Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 7

Review It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Shake It Up

    I probably shouldn't write anything here or else it be considered though it's an
  • Tigerdude is right this episode is poor.

    I thought this was a poor episode of Shake it up. Now i like Shake it up but i don't like this episode. OK this episode is about A critic giving Shake it up a bad review so Rockey and CeCe go and try to change the reviewers mind about that show. Now i didn't like the main plot at all. Although i did like the subplot a little and i did find it funny. Now this is probably the worst episode of Shake it up season 2. Now the only good thing about the subplot because the dancing was a little entertaining. and that lady saying "OH MY GODFATHER!" I thought she was gonna say "Oh my god!" But this was just a poor Shake it up. Overall 4/10.
  • After Season 2 actually being a pretty good season, it gets the first POOR episode.


    A critic gives Shake It Up, Chicago a bad review in a popular online blog, so CeCe and Rocky determine to convince him he was wrong. This episode of "Shake It Up" was so poor and not very good. So far, as mediocre a show called "Shake It Up" can be, I have to admit that Season 2 has been a pretty good and pretty fun season to watch. I mean, it's still not excellent or anything but this season is definitely a major improvement over Season 1. Season 1 has been pretty awful except for a few enjoyable episodes and 3 or 4 okay episodes. I don't know exactly but I thought Season 1 was pretty bad. Anyways, Season 2 gets its first POOR episode. I just didn't like the storyline in this episode and most of the humor is stuff we've before. Although, even though it's been done thousands of times, I did laugh when Deuce was pretending that Ty is his girlfriend and then Ty is crying saying "I'm not crying, I just got something in my eye" (except he said a little bit different). I laughed at a few more parts as well. The dancing at Crusty's Pizza was kinda entertaining but it's not enough. The critic deciding to change his review of "Shake It Up, Chicago" was pretty good though. Rocky and Cece (as a whole) just trying to convince the critic to change his review and repeatedly injuring him was getting old and boring which lowered my score big time. Overall, not a terrible episode but it is Season 2's worst so far... at least Season isn't doing too bad so far, it's better than Season 1. That's for sure. 4/10

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