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With his rapid rise through the ranks of the Mtetwa Paramountcy, Shaka eventually attracts enemies from within who attempt to assassinate him. After he recovers from the near-fatal wound thanks to Dr. Finn's tending, Shaka is reinvigorated and even more driven towards the goal of complete subjugation of every Kingdom in the area. He first rewards Farewell's contingent with parcels of land and hunting rights around the Port of Natal and then he plans for the largest battle of his career. After the Mtetwa King is murdered by agents of their chief rivals and with the help of the British who use their rifles and cannon, Shaka and his soldiers finally conquer the powerful Ndwandwe Paramountcy in the north, securing Shaka's place as King of the Mtetwas. However Shaka's subjects begin to express their concerns about the persistent presence of the whites in their midst, afraid that all that they have gained will eventually be taken by them.moreless
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