Shahs of Sunset - Season 1

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Mar 11, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Mike finally cops to the romantic tension simmering between him and GG. Asa gains a powerful new patron and debuts her song "Tehrangeles" to some of the most powerful people in the Persian community. Sammy and MJ set each other up on a double blind date, but while MJ brings a "nice girl" for Sammy, MJ is horrified to discover that Sammy definitely does not return the favor. Inspired by Reza's emotional trip to NYC, MJ decides to confront her overbearing and critical mother in a showdown twenty years in the making.moreless
  • GG vents to her sister about a fight she has at "Girls’ Night" with Asa and MJ, but finds little sympathy for her flaring temper. Seeking some closure, Reza travels to Long Island to confront his father about the long simmering family issues. In the process he discovers something more shocking and emotional than he ever anticipated about his family's history.moreless
  • Waiting for Mj
    Episode 4
    Sammy is put on the spot when Mohamed comes back from vacation and evaluates the work on his palatial Beverly Hills home. Asa plays her music for a major producer and starts to feel pressures to conform her image. At GG’s parents’ 40th anniversary party she risks blowing her cool when MJ shows up four hours late to the festivities.moreless
  • Champagne Wars
    Episode 3
    After returning home from Vegas, Golnesa must face the wrath of Reza who is mad at her for the way she acted during his birthday weekend. Mike has a new real estate listing which could be the big payday he’s been hoping for and Sammy works to get in the good graces of a major Beverly Hills real estate developer. Reza throws a Champagne tasting party to see how refined everyone’s taste buds are.moreless
  • Reza invites the group to Las Vegas for his over the top 38th birthday party, but after GG and MJ engage in some gossipy trash talking with Reza's friend Anita, tempers flare and threaten to ruin Reza's birthday weekend.
  • 3/11/12
    Six Persian-American families live a luxurious life in Los Angeles, and Bravo captures their social lives on camera. Real estate agent, Reza Farahan, struggles with the idea of getting plastic surgery, and Asa tries her hand at becoming a singer. Meanwhile, Gharachedaghi wants another tattoo that matches the one inside of her lip, and Mike wants to shed his Persian wardrobe to look more like a Southern Californian.moreless