Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 23

Reality Check It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Unknown on Disney Channel

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  • Great Episode!!!

    I 100% disagree with mnman's review. I am actually shocked that you hated it. It was a great episode, it wasn't the best but it was still really good.
  • This is by far the WORST episode of Shake it ever!!

    Ok like I said about this is by far the worst episode of Shake it Up ever. Now I didn't get high hopes when I saw the promo. When I saw the promo I knew this episode was gonna stink so I gave it a chance and I was so right! This episode wasn't near to even being enjoyable. Now Rockey and Cece through a party because they were going to be on a reality show True Teen Life (I think that's what's it's called.), but they make Cece fall in love with Gunter, Rockey the dive and Tinka the heart and sole of the show. Now one thing that I hated was that pretty much the whole segment was about those 4. I mean I hate the fact that they get all the attention on Shake it up Chicago and they were originally back up dancers not the starts of the show. Now what I hated most about this episode was definetly the people not believing them. When it looked like Rockey was making fun of someone they just left the party. I mean it's like from one second they love Rockey of how she's so sweet and so nice then another they end up hating her just because TV made it look like they were insulting her. Not just that with Gunter and Tinka it's like they hate them from one second then all of suddened when TV once again made it look like they were nice people they start liking them I mean Flynn was crying. I mean seriously, it's TV it's not real! Now there was something that I could've raised it to a 1.5 is that some of the dancing 9not Rockey and Cece was enjoyable, but since this episode angered my so much I decided not to. Overall, the worst episode of Shake it up ever, it angered me so much and PLEASE don't waste your time watching this junk!! 1/10.
  • i loooove u guys

    you guys rock. I love your show. I love the episode when the school get's uniforms and the principal calls rocky stretch and when rockey was talking to cece. she looked creepy to me. bff=rockey and cece. love u guys