Shake It Up

Season 2 Episode 19

Whodunit Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Unknown on Disney Channel

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  • Shake it up Whodunit up

    Good Bye Slammim Sammy and Ralph! Shame on You!
  • OK it's officail Shake it Up is not as great as it was.

    OK like I said about above this show isn't great as it used to be. OK there is someone who in the Shake it Up Chicago Studios who stole center stage and he tries to murder Gary so Rockey and CeCe have to find out who did it before the next show. Meanwhile Ty has a secrect admirier. OK let me first start off saying that I don't think this could be catogorized as a mystery episode I think it could actually pass as a Halloween episode if they editied a little and if it was my score would've been higher, because this plot would have been perfect for a Halloween episode. Now this episode was poor and it lacked some humor but there were sometimes I laughed the only really good thing about this episode is that the plot was well done, but I would've raised my score if it was a Halloween episode. Now as for the subplot wasn't my favorite it was funny in the first half, but Ty's secrect admirer was a huge jerk and I hated the fact that Ty had to be her girlfriend now , because she was just moving a few blocks I think. Now the parts that made laugh was. "There's nothing to be afraid of." "That's what they say in the movies before the crazy killer shows up with a chainsaw." The scene where he thinks Tinka is his secrect admirier. I think I laughed at another part in the subplot I just forgot what it was. Now it was super predicable that it was the janitor who did it at the end. When he made his cameo apperance I thought to myself it's the janitor who does it. Overall a poor episode with a great plot but it didn't really go with the theme. 4/10. I might actually change my review for Shake it up.