Shakugan No Shana

Season 1 Episode 4

Flame Haze of Illusion

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 2005 on MBS



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    • (Japanese version)
      Margery Daw: Matthae, Marce, Luca, Ioannes.

    • (Shana encounters another Flame Haze)
      Alastor: Fang of Devastation, Marchosias and Interpreter of Condolence Margery Daw. It can't be worse; they're already ready for a fight.
      Margery Daw: If you guys would just leave this city, I will send you off.
      Shana: We were here first. I will hunt Friagne.
      Marchosias: I see, so the one that was here was the perverted doll-lover.

    • (Opening)
      Yuuji: Although I will disappear one day, I remain as Yuuji Sakai right now. Although I will be forgotten one day, my power of existence remains within Ike and others. I was satisfied with that and felt everything was other. I thought I understood everything... But I understood nothing. Everything was just beginning, including my relationship with Shana.

    • Yuuji: Wh-What are you doing?
      Shana: Changing. Isn't it obvious?
      Yuuji: Ah, well... but... Some other place to...
      Alastor: What are you being uneasy about? There's nothing for you to care-
      (Yuuji is about to go into his closet)
      Shana: If you peep, I'm hitting you.
      Yuuji: I-I'd never...
      Shana: Hurry up.
      Yuuji: Don't rush me. But this is unexpected.
      Shana: What is?
      Yuuji: So you do feel embarrassed.
      (Shana throws an alarm clock at Yuuji, while Yuuji quickly closes the door.)
      Yuuji: Pajama-
      (Shana throws another thing at the door.)
      Shana: Told you not to peep!
      Yuuji: I wasn't!

    • Margery Daw: Anyway, this place sucks. What's with these tiny bottles? They're all cheap crap, too.
      Marchosias: This sure is the best hotel! I won't have to smell your boozed up breath tonight.
      (Margery throws one of the bottles at Marco.)

    • (Yuuji falls out and sees Shana half-naked. The house is than showed from outside and thrashings [to Yuuji] can be heard. Yuuji's mother, Chigusa, enters the room.)
      Chigusa: What's wrong, Yu-chan?
      Yuuji: Nothing, I was just cleaning my room.
      Chigusa: Really. Well it's late already, so stop when you can.
      Yuuji: Y-Yeah.
      (Shana is seen outside on the roof.)
      Shana: I should've hit him at least ten more times.
      Alastor: I don't understand. It's a Torch.
      Shana: That's because...
      Alastor: What's there to be embarrassed about showing your skin before rocks and trees? You usually...
      Shana: I just didn't like it for some reason!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Margery Daw: Matthae, Marce, Luca, Ioannes.

      These are the names of the Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in Latin, in the form used for direct address.

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