Shake It Up

Season 1 Episode 4

Add It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 28, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Cece is told if she fails algebra she will be suspended from the show. She decides to get a tutor but Flynn ends up stealing him away. Meanwhile, Ty goes on his first date with Tinka and is surprised to find out he is having a good time. Deuce and Gunther engage in a battle of arm wrestling.


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  • Cece has dyslexia, and was ashamed & embarrassed about telling Rocky that.

    The scene where Rocky learns that Cece was the most emotional scene in this episode. Having a disability is really nothing to be ashamed of, and I agreed with Cece that some people can be real jerks when it comes to a disabled person. I'm one of those intellectually disabled people, and I know how that feels everyday. But I like this episode because it was about time this show has something that felt so real, yet very emotional.moreless
  • I actually liked this episode but it still wasn't terrific though

    Cece is told if she fails algebra she will be suspended from the show. So, she decides to get a tutor but, Flynn ends up stealing him away. Meanwhile, Ty goes on his first date with Tinka and is surprised to find out he is having a good time; Deuce and Gunther engage in a battle of arm wrestling. I actually enjoyed this episode of "Shake It Up". I saw this episode about a few days ago for the first time in a while. I probably haven't seen this episode since it first premiered so that's like a year right there. Anyways, it was my second time watching this episode and I still enjoyed it just like the first time. I mean, the episode still isn't like excellent or anything but I thought it was handled in a nice way. Another reason why I did happen to like this episode though was because Bella Thorn has dyslexia and in this episode... Cece has dyslexia and she was crying about it.... anyways, I just think it's nice how they showed Bella's real life about her having dyslexia in this episode. Bella must have worked hard with her dyslexia though and I can tell that she must have been tough about it so I admire her for that. This episode had some funny moments as well. It is kinda sweet how Ty took Tinka out on a date and the storyline with Gunter and Deuce having their arm wrestling match was pretty funny as well. My score is low because I hated the awkward joke with Tinka telling Gunther "Please, I'm not going to marry you" (or something like that) because Gunther and Tinka are brothers and sisters so it would by highly awkward for a brother to marry his sister and I just didn't like how awkward they made that joke. I also didn't like Henry character too much in this episode.... he was just getting a little annoying. Around the next time he appeared is when he started to be mildly likable but with this episode being his debut.... he didn't start off likable in my opinion at least. Overall, a great episode of "Shake It Up" that also showed the real life of Bella Thorne having dyslexia near the end of the episode. 8/10moreless
  • This episode was disappointing and not good.

    OK this episode was annoying and the acting was bad especaly toward the end when Cece was crying. The good things of this episode was the sub-sub plot of Gunter and Deuce arm wrestling. I laughed toward the end when Duece said "Just be lucky we thumb wrestled and I won back my underwear," And i kind of laughed at the sub plot with Ty/Tinka. This episode could've been better in a lot of ways. Now the main plot I didn't like. The acting was bad and that Henry character was annoying. And the ending was way too predicable that Cece was get a B, because it's too earler for her to leave Shake it up Chicago! Overall 3/10.moreless
  • superb

    What I liked: Deuce walking by with barely any clothes on, Flynn stealing Cece's tutor, Ty and Tinka on a date, the revelation that Cece has dyslexia, Gunther beating Deuce every time they played, amongst other things.

    There was something about this episode I really liked. I liked the seriousness of the revelation about Cece having dyslexia. It's always nice when shows have serious moments, and I liked this. And her crying and being ashamed of it. I also like the fact that the actress who plays her has it, which in a way adds to it. B+ or so is going to be my final grade.moreless
  • Add it Up.

    Is anyone getting really annoyed by these episode titles? Not only are they trying too hard too be original but this episode title was just an insult to one of the main characters on this show. It is kind of funny, but when you think about it, you'll know what I mean.

    This is probably the highest rating I'll ever give this show only because this was not a bad episode of Shake it Up! I mean the acting is still atrocious, but we got some pretty good gags here, and after all, these are all inexperienced child actors so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

    The try for emotion was actually successful. The final scene really reminded me of classic Disney which is really something I never thought I would say about this show. The boy tutor was actually pretty funny, but I think the most entertaining story line was the date. I don't know who the siblings were, but they were the funniest ones. Not an awful episode here.moreless
Caroline Sunshine

Caroline Sunshine

Tinka Hessenheffer

Recurring Role

R. Brandon Johnson

R. Brandon Johnson

Gary Wilde

Recurring Role

Buddy Handleson

Buddy Handleson

Henry Dillon

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Cece is revealed to have dyslexia and admits it affects her grades and ability to dance. In real life, Bella Thorne (CeCe) is dyslexic

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Ty: So, you want to go out again?
      Tinka: I don't know. We are so different. I am sequins, you are denim. I am gold shoes, you are high tops.
      Ty: Well you can think about it.
      Tinka: I will.
      (Tinka kisses him on the cheek, goes inside her family's apartment)
      Ty: I'll think about it too. A lot.

    • CeCe: Flynn, you broke my tutor! Rocky, he broke my tutor!
      Rocky: He's not broken.
      Henry: Yo, Rock, see if you can fry us up a little bacon.
      Rocky: Oh, he's broken!

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