Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 9

Auction It Up!

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 20, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • mnman was right, this was the worst Season 2 episode ever


    Cece and Rocky organize a fund-raiser to help save their former dance teacher's studio. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty enter a competition to win a new phone. I can't believe what I watched here, I wasn't surprised that this episode was going to be awful because after seeing the promo being about one of Gunther and Tinka's relative, I knew that the episode was going to be bad. mnman was right when he said that this episode was terrible. Oh my gosh, I hate Gunther and Tinka so much and they were even huge jerks than they have ever been. Rocky and Cece are trying to help Ms. Nancy and do a good thing by having a fundraiser and Gunther and Tinka aren't helping by insulting Rocky and Cece by saying "I doubt Ms. Nancy would teach you two how to dance" or something like that. I seriously wanted to jump into this television. Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine, if you two are reading this review... I'm sorry to say about this but I hate your characters Gunther and Tinka so much and their accents are awful. Not to be mean but I think your characters need to leave this show, I would be super happy. I mean, the episodes of this show are usually better without Gunther and Tinka anyways. I'm just happy that Gunther and Tinka haven't appeared a whole lot this season... might as well just be recurring characters. I hated that Klaus character and I hated how Gunther and Tinka just took away poor Rocky and Cece's weekend by going to the Beyonce concert instead of Rocky and Cece. Okay, those two are just cruel and rude. My score is only a little high because the Ty/Deuce plot was a little funny. Funniest part was definitely when Deuce kept raising his hand at the auction and Ty tells him "Watch your hand man". Overall, an awful episode of "Shake It Up" that should have never existed. 1.5/10

  • worst shake it up ever!


    worst Shake it up ever! Ok the only reason this episode wasn't a 1 was because of ty/Deuce plot. that was a little funny but not by much. The main plot was so boring and so annoying and Gunter and Tinka were total jerks in this episode. Clause annoyed the living heck out of me he was rude, disrespectful, mean, and messed up. Just think of Zuri from Jessie and multiply it by 100. And Rockey and Cece were doing a nice for tfor Mrs. Nancy's Fancy dance academy but GUnter and Tinka were insulting them and while they were trying to do a nice thing. they should've canceled this episode of Shake it up. I can't believe i survived 30 minutes of this. I don't recomend you watching this. Overall worst Shake it up ever.