Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 8

Double Pegasus It Up!

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • pretty good episode of Shake it up


    pretty good episode of Shake it up. the reason why this episode wasn't a 10 was because of boring Rocky. No offense Zendaya but your character was boring. Therode Was hillarious in this episode i loved him. Another good thing was that Gunter and Tinker weren't in this episode. They annoy the heck out of me. the Deuce/Flynn/Uncle Frank part was pretty funny and there were some times when it was hillarious. Overall a pretty good episode of Shake it up.

  • Not the best, not the worst


    I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "Shake It Up". It is better than "Review It Up" but not really as good as most of the episodes that have aired in Season 2. This show still has a few problems but one problem that they fixed is that Rocky hasn't been irritating. No more of her irritating giggles or any of that stuff. Rocky has been pretty funny this season and hasn't been annoying once and I hope it keeps up that way. The other problem that they fixed is how Gunther and Tinka are appearing less this season. Yet, they are considered main characters but have been absent in most of the Season 2 episodes. The writers should just give Gunther and Tinka recurring roles because that would be better for me and others who find those two to be extremely annoying and stupid. Season 2 has been quite an improvement even though it's not perfect but it is better than Season 1 so far. I hope this season continues to be at least decent. Not excellent but at least decent is what I'm expecting. My score is really low because I didn't like subplot with Deuce being in charge of the keys to the cash register while Uncle Frank is out. The ending to that plot was also not a very good ending. My problem in this season so far is how Uncle Frank picks on Deuce a lot and can be harsh on him. Sheesh, that's not being a good uncle. It may be funny to Uncle Frank but it's not funny to Deuce... he has feelings. Deuce's plot did offer a couple of laughs but they weren't too huge. As for the main plot, it really wasn't that good but just like the Deuce plot, it offered a couple of laughs and they were a little more huge. Rocky and Cece coming up with that construction dance was pretty good. My other problem is how that old man that came up with the "Double Pegasus" dance was working with Lady Gaga who stole Rocky and Cece's construction dance. So yeah, this episode wasn't terrible but it definitely wasn't good either and both of the storylines could have used tons more improvement. But hey, Season 1 had much much much worse episodes than this episode. Overall, this episode wasn't good and it wasn't bad BUT it was just a mediocre episode of "Shake It Up". 5.5/10