Shaka Zulu - Season 1

(ended 1987)


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  • Part 10
    Part 10
    Episode 10
  • Part 9
    Part 9
    Episode 9
  • Part 8
    Part 8
    Episode 8
  • Part 7
    Part 7
    Episode 7
  • Part 6
    Part 6
    Episode 6
  • Part 5
    Part 5
    Episode 5
    As a long-ago foretold prophecy comes to pass with the scuttling of a proposal to negotiate a peaceful alliance between the Zulus and Great Britain and the death of the Zulu Queen Mother Nandi, Shaka, knowing his own fate was sealed, goes into a self-destructive rampage that ultimately leads to his and his Kingdom's final demise.moreless
  • Part 4
    Part 4
    Episode 4
    With his rapid rise through the ranks of the Mtetwa Paramountcy, Shaka eventually attracts enemies from within who attempt to assassinate him. After he recovers from the near-fatal wound thanks to Dr. Finn's tending, Shaka is reinvigorated and even more driven towards the goal of complete subjugation of every Kingdom in the area. He first rewards Farewell's contingent with parcels of land and hunting rights around the Port of Natal and then he plans for the largest battle of his career. After the Mtetwa King is murdered by agents of their chief rivals and with the help of the British who use their rifles and cannon, Shaka and his soldiers finally conquer the powerful Ndwandwe Paramountcy in the north, securing Shaka's place as King of the Mtetwas. However Shaka's subjects begin to express their concerns about the persistent presence of the whites in their midst, afraid that all that they have gained will eventually be taken by them.moreless
  • Part 3
    Part 3
    Episode 3
    After storming off in frustration from his military regiment, Shaka travels to a tribe skilled at metal smelting and has a spearhead commissioned per his own specifications. When completed, the weapon is personally empowered by "The Nameless One", who warns Shaka that it would eventually possess him. Shaka, now on a path of revenge after receiving the blessing of the King of the Mtetwas to train a special unit in his tactics, leads the Kingdom to many battle victories and allows Shaka to ascend to the rank of General. He finally defeats the Zulu Kingdom, killing his father in the process, and reclaiming his birthright as King of the Zulus. Shaka then sets his sights on defeating the largest Paramountcy in region after gaining complete control of the entire Mtetwa military.moreless
  • Part 2
    Part 2
    Episode 2
    In a flashback to 1786, Zulu Prince Senzangakona, although promised to someone else, publicly courts Nandi, a member of the neighboring Elangeni kingdom. But the powerful chief witchdoctor sets a prophesy in motion and their indiscretions result in two children out of wedlock, including a boy named Shaka. Considered outcasts of two kingdoms, Nandi and her family are subjected to a life of humiliation, prompting Shaka to grow up bitter and thirsty for revenge. But he channels his anger towards the perfection of war tactics so he can take his father's throne by force and reclaim his birthright.moreless
  • Part 1
    Part 1
    Episode 1
    In 1823, warriors from the Zulu Empire headed by Shaka, a brilliant but ruthless military strategist, begin to encroach on the outskirts of the colonial South African colony of Capetown, South Africa. In desperation, Capetown's Governor requests assistance from King George IV of Great Britain to bolster their tenuous position, but the British have no more resources to send. Instead, a volunteer cadre of mercenaries, explorers, and professionals are recruited and sent to Zululand to try to make contact with Shaka and assess the real threat of his storied army.moreless
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