Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 1

Shrink It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 18, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Aren't they suppose to air the 1-hour episode "Shake It Up, Up & Away" as the Season 2 Premiere?


    I thought that this was a good/decent Season 2 Premiere of "Shake It Up". Stupid Disney Channel lied to us. Not that I care but I actually kinda looking forward to that "Shake It Up, Up & Away" episode as the Season 2 Premiere. I still haven't seen that episode and missed it when it premiered but if stupid Disney Channel didn't lie, I would be reviewing that episode instead of this one. Anyways, this Season 2 Premiere was decent/good but I'm angry at Disney Channel to lying to us. This episode did offer some good laughs though. I really enjoyed the Flynn/Ty ploy when Flynn gets a job to test out toys and Ty gets the job as well. The Cece/Rocky plot was pretty good but that therapist was really irritating. She did make me laugh a few times but she was annoying me for the most part and I didn't like how she is the reason that Rocky and Cece are arguing. Cece telling Rocky on why she is always bossy and it had to do with them first meeting each other when they two little girls at a ballerina class was very funny and pretty cute. Cece and Rocky making up was very nice. I didn't like that Cece and Rocky went to the wrong therapist the whole time which lowered my score a little as well. Overall, a good/decent Season 2 Premiere of "Shake It Up". 7.5/10

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