in a series maybe if the people that made the series had read the books they would have a better idea of how it should have gone but ruined a good story, if you kinda like this get the books way better.
  • O Hell No!

    Adore the books, love the movie, but hate this show. Movie failed because they killed Valentine and took the cup, thus ruining the chance of a possible sequel. This show will fail horribly as well, because every time they "go darker" it goes to hell. Take witches of East End as an example (one among the many), a solid tv show, not perfect but with a decent plot line and characters. They "darkened it up" and had to cancel it at second season. This show will go like that. I did not expect it to follow the books exactly but I hoped it would a solid cover on them, instead I got a jumbled mess with plot holes, discrepancies and complete butchering of the universe I love. I got over the HUGE changes they made, the less than ok actors that portray the main characters, the complete lack of chemistry, stilted conversations, bland dialogue, even the horrible special effects at the beginning, but I can't deal with killing Jocelyn. The F*** is up with that!? First they woke her up too soon, second she laid her eyes at Jace only only once and she KNEW he isn't her son, third she is a crucial character in the last books and Luke's happy ending finally. They completely ruined her character and then killed her off. I'm so not staying to see the ruin of everything else. I"M OUT.
  • Season 2 needs to redeem itself or lose a viewer.

    **Book Spoilers, Possible Show Spoilers**

    Im a minor fan of the movie. It brought me to read the books of which I am a bigger fan though I've only completed the first 5 and am halfway through the 6th. My biggest criticism of the movie was that it missed its target audience and jumped right into things and presumably due to time constraints was a bit superficial in character development and plot development particularly explaining both current and past events so if you were new to the series there was a good chance you were lost through a significant portion of the movie (the possibility of a sequel and wanting to fill in those blanks is what drove me to read the books). Yes, there were plot changes from the book, there almost always is but none that were really all that problematic to the continuation of the story.

    I had high hopes for the TV show as it would offer the opportunity to add much of that detail. It seemed natural to expect the TV show seasons to follow the books somewhat closely but I fully expected deviations. As others have said, many of the characters and other details are very different but so far I've been ok with that and I enjoyed season 1.

    Many of the changes to the timeline in season 1 were to rearrange and move things up from later books which I was totally ok with, especially when you consider all 6 books take place over a maximum of 2 years (Clary is turning 15 in book 1 and is 16 possibly approaching 17 in book 6) so it's not that drastic of a timeline change, plus it enables them to do some of the explaining lacking in the movie such as Valentine's motivations and experiments which dont really become known until later in the series. It also keeps the story from getting old and dragging on such as Jocelyn's reawakening at the end of Season 1 which doesn't happen until well into book 3 (which presumably will be covered in Season 3 based on the major plotlines thus far)

    The change in age allows for more adult relationships and decisions (though the angsty early-teen drama still seems to be there despite the change) and its clearly an attempt to appeal to older audiences which also coincides with the aging of the novel audience as the books are themselves between 3 and 10 years (original series only) old.

    Many of the additions to the timeline in season 1 were ok too as they added to the depth of the characters, story and realm. Considering Clare's novels are no 4500 page epic with 2 books still to write (all of Mortal Instruments, not including prequels or sequel series, covers just 3300 pages and at a lower reading level), we could cover the entire series in just 2 or 3 seasons without the additional content (based on Game of Thrones 73 episode run which has its own additions, omissions and plot changes from from the 5 completed and 2 still to come books on which its based). So it makes sense to add content to strive for a longer run and possible attempt at 6 seasons to match the books though even that would be tough as the actors would noticeably age over 6 seasons (again the books are over a 2 year span and Katherine McNamara who plays an 18 year old version of Clary, already 3 years older from the books, is at 21, 3 years older than the 18 year-old character she plays).

    While trying to keep the actual spoilers of what has happened to date in the show vs what the book cannon says to a minimum, I have to say season 2 is on the verge of losing me as a follower due to changes to the plot line many of which seem impossible to come back from. The death of Jocelyn, who was not nearly as actively visible in the books (spending significant portion of them in a coma and then in Idris), the most notable thus far and the one most difficult to return from as despite her lack of active visibility in the books, she was an important character throughout the series with pivotal contributions to the later parts of book 3 and a significant part to book 6. I suppose the show wants to make Clary more "adult" and self-reliant but they could have used the presence of Jocelyn as a foil to show Clary learning and developing into her own women; something the book tried to do but failed not because of the mere presence of Jocelyn and Clary's reliance on her relationship with her mother but because of Clary's lack of experience in the Shadowhunter realm coupled with her age of 15 not being believably adult enough to be taken seriously on her own accord. By making her 18, the show dodged the hardest of those 2 issues to resolve and Jocelyn could have acted as Clary's mentor and advocate in the Shadowhunter realm as Clary developed her own knowledge of the realm and became her own person within it. Regardless of whether this move was Maxim Roy's (Jocelyn) decision to leave the shoe or the writers decision to write her out, they could just as easily sent Jocelyn off to Idris to be mentioned but possibly never be seen again which is a decision they could at least come back from, instead the writers have decided to inject a bunch of teenage-angst into the show, likely alienating any older audience they may have captured in the process and killed off an important character with no real opportunity to bring them back..

    My biggest overall arching issue with the show thus far has been the Institute. Yeah it being shown as some big tech center is kind of blase but Im referring more to the presence of so many shadowhunters. We dont really get to know any of them, none of them really interact with the main characters and none of them really seem to contribute to the plot aside from body counts and occasional comic relief(you mean to tell me Alec, Isabelle and Jace can return to an Institute full of Shadowhunters with 2 completely new faces and no one even stops what they're doing as if to say "who are they?" let alone actually asking the question?) but more importantly, the books only has the Lightwood family (including Jace) at the institute and the book also depicts shadowhunters as a dying "race" both of which are important distinctions as it explains why a bunch of teens are out there doing this on their own and it explains partly why Valentine's desire to create new shadowhunters and be more aggressive in the hunt of demons and downworlders held such appeal to the likes of the Lightwoods, Wyellans and Fairchilds in the books. That does not seem to be the case when you have 2 dozen nameless, faceless shadowhunters running around the institute as demon fodder.

    Overall, the show suffered from what I've dubbed "Twilight" syndrome, in that some of the dialogue is unbelievably stilted/forced and at time over the top while the special effects (especially early in Season 1) seemed very low-budget. It did improve greatly over the course of season 1 and they're improvements I continue to see in Season 2; hopefully the dialogue and special effects improvement will continue as the cast continues to gel a bit more and the writers adjust to the content
  • best tv show ever

    so entertaining, if it had been exactly like the books it would be boring at all.
  • Great upgrade in season 2

    Season 2 is just great! If you didn't liked season 1 for any reason, you would definitely like the new season. The acting has improved, so has the visual appeal. The show is more mature and dark, which is a plus! Also there's constant action that makes it hard to wait for the next episode.
  • Bad bad bad

    I've read the books several times and while there were changes in the story for the movie, at least the Clary and Jace actors were well-suited for the characters and their acting was good. The TV show, on the other hand, is beyond terrible and it seems like talent was not a requirement when hiring for Clary and Jace. Auditions likely included pretending to be out of breathe while saying every line and the actors who could do it the longest we're hired. The special effects are super low budget and it looks like every show was shot in the same warehouse. Rewriting the stories just makes everything that much worse. If there is a positive to be said about this lame mess, it's that the Alex and Isabel actors are decent and it's a shame they couldn't find similar talent for the rest of the cast.
  • I can't descibe it. It's complicated.

    Okay. I started reading the books and stopped after the second one because I couldn't care to buy another one.

    When the movie came out, I hated it with a burning passion.

    The TV show however, I can't really decide.

    I was taken aback by how horrible the script of the first episode was and I kind of hated and still don't like how Clary and Jayce are portrayed. Maybe this is a little connected to Clary being annoying as she is in the books, but everytime she came on screen and spoke to literally anyone I just groaned.

    The supporting cast really saves the show, I love Alec and Isabella and Magnus has a special place in my heart.

    It does get better and more interesting, and I do have some hope for season 2.

    Even if I don't have praise for it, I somehow still watch it and I regret nothing.

    It's honestly so funny to complain about the cringyness of some moments and I mean, what's there to lose except for some time and nerves?
  • Horrible

    I love the books, but honestly the tv show or the movie, the movie all the way. Yes the movie had some scenes that weren't as accurate as the books like when Clary left with the mortal cup at the end of the movie, but the tv show was all over the place. First off magnus and Alec weren't supposed to be together at all or have people know until the third book. Second the women who was sent to investigate is supposed to be Jace's grandmother, third well Jocelyn is supposed to be a painter not own an antique shop, luke is supposed to own a book store not become a cop. The institute is supposed to be pretty much empty not look like technology central. Just the movie yes it was wrong on some parts, but compared to the TV show it was a ten. Plus the actors in the television show absolutely suck! If you are going to make a tv show about a book series at least have enough common sense to follow the story line and not change basically everything in regards to it. they should have done the city of ashes movie like they said they were going to months after they made city of bones, not a bloody tv show that is sickening to watch. First few episodes and you know the people who watch didn't read the books and the people who did and find it great are obviously idiots or paid absolutely no attention to the books what so ever.
  • No good

    Ive always loved the story line but the series acting was pretty awful. All Clary Fray did was cry and whine about Simon and her mother, begging Jase to do what she wanted everytime. Didn't matter what any of the other shadow hunters thought. She came off as demanding and annoying and jase as a bitch that can't say no.
  • Sparkly and Spectacular Shadowhunters

    I was a fan of the books and I was honestly disappointed with the movie. For a start, it ended with Clary and the other good guys having the Mortal Cup when Valentine was supposed to get away with it. The show held so much more suspense and made the characters a lot more likable.

    They portrayed everyone's personality correctly - Isabelle was very comfortable with her body and was definitely not afraid to show it, as in the books. Alec was very much against Clary and it showed that by the end of the season they had at least a respect for each other. Jace was arrogant and had quite a few one-liners but he also showed emotion. Clary was a whiny, selfish girl which is how she was written so I don't see how people can complain. Simon was a clear friend to Clary and it also showed that he liked her more than a friend without him just blurting it out. Valentine is clearly sadistic and unhinged, with his constant experimentations on people using different types of Downworld blood. Magnus is portrayed correctly, very flamboyant but also caring no matter how much he tries to hide it.

    Then it followed the majority of the actual plot with only a few changes added in. It starts off with Clary trying to get into art school then meeting up with Simon who instantly offers to complain if she failed. She then goes home and gets given a stele, revealing the signs of her Sight coming back to her mother. She ignores her mom's warnings and goes out for a drink, revealing the Shadowworld to her. She thinks she's going crazy (as you would) and tries to leave, retrieving a fragment of her memory from bumping into someone. She goes home, followed by vicious, rogue Shadowhunters and has Warlocks revealed to her. The series carries on from there, a young, confused and selfish girl trying to find her Mom, one of the only people she's ever had there for her. Along the way she falls in love with someone, though it's revealed later on that they are related which causes them to drift apart.

    It's all shown very well, and it ends with the antagonist holding the weapon and the good guys with only hope.

    All in all, I'm glad it's been renewed for a second season as it is very thought out (as it won the best new fandom award this has been shown) and the cast is spectacular.
  • Awesome

    I loved The to series. At first I got confused because it was different from the movie but then I realised that they mixed up the books in one season. Once you read all the books or even half of them you'll understand everything. I would LOVE to see SEASON 2!!!!!!
  • Trash

    I was so excited to see the Mortal Instruments series revamped as a tv show because I've been dying for the movie sequel since I first saw City of Bones. From the very first episode however I had reservations. While Hodge, Clary, Simon, and Jace are well cast (although Jace in the show is not like he is in the books.... too emotional and not snarky enough), the casting of the Lightwood siblings is bad. The way Isabelle is portrayed makes her come across as trashy and I'm sorry, but Matthew Daddario cannot act his way out of a paper bag, let alone bring any depth to an angsty and conflicted character like Alec. Every single time he is on screen his performance is very one note and forced, like he has no desire to be doing this role. I also don't understand the random casting of just because you needed a multi-racial cast? I honestly don't care about his race, but if all the other Shadowhunters are white, and Luke was a Shadowhunter, why was he cast different? If they needed to do mutliracial, then cast some of the vampires or werewolves differently. It would be like casting the Lothlorien Elves for Lord of the Rings as all tall, blond, white guys with a random Asian man thrown in for the heck of it. It doesn't make sense. I have no problem with the cast being multiracial, but make the cast fit the story. And also, why Luke a cop? Aside from the casting/character changes, I have an issue with the Institute itself and the fact that it looks like the briefing room from NCIS LA. And correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Lightwoods (including Jace) and Hodge the only ones there in the book?

    Also wrong is that they are bringing in too many characters too quickly and making mention of things that don't show up until the later books of the series. Also, they are just making stuff up. Camille has NOTHING to do with what happened to Simon. That whole mess with Lydia and Alec and would have happened. I honestly can't see Magnus moping after Alec like that either. And the alternate dimension? Honestly? Absolute crap. I stopped watching after episode 12 because the wedding thing was so offensive on so many levels.

    I had such high hopes for the series and was so excited to see the books brought to life. The movie was so well cast and Jamie was the perfect Jace. They stuck so close to the book and really only changed a few minor things, like the battle site. It was heartbreaking when they had such issues getting the sequel up and running so when the reboot as a tv sereis came, I was so happy. I should have known better. The writers for this show have taken the source material and crapped all over it. Any fan of the books will tell you the same thing. This is honestly the worst book to screen adaptation of any book I have ever seen. And that includes Eragon. If I could give this series a negative rating I would. It is NOT worth your time.

    I love fantsay and this is my #1 favorite
  • I have not seen more BS in 15 minutes than this

    What a bunch of crap. Stopped watching after 15 minutes and I am someone who will watch anything remotely scifi or fantasy.

    How do I select 0?

    Please donate money to Syrian refugees instead. kthxbye
  • Amazing Series

    Shadowhunters is a very exciting show. The show is currently on episode 8. Shadowhunters is shown every Tuesday at 8 o'clock in the United States only. It is on Netflix the day after it is shown in the US for those who live in other countries. Shadowhunters is shown on the tv channel formerly known as ABC Family, but has now changed their name to Freeform. Ed Decter is the showrunner and McG is the executive producer.

    This series starts off with main character, Clarissa Fray. She believes that she is a normal girl, but on her 18th birthday everything changes. Clary is an aspiring art student who lives in a normal Brooklyn apartment with her mother, Jocelyn. On her 18th birthday she goes out with her best friend, Simon Lewis. While they are out partying, Clary sees a peculiar scene. That's all I can say without spoiling the show.

    Dominic Sherwood is by far my favorite actor in this show. He is most known for his part as Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy and as the strange, mystery guy in Taylor Swift's Style video. Dominic or Dom plays Jace Wayland. He is 26 years old and is dating Sarah Hyland, so girls he is not available. Katherine McNamara stars as Clary Fray. She can also be seen in The Scorch Trials and in the Disney Channel series, Jessie. Kat is 20 years old. Emeraude Toubia plays Isabelle Lightwood. Emeraude is 27 years old and has been in many movies and shows. Matthew Daddario plays Alec Lightwood. Matt is 28 years old and is related to famous actress, Alexandra Daddario. That is basically our little Shadowhunters gang.

    I enjoy this series and want it to continue in another season. My favorite episode of this season so far is episode 7 because major stuff happens in this episode. My second favorite has to be episode 8 because it is so emotional and the acting is so good. I love how the actors get so into their emotions. Some episodes I don't like are episodes 4 and 5. These episodes just did not work for me.

    Overall this television series is great. I love it and would love to have a second series. I think that both fans of the book and people who don't know what it's about will enjoy it. I would say this show is for kids 11 and up. It does include some swear words but nothing too major. I really enjoy this show and hope you do to.
  • Absolutely amazing and well done in nearly every aspect!! LOVE!!

    I was excited for this show before it came out, and recently decided to give it a watch. I cannot tell you how utterly captivated I am by all of the beautiful, talented actors and actresses, the perfect audio choices, the great cgi (for a fantasy tv show? totally satisfying), and so much more. I cannot wait to watch this every week and am enjoying binge watching up to the most recent episode! Please give this show a watch- you will not regret it! Love to all of the actors and actresses!
  • Love, love, love!!

    Great show, would love to see it go on for a 2nd season
  • I love this show!!!

    I love this show so much and as reader of the books I am actually ok with the changes that they have made. I am really hoping that they renew it for a second season because I really want to see more of the characters and how they grow like in the books.
  • Pretty average but entertaining

    OK, so this show is pretty sub par but if you're a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, you'll still enjoy it. The acting and writing is pretty bad but they did a good job on visual effects. 7 episodes in, though, the best things in the show are the side stories of Simon and Alec. Alec is definitely the most convincing and likeable character while Simon's vamp arc is probably the most interesting.
  • In love

    Although the beginning wasn't the best, I'm really starting to love the show. There's definitely room for improvement. I think it's getting better with each episode. A new show has to be able to grow and I think Shadowhunters is doing a great job. I'll definitely keep watching and it's worth my time. I hope the show keeps going on so it can keep on growing.
  • I kinda Love It...

    At first I was literally hiding my face in shame of how awkward the writing was at times but, sad to say, I'm getting used to it. I probably only like it so much because I love the books and am desperate for a screen-adaption (and, I felt the movie sucked way more than the show).

    The writing isn't TERRIBLE. It's just mediocre and incredibly cringe-worthy at times. I don't blame the actors as much, even though they, too, aren't that great. The set design is awesome though and is one of the things I love about the show. Also the plot. It includes more of the book's plot than the movie ever did. I would give it a try if you're considering it. Why not? Nothing to lose, except for maybe 45 minutes if your day.

    *shrugs* It's a show that you either love or hate.
  • 1/2 way decent show, terrible acting by "main char"

    The show is ok but the chick who plays Clary can't act for shit and the guy who plays her "brother" Jace barely can either. All the rest of the actors do a good job. 6,0 cause of her terrible acting. 7.0 for the show overall.
  • OMG this show

    I LOVE the mortal instrument series with my heart and soul but the TV show is slowly tearing my heart out.

    The one thing that really crossed my mind is the acting. It's like drawn out, akward and strenuous. Don't get me wrong about the action, but the order from the books and how it is portrayed is just way different. The acting is the thing that draws me away from the show.
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