Shake It Up

Season 1 Episode 9

Wild It Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 2011 on Disney Channel
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After reading she is viewed as a "goody two-shoes", Rocky decides to become a bad girl. Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn try to catch a mouse.

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  • Ugh... Why Shake it up? Rockey being a bad girl!

    OK we've all seen stuff like this before, like Fish hooks, Lizzie Mccurie, and Hannah Montana. They change at the end. But the reason is better, like the reason Rockey did it just because a review called her a goody two shoes. I would be okay if that's what someone reviewed about me, but Rockey took it WAY too far. The plot really annoyed me. And the Rock (Rockey's nickname) was so uniginal. Now the subplot was a little funny so i had to raise the score. Now I don't recommend this episode to nice people because they might get offended and change their behavoir. So keep this episode away from little kids. And I really didn't like this episode. And Rockey was annoying. Overall 2/10.moreless
  • Wild it Up!

    Okay, I think we've all seen this before. I definitely have seen the same story line on Lizzie Mcguire. It was never a good story line in the first place so why "borrow" it from different sitcoms? I have no idea.

    I never really bought the whole personality change over night, or in this case, in a day. So that's one of the reasons I couldn't enjoy this episode in it's entirety. Another reason is the incredibly dumb subplot. Catching a mouse? Really?

    I'm not going to deny that this episode had it's good moments though. The vice principal was hilarious and that whole scene in the VP's office was absolutely hysterical. Everything that CeCe says is just golden. Rocky on the other hand, not so much. Overall, a fair attempt.moreless
  • Rocky becomes the bad girl... REALLY?

    This episode made no point at all. Rocky decides to change her image after everyone starts to call her a goody-two shoes. She becomes the bad girl and names herself "The Rock" which she completely took from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Cece mentioned that "The Rock" was already taken and Rocky didn't even change it. I've never heard of Kat Deeley so I have no point of raising this grade up. Rocky being the bad girl was really annoying. Come on!!! Rocky being a bad girl... really? is this actually happening. This episode could also influence little kids to do bad things. I don't consider this show to be a family show and I don't think that this is a show that young kids would find enjoyable... I think it's more teens. First of all, I have a few friends at school that find this show enjoyable. I don't understand why. None of the jokes in this episode were funny, the plot was very bad, and Rocky just got on my nerves as a bad girl. The subplot with Deuce and Flynn trying to catch the mouse had no point and it was horrible just like the main plot. Overall, the worst "Shake It Up" episode ever. 1/10moreless

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