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  • Shake it Up? How about SHUT it Up?

    This show's basically about two 13 year old girls who dress like prostitutes and have this obsession with dancing. Literally. It's an obsession. There's this one episode where Rocky hurts her foot on a rock and needs surgery on it, and right before her surgery she's lying in bed crying and whining about how she might not be able to dance again and how that'll ruin her life forever. It's ridiculous. Let me give you a breakdown of the characters:

    Cece: A red-headed bimbo who dresses like a hooker and has an IQ of about 2. She's always fantasizing about being this big celebrity because she thinks that just because she's on this show that's basically a 2010s American Bandstand, she's all that. She's a stuck-up wannabe who should get a job instead of walking around talking about how great a dancer she is.

    Rocky: A smart ass who thinks that just because she's the smarter one out of the duo she's the smartest girl on Earth. She's always whining about her grades or correcting people's errors. She's also a stuck-up wannabe.

    Flynn: An annoying little 8 year old who lives to fuck up everyone's lives. And for some reason he's always left home alone. It makes sense really. The mom's almost never around, and when she is, she acts like she doesn't give a fuck about any of her children.

    Deuce: Wannabe drug dealer who thinks he's cool because he has rows of watches in his coat.

    Dina: Female Deuce with the fakest New Jersey accent I've ever heard.

    Gunther and Tinka: Don't even get me started on these two. They're annoying foreign people with extremely fake accents. Gunther dresses like a gay stripper, while Tinka dresses like a Tokyo fashion doll. They're stuck-up and act like they're the best of the best when they don't actually have any genuine talent (like everyone else on the show).

    There are more characters on this show that I could get into, but that would take forever. Anyway, like I said, the show they're on is basically a rip-off of American Bandstand. Except with trashy hip hop music that's horrendously auto-tuned and strobe lights that rape your eyes. Not to mention bad dancing. As for the humor, it's corny and practically nonexistent. Honestly, just avoid this show.
  • To all the haters

    I love this show. Rocky and Cece dance very well and it had really funny jokes.
  • To be honest: this show may not be one of the best, but it's really not one of the worst.

    I like Rocky, Deuce and Flynn. I liked it because of Zendaya. I only like a few episodes, but what I do know is, the show was all right.
  • Fuck Shit Up

    I prayed, I begged, I pleaded everyday that this show would get canceled. And thankfully, finally, fortunately, it has happened! Three years of two teenagers wearing slutty clothes and terrible dance moves later. Shake It Up, it is finally your time to Shake it Down. No more terrible music videos, or annoying twins, or annoying ass brothers who probably needs to go to a mental institution. Finally! I have never been more pleased with Disney's decision. On November 10, 2013, the nightmare will end. And we can all throw a party...

    @Belladaya1, how did this show better your dancing skills? It never specifically taught you the moves. And its not even dancing. Its just two slutty girls jumping and hopping around like a hyper rabbit.
  • Change the channel because this show is a bad influence

    This show is about a couple of spoiled young teens placing importance on money love and popularity and yet somehow get on a dance show with no real talent. I mean seriously their so called dance moves is mostly stripping already revealing/tacky outfits that most teens don't really (and shouldn't wear ever), claim to be friends but don't treat each other right, and complain/gossip on how their lives or situations suck even though they have better than so many other people.

    None of the characters have any real personality, are stereotyped, unlikeable/lame, ditzy, and annoying. I could go on but others have done that before and better than me. I find airing a show like this is very irresponsible and bad in taste on Disney Channel's part because not only is it unrealistic but sets a poor example. There is a difference between fun fantasies and vain imagination. DC cheated so many viewers and fans of what real talent, friendship, and entertainment is. That kind of dancing, excessive makeup, and clothing will get girls and women called whores or sluts and the like because that attracts pigs/animals rather than actual people. The only real reason DC made this steaming pile of rotten trash is to capitalize on Hannah Montana by making clones of it rather than put in some thought and effort into making something new and original. The only real positive thing I can say about this show is that it's cancelled. My future kids won't be watching this.
  • WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SHOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    It's just nothing but 13-year-old spoiled brats that seek fame above all else, and wear revealing outfits and way too much make-up. My future kids won't be watching this show.
  • Glad This Is Over

    I never found this show slightly enjoyable, here's why.

    It's boring, not funny, and confusing at times what is going on. Nuff said.
  • Shake it Up!

    Yeah, so about time I do this show.

    So basically it's about these two girls who get roles on a dance TV show. That and dealing with high school problems is basically the whole show.

    It's not really a bad show. It has its moments. It can be clever and funny. But like most shows, it really declined in quality with each season. Season 1 was the best - the humor was sincere, clean - but the 3rd season was easily the worst. The problem I see - much like with what I said about . Farm - is that this show tends to over-exaggerate its acting and resort to toilet humor and crappy jokes. And sometimes when it comes to their characters, it highlights and best and worst of their acting.

    For example, CeCe Jones is established to be very lazy, and tends to not take school seriously. In one episode, "Protest it Up" she talks about how she stayed up all night just to sleep through a school assembly and pulls out napping glasses and a pillow. She is later shown sleeping on Rocky's shoulder, snoring loudly and drooling all over it. While some may find this funny, I was not amused, and to me it highlighted the biggest problem with recent Disney shows. They tend to over-exaggerate their acting. That, coupled with poor writing, tends to lead to bad episodes. The same can be said for another character - Ty - as I have often found that he greatly over-exaggerates himself when he speaks regardless of the subject. I couldn't stand it from him, and it made it hard for me to enjoy that character.

    This show has more positive episodes than negatives, but its problems do compound, especially in the later seasons. Overall, it's a solid show - good for a few laughs here or there - but it's really nothing special.
  • Zendaya

    Zendaya is hot that is the only reason i give the show a three, cece is a stupid idiot who cares about fasion and gets 0.0 gpa
  • My review

    Shake It Up follows the misadventures of CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, two best friends who land roles on Shake It Up! Chicago and dream of becoming professional dancers. Overall, I found the show to be quite entertaining, and contrary to a popular opinion, I liked the clothes they wore. Though she had a tendency to be ditzy, I liked the character of CeCe, and thought she was a very unique character. I liked how she and Rocky were so passionate about their love of dancing, and (another unpopular opinion) I thought they were talented dancers. I liked the character Rocky because of how clever and witty she was and how balanced her friendship with CeCe was. The characters Deuce, Dina, Gunther and Tinka never really made me laugh (their voices were REALLY annoying, but bearable) but they entertained me enough, they were okay. I liked Shake It Up because even though the plot was about singing/dancing (I know a lot of people hate Disney shows that are about either of those things; I know there has been a lot of Disney shows with singing, but SIU was the first dance-based show) the episodes were really creative and entertained me. I really hated all of the SIU songs though, with the exception of Watch Me.
  • Finally, this abomination of a show has ended!

    OK, before I start my review I would just like to say that I am glad this show has finally ended. It was absolutely crap since the pilot episode and everything about this show is completely shit. Now, on with the review.


    So, Shake it Up is about two teenage girls: Cecilia 'CeCe' Jones and Raquel 'Rocky' Blue. They are basically backup dancers on Shake It Up Chicago and they are trying to lead normal lives as well.

    To be honest, the plot of this show is absolutely rubbish. In the pilot episode, Rocky and CeCe were dancing in a subway street because they were desperate to get cell phones. Not food, not clothes, cell phones. Everyone watching them were feeling so sorry for them that they just HAD to give them cash. After that, they get discovered and all of a sudden they're famous. (Austin and Ally anyone?) This plot makes no sense and something like this would not happen in reality. Also, the way the title of each episode is annoys me because it goes _______ it Up just like iCarly's I_____ or Austin and Ally's ______ & _______.


    As usual, the characters have no personality whatsoever and they are just one dimensional stereotypes. OK, here are the main characters and their so called 'personalities'.

    Cecilia 'CeCe' Jones: She is a ditzy, dumbass redheaded girl who thinks she is so cool and popular when she isn't. CeCe is also bossy and she doesn't have much friends apart from Rocky. She goes on and on about how she's so famous and it gets really annoying. She also thinks she's a great dancer but she isn't really, even a reject from Strictly Come Dancing can dance better than her. She is just obsessed with being pretty. In one episode, she and Rocky were helping a young girl win a pageant and she was so obsessed with winning to the point where she parades around the stage in a plastic kids crown and sash as if she's the winner. Why, Disney? Why?

    Raquel 'Rocky' Blue: She is the nerdy goody two shoes who is obsessed with dancing as well as school. In one episode she was obsessed with beating Candy (a cheerleader) in a competition related to dancing. She follows CeCe around and she pretty much goes with her plans. Again, she can't dance to save her life.

    Flynn Jones: He is so annoying. His catchphrase 'I'll get it mom' gets really old and basically nobody is around to watch him.

    Mrs. Jones (the mom): I have nothing to say about her other than the fact that she's never around.

    Ty Blue: The only character who can even dance. I wonder how on earth he's related to Rocky. His acting is fine but the only thing that bothers me is the fact that he's a bit of a player when it comes to girls.

    Deuce Martinez: He is basically a street seller going well on his way to becoming a drug dealer.

    Supporting characters:

    Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer: Ugh, honestly these two annoy me. Their accents are obviously fake and they dress like Japanese fashion rejects. Also, they seem like crazy people who came out of a downtown mental institution.

    Dina: Basically a female Deuce with a fake New Jersey accent. She's also going to be a drug dealer in her future.

    Acting skills:

    The acting is so abysmal in this show. The actors (except Roshon Feagen who plays Ty) try way too hard to be funny and cool and it's just sad yet hilarious to see these people humiliate themselves on TV.


    The laugh track really needs to be banned, I hardly laugh at this show and these jokes are not funny at all plus they're overused.

    Moral values:

    There's none at all. The only thing this show teaches is how teenagers can be slutty and idiotic.


    Overall I would give this show a 1.5 because Ty is pretty much the only OK character I can tolerate and everyone else just tries too hard and not in a good way.

  • Disney should start making more animated TV shows.

    I just really hate those stupid live action shows that these ppl don't learn that everyone HATES them. All sitcoms and live action shows SUCK, well, except for Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Hotel Impossible, and Toy Hunter.
  • it SUCKS

    this show sucks, it has no chemistry and all thwe actors are dum

    it stinks

  • An instruction guide on how to be a whore & dress like a slut! (Update: Lol cancelled!)

    Thank Lord Neptune this horrible excuse for a show got cancelled! One less shit show to air on Disney Channel! Now all that's missing is Austin & Ally, Jessie, ANT Farm, Dog with a Blog, & Live and Maddie :D

    The main thing this show is teaching young girls is how to dress like whores, & become strippers when they grow up.

    The so-called songs in this trash is nothing but auto-tune & heavy editing. The fangirls of this show are giving me & everyone else excuses as to why they use auto-tune so much, such as how one of the girls has some sort of dysfunction or whatever, but that's not excuse. If you can't sing, then you can't sing, even with auto-tune. There is nothing wrong with using a bit of auto-tune, but when you rape the usage of a piece of technology like that, like the way Selena Gomez or this show does, then we have a problem.

    The dancing is tediously bad; the two girls in this show couldn't dance to save their own lives. Every time they 'dance' around, they look like nothing more than a bunch of monkeys throwing their arms & legs everywhere. And not to mention that their coordination is below the barrel of mediocre when compared to superior dancing moves like what you can find in other, much superior dancing movies/shows like Smash, Step Up 3D, Footloose (remake), Hairspray (2007), Dirty Dancing, West Side Story, & Saturday Night Fever. If you call Shake it Up's dancing great, then there is seriously something wrong with you.

    As far as the acting goes, oh man, let me tell you that I've seen better acting in any of the first 3 Twilight movies (Breaking Dawn's acting was actually great, for once), The Fog (remake), A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake), & even Species than in this garbage. Bella Thorne & Zendeya need to learn how to act pronto (as well as looking for a talent)! Even the most mediocre actors/actresses like Tara Reid, & Ashton Kutcher have far more talent than they do! The same can be said for every other actor present here. All of the actors here give a performance as if they mixed acid with Monster after adding crap-loads of sugar in it.

    As for the costumes, please, they are just awful, slutty, & according to a few of a my friends from Chicago, have no single trait of a Chicagoan. Characters are also blatantly annoying, & unrealistic, but the most annoying characters are the fraternal twins (Gunther & Tinka?), who are annoying beyond the barrier, & have the fakest/cheapest accents ever. The accents in "Queen of the Damned" sound much more authentic compared to their accents (& the accents in that movie sounded fake as fuck). Massive stereotyping is also found here.

    Then we come to the show's plot & realism. Does it have those two? Not even! One of the characters' mom is some sort of security guard for the apartment they live in, but what's unrealistic about that? Its that their apartment itself is something they CANNOT afford, seriously, especially under a security guard's salary. Another unrealistic thing? How the hell did the main characters even get on the 'popular' show Shake it Up Chicago in the first place? Because the show apparently needs two good dancers who are talented. And i can tell you, again, that Cece & Rocky have neither of those two qualities, & cannot get jobs that easily as dancing teachers with their dreadful choreography.

    The characters are no better. Sometimes I feel like Rocky & Cece are lesbians still hiding it severely behind their faces. Because seriously, these two do EVERYTHING together; they eat together, they dance together, they share the same room together, & I'll be they even take a shit & together. And also, how are these two even friends in the first place? Cece is always taking shit from Rocky, & I mean always. Rocky always puts Cece down or leaves her in her shadow. So how these two are supposed to be called friends, I will never know. Cece is also a whore, because in another episode, she wanted a date with a college guy.

    And the overall message of the show? Like i said above, to show little girls to dress like a bunch of sluts, & become strippers! How so? For one, look at the way the girls in the show dress! No teenage girl that has a hint of sanity in her brain would dress like Rocky & Cece do, & no parent that has self-respect for their kids will go out & buy their terrible outfits. And secondly, the girls in this show dance for nothing but crap that they want, not that they NEED. In the pilot episode, they danced in the subway station to earn some cash. For food? NO! For a damn cellphone! They also whined like a toddler in the toy aisle after that dance because they only got $1 as tip for their "dancing" (which consisted of them just shaking their hips). Show how aggressively ungrateful they are for at least earning something. In another, the two of them snuck out of their room to go into an ADULT PARTY, & they're only 14 YEARS OLD! If that's not being a whore, then i don't know what is!

    That's the the other thing in this show; it shows horrible lesons to kids. Such as whoring yourself out, complaining & whining about things that aren't a big deal, putting down others, not giving a damn about school or homework simply because it's "not cool/hip", disobeying your parents & frankly be rude to all adults, being highly superficial & judging your friends on their appearance, being sassy, & sneak out of the house only to go to a big kid party. Oh, & I almost forgot that it's so hip to be under 14 & date someone well over 16 years old as well as lie about your age just to get into clubs.

    Did I also mention that the writers of this garbage had the nerve to make fun of people with eating disorders? Really, look it up. The two whores on this show were on a popular talk-show show and the psychologist lady said the following, "You guys are so adorable! I could just eat you guys if I ate". If you fantards expect anyone to find that funny then you all need to donate your brains to science in order for them to find out if there is a cure for being a bunch of ret@rds.

    So as an overall, this is just a crap show from an already crap network from the start! (with the exception of the handful of shows I liked from it) Disney Channel has fallen downhill, drastically! They replaced the cartoons & handful of decent live-action shows with all of this Tween-pop BS, actors who have NO TALENT, & shows that have the same damn basic lesson, DATING!

    And any one of you fantards of fangirls of this show can thumb me down or bash me, call me a hater, say I have no life, no talent, can't sing, I'm ugly, etc. because you know everything I said is true!

    That's another thing that really pisses me off about this show; not just the show as a whole, but the bumbling idiots of a fanbase it cultivates. The fans give no rat's-ass about the show in general, they only care about the shitty looks. And why do I say that? Because a few days back, I saw some moron fangirl on that horrible "Fashion is my kryptonite" video stating that they don't care that the music sucks, but they care about the dresses. So from that logic, it is clear that the fans of this crap are clear idiots, ignorant beyond words who wouldn't know good television even if you slapped it right on their faces. I give up hope for any person who watches & loves the shit Disney Channel produces, I really do.

    Another thing that pisses me off about this show's moronic fanbase is how they all are clearly stupid kids, ON THE INTERNET, & they say "OMG don't say mean things about them how do you think they feel when they read your mean comments?!!1? Would you want people to say mean things about you?!". SHUT. UP. Welcome to the damn internet! Possibly the cruelest place in the world. No one cares about this show's actors' feelings, because no one likes their dreadful show, bad dancing, awful singing, & bad acting. If you're going to cry, wet your panties, & feel offended when people say 'mean things' about your favorite, mediocre actors from a shitty show, then get the hell off the internet, & grow a spine.

    You can't say that "I bet you cant dance" because you don't jack-shit about anyone who says that Zendeya & Bella can't dance, because they're right. These two people couldn't dance, act, or sing to save their lives. People say they are shitty dancers, etc. because it's the truth. They have no rhythm, no ballet, no splits, no jumps, & anything else a normal, GOOD dancer would do. Any reject from "Dancing with the Stars" can easily out-dance these two girls. So if you're going to say any stupid crap about anyone, don't cry when they own you & say 'mean things', & don't say crap like "You can't dance" or "you have no talent" because someone bashed your shitty show. No one is jealous of your mediocre dancers from a shitty show, & anyone who knows what good dancing & singing "untalented".

    To top this off: NO ONE CARES THAT YOU THINK WE ARE MEAN TO ROCKY & CECE. People attack these characters, because they suck & deserve it. People are harsh to their dancing because they're terrible dancers, & if Zendaya & Bella read these reviews on how bad their dancing is, then good, maybe they will accept the fact that they are shitty dancers, & will either quit or take some REAL dancing lessons, because they really need some.

    And if you are going to say anything like that, please, I have a life, & a hobby, & even taste! I listen to REAL [Disney] music, watch GOOD TV & movies, & even use my time to do other things like drawing, dancing, singing, watching movies, playing video games, & achieving my goals.
  • Gay it up disney: Spunge boobs squize the badness

    Shake it up it a profanity! Im only 13 but its dum story plots, utter crap charictaers, and oer dressed teens. t is not as bad its like disneys icarly its stupid ass, ***ed, and bad. I think kids these days who watch it have no mind like kid spungebob viewers ever since spunge bob tv went down so damn much! Im not saying all shows on thier are bad though I can name a few johney test, regular show, adventure time (kinda) good luck charlie, etc those are the only good shows running on kids tv nick has none! But yeah spungebob changed kids tv in a bad way!
  • Slut it Up

    Three years of two teenagers wearing slutty clothes and terrible dance moves has finally ended. This show's basically about girls who dress like whores and have this obsession with "dancing". Literally. It's an obsession. There's this one episode where Rocky hurts her foot on a rock and needs surgery on it, and right before her surgery she's lying in bed crying and whining about how she might not be able to dance again and how that'll ruin her life forever. And they don't even dance, all they do is move their arms and legs like a bunch of monkeys and they expect people to call that dancing. Disgrace. All the characters have shitty personalities; the main characters are bitchy and dumb bimbos, while the rest are just uninteresting and annoying.
  • Shake it up?

    I think this show isn't the worst... Like some episodes I liked but some of them I didn't like as much.. I think some of the characters are funny I like Cece and how Bella thorne acts but Zendeya I didn't like as much, but overall I guess its an okay show.. Ive seen worst.
  • SHIT thank gosh it's done

    This show is so horrendous entertaining and auto tuned I want to cry. The characters are bitches and unmemorable the set is bland as potato chips and the dancing is so bad it makes me and my friends look good ( FYI my friends and I are obviously bad dancers) but enough chatter lets get on with this bs show

    Characters: ( BOO!!)

    Rocky: a know it all bitch who only cares about her grades and could care less about her only friend CeCe She is even worse than CeCe in dancing

    CeCe: a bitchy jerk who fights with her BFF Rocky a hell lot more times than she is nice to her she's dumber than 500 Patricks and is horrible at dancing I seriously wonder what she'll do after college ( if she goes to college at least)

    Ty: useless character who needs both acting and dance lessons by the way he uses his dancing to impress girls but fails 99.9 percent of the time

    Deuce: suprisingly the only character I can tolerate I'm not saying he will win an Academy Award but at least he didn't show wasn't bitchy or jerkish

    Flynn: the character I most despise an arrogant little brat who thinks he's a ladies' man and says his recurring "joke" "I'll get it mom!" when she's not even in the house which got old after the first time

    Gunther and Tinka: no comment

    Dina: super fake Jersey accent since I am from New Jersey!! If the creators were gonna have a girl with an NJ accent the least they could do was get someone who was actually from Jersey.

    Jokes: there were none

    Dancing: my cousin could do better shake it ups dancers are pretty horrid. It looked like they were barely trying. The choreographer was probably some hobo from Brooklyn

    Laugh Track: as usual overplayed along with the rest of their shitty shows Jessie ANT Farm Dog with a Blog and Liv and Maddie Seriously when was the last time Disney didn't have a laugh track for their sitcoms

    Singing: one word: auto tune

    Overall: 0 out of 10 don't recommend to anyone unless you're a girl under ten or gay
  • These girls would not last a day in real-life Chicago. #glad this show is over

    I hate this show so much. I'm not going to lie, the jokes on Disney shows are sometimes funny but on this show they are not. Everyone on this show is always screaming and the jokes are the worst I have ever heard.

    The show is about Two teenage girls who get to be on their favorite dance show "Shake it up Chicago"


    Cecelia "Cece" Jones (the white one in the picture) is obviously the main character (Rocky is also the main character. the creators wanted them to be equals but the show takes place at Cece's house and Cece is always in the front) Cece use to be an okay character but for some reason she has become too dumb to live and I hate her a lot.

    Rockelle "Rocky" Blue. (the mixed one in the picture) I like Rocky's character sometimes but at times she can act like an annoying, does good always, type of person. and she talks a lot. and her eyes open really wide at times.

    Flynn Jones. Cece's younger brother. I HATE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH. He is mean to everyone, greedy, conceited, a total asshole to even complete strangers yet the show is obsessed with him and always have him come on top. He is usually rewarded for his bad behavior and takes credit for the things other people do. I also hate children who try to act older than they really are. It's annoying and not cute at all. He reminds me of another annoying Character that I hate named Zuri Ross from a show called "Jessie" who tries to act bigger than she is.

    Ty Blue. Rocky's older brother. He is soooo useless. He usually never appears and when he does he doesn't do anything except for make really terrible jokes. He is also a really bad actor

    Martin "Deuce" Martinez. I actually kind of like his character. He's the only one with a solid personality. He is a bit of a stereotype and His uni-brow makes watching him on the show really awkward. His girlfriend Dina also has a really terrible sounding voice.

    Gunther and Tinka. I hate them and their stupid accents. They are probably the worst antagonist on the show. Tinka wasn't in the season 1 theme song, yet she appeared in more episodes than Gunther in that season. They were also very annoying. I'm so glad they stopped doing the" Ba bye Babyeeee!" thing, It was too embarrassing to even watch.

    The show had the worst finale ever and I'm glad this train-wreak of a show danced itself to the grave.

    As soon as I first saw this show, I wanted it to be cancelled. None of them can dance AT ALL! The whole show is about 2 friends named Rocky and CeCe getting on a dance show called Shake it Up Chicago. What a stupid idea. But EVERY Disney show HAS to have singing or dancing.


    Rocky: the smarter of the two. She brags and complains about her grades and is WAY too stuck up. She seems to be the mature one out of the two so she also brags about that.

    CeCe: an idiot redhead. Disney has done that before with blondes, why do it with a redhead? She always talks about how great of a dancer she is, thst makes her even more annoying.

    Ty: Rocky's brother. Not that has compared to other characters.

    Flynn: the obnoxious younger brother who tries way too hard to be funny.

    Deuce: what kind of name is THAT? nothing to say about him.

    Dina: Deuces girlfriend. Cut it out with the fake accent.

    Gunther and Tinka: don't get me started on them. NOT FUNNY, AND STUPID ACCENT.


    You shouldn't even call them actors.

  • It all ends

    Shake It up........

    I remember when you first came out, the minute Hannah Montana was off the air for good, your little putrid ass had to rise up from its dead ashes. Hannah Montana was the downfall of all Disney Channel, and damn did you help in bringing it lower. This show basically brought in all the shitty forced "comedy" that Disney Channel is known for today. I know a lot you people thought Hannah Montana did, but this is more of the onion flavored icing on top of the rotten apple cake.

    Let's sum it up on the New Disney Channel Requirement List:

    1. Bad Actors- Yes

    2. Horribly Written Jokes- Yes

    3. An Idiot friend and a Smart Friend- Yes

    4. Divorced and/or Dead Parents- You wouldn't have a DC show without one!

    5. An Obnoxious Little Brother- Check

    6.2 Idiotic Somewhat Antagonist- Check

    7. Dancing/Music Scenario revolved around the entire fucking show- BUT OF COURSE! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HAVE A DC SHOW THAT WOULDN'T HAVE THAT?

    I mean, it's not like they have to be CREATIVE or anything, right? NAH we'll just take what worked before, mix it up with something ELSE that worked before, add an ANNOYING LAUGH TRACK ON THAT, and call it a HIT DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW.

    and Guess what? It's finally ENDING for GOOD. thank GOD.

    So Shake It Up is marked off, all that's left is Jessie, Austin and Ally, and ANT Farm


    This amazing show has helped me with my dancing skills i don't know about bad GOT TO HATE! yes i said hate
  • Finally, it is going to be cancelled!

    Everybody who hates it will like the other sitcoms, this not so good show is one of the dumbest shows in the Disney Channel universe. Please recommend the higher rated ones first! The haters think it's a lifetime, but it is not! Three years of stupidness, I would rather watch the animated series than this dumb show.

    1/10 due to the lack of likeliness, happiness, and happy faces. Known as less likes, sadness, and sad faces. Or angriness and angry faces. Not so recommended.
  • Thank god its going to end

    I heard this summer that shake it up was going to end and I thought to myself "thank god it is ending". I cant wait until November for this god awful crappy show to finally end. It'll all be over come November 10 2013.
  • The worse is OVER!!!!

    I just heard that they are canceling the show. Finally, no more of the damn, annoying kid who yells "I got it mom!' when she is not even in the room. I never liked him or anyone else on the show. Whenever the foreign twins stared dressing up in sparkling clothes and showing off their snobbish attitude, my teeth would clench. Especially that little kid. Disney channel needs to stop letting this so-called producers and writers with crappy comedy sense and thinking lil kids will be laughing or learning to this. Cause it won't.
  • Dumb!

    I mean this show was good for like the first two episodes. The jokes arent funny at all, they over dress and they think theyre soooo cool. Theyre not! Theyre not making up their own ideas anymore.... Thats just not right!
  • I cant believe it!

    Disney was great with all of their Sweet Life Of Zack And Cody and their Phil Of The Furture and their Big Movies every year were waaaaaay better then. Then they make ***ed Movies like Teen Beach Movie

    etc. They did WOWP Alex vs Alex cause they needed more people to watch them if you dont like this channel i suggest Disney XD.
  • This show?

    This show is so boring, probably once I have kids I'll use it to put them to sleep.
  • Just Please, get rid of it

    Cece-they ran out of blondes who didn't want to act like idiots, so they just made a red-head who is an idiot '<3's to dance'. No one acts THAT stupid, and the fact that she only cares about herself, along with Rocky, is a bad example.

    Rocky-A smart, stuck-up girl who thinks she's all that is selfish, just like her best friend. Or rival, if I should say.

    Ty-Not that bad of a character, probably the only one who cares Flinn and other characters and doesn't act like an idiot, which is really surprising, since he's related to Rocky.

    Deuce-The only guy who deserves a girlfriend and is hard working.

    Overall, this show was good when it started, but the characters and jokes only got more stupider. The music on this show is absolutely horrible, so I wish it would end already, because the dancing is choreographed and Rocky and Cece's character are TERRIBLE dancers.
  • Dont watch Shake It Up.

    This show is into its 3rd season?Anyway this show is an example of the bad acting,corny jokes,and the horrible talent that disney channel has made a tv show is unbearable and has an ok plot but could be made much better.