Shake It Up

Season 1 Episode 1

Start It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 2010 on Disney Channel
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CeCe Jones and her best friend Rocky Blue dream of becoming back-up dancers on the hit show "Shake It Up, Chicago." They seize their opportunity at an open casting call but Rocky has second thoughts.

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  • I really loved the pilot episode of Shake it up

    Now the pilot episode was really good. the reason it wasn't a 10 is because Gunter and Tinka were being mean to Rocky and Cece. It looks like Shake it up could go a long way. I'm now gonna expect more from this show. So this show better be good if its gonna replace Sonny with a chance. Lets hope its good. The dancing in this show was good and I'm sure kids would love this show and this episode overall 9.5/10.moreless
  • Pilot episode.

    Yes, a lot of people had their skepticism about this show. I was one of those people but all in all this was a solid premiere to Shake it Up. My only complaint is the premise. In later episodes, the show-within-a-show becomes back drop, and the show transforms in too a show about the lives of 2 very eccentric 13 year olds.

    Not saying that's a bad thing, but why set yourself up with a solid (yet not original) premise of the show-within-a-show if you're not going to follow through with it. Plus, the dancing was pretty pathetic. Was I the only one not impressed with anyone's dancing on the show?

    I'm trying to give the show a benefit of the doubt based on the family aspect of the show. A single mom taking care of 2 kids? That could bring some fantastic dynamics. The emotion is also what I'm looking for. Brushing your teeth with milk isn't on the other hand. Overall, good enough premiere.moreless
  • Good pilot of "Shake It Up"

    For a mediocre show that premiered on Disney Channel on November, this was actually a good pilot. Nothing really funny in this episode. I don't expect much from this show since I've seen the past Season 1 episodes of this show. Cece and Rocky's dancing really isn't that impressive and they look like they don't have enough personality. In one scene, Rocky and Ty were having a dance off but I have to say that Ty wins. The live audience is weird because they keep wooing at Rocky and Ty's dancing and I've seen better dancing. This show is just better off having a laugh track so they can use it to laugh at every lame and corny joke. Some bland moments in this pilot. Although, I feel like Rocky and Cece don't have the talent to be in "Shake It Up Chicago". Gunther and Tinka's introduction was okay. Overall, a good pilot but I wouldn't be surprised if this show only lasted one season. 7/10moreless

    I must admit that I was wary for the debut of "Shake It Up", as Disney Channel has slowly gone under the radar with such flaky comedies as "Good Luck Charlie" and "JONAS LA" in recent times, but "Shake it Up" proved that Disney is still on top! Back to their roots of musical buddy comedies (a format that made Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana extremely successful), "Shake It Up" delivered the most engaging, easy to watch performance for the network in years. I believe this show to be the most easy-to-become-obsessed-with childrens series currently on television, surpassing that of iCarly fandom.moreless
Caroline Sunshine

Caroline Sunshine

Tinka Hessenheffer

Recurring Role

R. Brandon Johnson

R. Brandon Johnson

Gary Wilde

Recurring Role

Anita Barone

Anita Barone

Georgia Jones

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The song that Rocky & CeCe dance to in the beginning is "Scartch" by beach girl5.

    • An ongoing theme in actor Kenton Duty's television roles is that he plays a fraternal twin. Gunther is the second time he had such a role. The first time was on "Lost" where he played thirteen year old Jacob, twin to the Boy in Black.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Rocky: Are you alright?
      Cece: No Rocky. I'm not alright. I froze out there. That was the single most embarrassing day of my life. I walk around thinking that I'm so cool. When in real life. I'm a loser.
      Rocky: That's ridiculous. I can't think of one time in my life where you ever acted like a loser.
      Cece: Really? Remember when we were at camp and I wanted to race those canoes.
      Rocky: They were very unstable.
      Cece: No. I'm very unstable. I tipped over the canoe. Cut my lip. Then my top came off.
      Rocky: Cece you were ten. No one even knew you were a girl.
      Cece: I knew.
      Rocky: Sorry.
      Cece: I'm a loser.
      Rocky: Stop it.
      Cece: Ow. Ow. Owie. That hurts.
      Rocky: Cece Jones is not a loser. Cece Jones is the girl who has the gut to do all these crazy things. And I as your bff. Get to try them too.

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