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  • One of my absolute favourite anime shows.

    This is a really great anime show that revolves around Sakai Yuuji. One day however Yuuji's life is shattered when he meets a strange girl called Shana. Shana is a flam haze who controls the balance of the world and deafeats Tomogara that attacks humans. Yuuji learns that he is in fact already dead and that he is merely flame - a vestige of a dead soul that will soon disappear. However Shana soon realises that Yuuji is no ordianry torch and the two of thm set out to keep the world safe.

    This is a great show, very much in the vein of Bleach or oher similar series. The main characters are compeling and the inevitable love story that develops between them is actually very exciting to watch particularly in the second season. All in all this is a great show with more than enough action to satisfy mixed with a healthy dose of drama.
  • wow

    this anime was great the absolutely normal life or yuji gets thrown for a major twist when he accidentaly runs into a fuzetsu and sees innocent people get eaten and a firey girl come in and save the day the development between "shana" and yuji is extasential i cant belive how much the additudes changed between a variaty of people and the conflicts werent just battles but also freinds dukeing it out for the one true love that they see the story was great and kept me on the edge of my seat till the end the artwork was amazing the character development was short of pristine
  • This is definetely one of the best shows out there today.

    I really like this show. This show is about Yuji Sakai, an average high school student who one day, after a battle becomes a torch, a fragment of existence that eventually dissappears. Yuji meets Shana, a flame haze that has the fire guardian, Alistor with her. After Yuji learns on what will become of him, he decides to join Shana in fighting evil. Yuji, and Shana have many exciting adventures together. The dialog in this show is excellent. The twists, and turns in the adventures will keep you hooked on the series. The love triangle between Yuji, Shana, and Kazumi will also keep you hooked on the series. I really like it when Shana says "Shut Up, Shut up, Shut up". I think that line is funny. The music in this show is good. I like the opening themes alot, and the battle music. Overall, cute, lovable characters, awesome action, and dialog, great music. I really think if you watch this show, you will really like it.
  • This is a combination of fantasy/action as well as a touch of love/romance. Very well made with excellent music where its needed, animation is good and battle scenes interesting. One of the few downsides is the inevitable naivety so common in anime.

    Edit: This review is strictly for Season 1 only because if I ever reviewed Season 2, it would be quite rude...

    This story is about a world where the "power of existence" is a very powerful form of energy, and if misued can cause negative effects in a large scale.

    In a simple explanation, there are people who misuse this power and those who fight against such characters to "maintain the balance" of the world. These fighters are called "Flame Hazes", individuals who have made a binding contract with a divine being to fight and maintain the balance. The story therefore revolves around these two parties and we get the inevitable battles.

    For a quick plot summary:

    With the scene set, it is time to actually review this thing.

    The storyline is quite complex and daunting at first, with a large amount of fantasy-land vocabulary introduced. Compounded with a bit of a shocker, this anime is hard to watch for the weak-hearted at the beginning.

    However, as the story picks up, new challenges are introduced and it successfully teaches us the complexity of this virtual anime world as the characters battle on.

    The producers however, have not forgotten character development despite all the fighting and we see a clash of feelings and values between our Yuji and Shana (our male/female leads). We see changing personalities, strained friendships, and the development of strong invisible bonds between characters.

    The battle scenes are interesting and looks great, with emotions of the characters hanging on the balance. This sometimes leads to recklessness and naivety (unrealistic decision making) so common in anime, but what can I say as this program is aimed at 14 year olds.

    The depth of the story becomes suffocating at times but there are comic relief moments with elements of school life, love triangles and classmates unforgotten. Such scenes are a good break between the fighting and softens the tension in the story when needed.

    All in all a complicated but good plot, excellent character development and relationships with appropriate humour and comic relief now and then, making this a serious but fun programme to watch.

    The voice acting is good, as one can expect from any anime. Nothing more to say really, except I can recall one scene where the screaming from the female lead sounded a bit fake.

    The music - the opening theme is nice, albeit a copy of the style of Ayumi Hamasaki. However, I like it.

    What is more amazing is how the ending theme "fades in" at the end. The song starts playing quietly before the end of the "tape". The quiet introduction, which sounds like a funeral solo in Latin with a transition to full blast music can send shivers up one's spine, especially when the episode ends at a crucial moment.

    Music in the programme itself is good on the whole. The battle and dark music are amazing on the one side while the lighter music feels around average.

    On the whole, great music and gotta love the strings in the battle theme!

    The quality of animation is good without obvious stutters. Scenery is well-drawn and the colours used are pleasant and appropriate. The spells cast are depicted smoothly and vividly which adds to the excitement of battle. The only complaint being the eyes are over-done in size sometimes.

    I personally loved this program and on the scale where 9.2 is "average", I would give this a 9.5 as I found it highly entertaining, the characters interesting and the friendship the male/female leads develop at the end especially touching.

    On a "British University" scale, I'd give this a 6.8/10. Anything over 7/10 (1st class honours) is extremely hard to achieve and is reserved for the rare seriously outstanding program. Using this scale, anything above 6/10 is seriously worth watching!

    On a final note, I watched this in original Japanese since I understand it - therefore I have not watched the dub.
  • Best orginal story line!

    I love the story of Shakugan No Shana because it's very orginal and unpredictable. I've watched a few animes but this anime has the best story, the best fight scenes and it hardly ever goes off plot, drags on and bores you. I'm also a big supporter of Shana and Yuji, they make a mint couple! Another thing I admire about this show is the character Shana, most girls in animes now are just weak, annoying and useless but Shana is strong and can stand up for herself. I'm sick of the girls always being saved. Shana is one of the best things about this show, and she is really cool with her sword. This show is a definitely must see!
  • This is a detailed analysis of the first episode. 9 paragraphs, 1294 words.

    It's true I've only watched...and read...10-15 anime/manga series, but I trust I have a good enough judgment. My friend sent me the first episode of Shakkugan no Shana and asked me whether or not the anime club at school should watch it. And the short answer was: yes. Here's the long one:

    Shakkugan no Shana (still can't remember that name) is unique in many ways although it still reminds me of Bleach and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. My first impression was that the anime had an air of formality, just as Negima did. No, it's not the fact that they're in school or the fact that they all wear uniforms; it's the voice and picture style. Unlike those of other anime series, Shakkugan no Shana uses quite a bit of straight lines (you won't actually find too many if you search; this is just an impression). Images are not surrounded by black outlines (generally when you draw something, you draw the outline and then you color it in; in some anime, the outline doesn't exist and only the colors do). Colors are sharp and clear, but still a little bland; the world could have been a little brighter. The everyday city experience was portrayed seemed particularly mundane (which they were supposed to, but it kinda made the scenery a little less attractive.

    Facial features are not too well defined. I like the fact that there's stuff inside the characters' eyes but I don't actually like the long eyes. I prefer wide, sharp ones. Round eyes generally portray innocence and sharp ones experience. A sharp face represents personality and a round one represents a lack (again, generally). Therefore, we can determine just from looking at a person what he/she is likely to represent. In the first episode, we meet 6 characters, 3 of whom we still have little knowledge of yet. The 3 we are introduced to are Sakai, Ike and Hirai. Sakai, the narrator, gave a little too much away in the beginning. I believe foreshadows are supposed to be subtle and not blatant. He pretty much told us what was about to happen before it happened. We know already that Sakai is naturally a good guy. He attempted to protect the girl in the time freeze, who repaid him by reaching inside him. We still don't know what she was doing, but that tells us she's a heartless person. As naive as Sakai is compared to Shana, or whoever the master is, Sakai's voice doesn't portray that he's an idiot. Although his maturity level is approximately about his age, I believe this guy will be able to keep things under control and not go insane. Perhaps a more logical person who have reacted calmly to the incident in the street, but we can't blame Sakai for reacting and continuously asking questions. There is the factor of fear which may cause one to react emotionally. After the event, however, I would have been more respectful when approaching Hirai. (I was just told that Hirai and Shana are two different entities; I don't quite understand that yet, so this may get interesting).

    In school we get to know Ike, who appears to be quite intelligent. His speech reveals his intellectual, calm, considerate nature. Like the rest of Asian parents in Asia, his own sent him to cram school, which I am opposed to. Cram school was made for students to relearn what they have already learned. Even the intelligent are forced to go. I believe that one could spend time more productively by taking enrichment courses instead. Thus far, Ike plays a minor role. Perhaps he will turn into a confidant for Sakai as many anime heroes have.

    Hirai remains completely unexplained throughout the episode. This definitely sparks people's interest, but doesn't bring the character to life. For all we know, the girl could be rather sweet, yet could be a little selfish. Since Hirai and Shana are two separate entities, there is a striking resemblance between the two. Hirai did pick up...whatever it was she picked up for Sakai in class, which was nice of her. In fact, she remains very helpful until after the time seal incident, after which she refers to Sakai as an "it" to be used. Although it is true (for all we know) that he may not be alive, there is that conflict of whether or not an animated non-living object should be treated as if alive. In Chobits, the solution was yes. I personally feel that something able to think and feel emotions is alive enough and should be treated with respect. Perhaps this conflict will be expanded upon in later episodes.

    Altogether, the characters weren't developed too well. They clearly have individual personalities, but we don't know them as close friends yet. Perhaps they could have done a better job showing us at least the protagonist. However, it is true that it is important to develop an interest to follow the plot, which they did very well.

    There are, of course, similarities between Shakkugan no Shana and Bleach. I remember how there were creatures, whatever you called them that attacked and the person's memories would be deleted the next day. It was similar how time froze, a creature attacked and Shana just fixed it up and no one noticed anything happening. I relate the torches of the dead to the spirits of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. However, the torches are actually copies of dead people. The spirits are people still alive, but bodiless who can be turned back into humans if the twilight is removed.

    So, altogether this is quite interesting, although somewhat implausable. I liked the suspense; I liked the plot development and I liked the twist at the end of the first episode. However, I was definitely not hooked, as I was with Chobits. I actually still wonder why most of you didn't like Chobits. Some people reason that there was no fighting. However, Chobits, the manga, had a very good first line. Shakkugan no Shana introduced us with an image of what's about to happen and not a general statement that we real human beings living on Earth in the 21st century can relate to. Chobits seemed alive. Shakkugan no Shana seemed like one of those fantasy action stories that are interesting, yet such that I can't really buy into yet. I could, of course, be wrong; Negima wasn't very interesting until the 5th or 6th book, after which, it had very significant themes and morals. However, Shakkugan no Shana is one of the things, for now, that I will be like "alright, I'll watch it" to see what happens because it's got some good plot development although a lack of realism. By realism, this time I don't mean that the story can't happen, but rather that the characters seem controlled and mechanical rather than living. It's amazing how Chi, a persocom, was so alive.

    Because I've only watched one episode, I may have a biased view based only on what the first episode wished to present, which is sometimes not totally true, which sets up for plot twists later. Because there are many in anime club who enjoy the relationship between fantasy and a realistic world not knowing of what's going on behind the scenes, perhaps this would be a good choice. I do not know how deep this anime series may become, so I do not ultimately know whether I would enjoy it in the end and look back at it from time to time as I do with Chobits. Action serves to present a theme, not merely to introduce the viewer to unrealistic events. We may see what we can learn from Shakkugan no Shana should we watch it.
  • No spoilers

    Shakugan no Shana is the best anime of its genre. The reason why other anime like Naruto start off strong but then fall down a cliff is that either the plot hangs itself or the character developments end. Shana, on the other hand, is able to introduce new material each episode without straying from the central story, and its dual plot (one with Shana the Flame Haze and one with Shana the high school student) allows more much deeper character development. Tired of badly drawn anime? The art is beautiful in Shakugan no Shana. Shana's transformation from normal to flame haze mode is a must see. In addition, Shana looks cute when she eats melon bread (her favorite food), but she looks damn sexy when she fights.
  • A Flame Haze, a treasure and a future that neither of them could have ever dreamed of.

    Unbelievable show! I am still blown away by the magic and the vibrant world that has been created for our two main characters. This story will make you think twice about the world we live in; who is real, who is not, and how many people we have lost. If this wasn't enough a love triangle is thrown into the mix, just to shake things up. Who will our man choose will it be the girl next door or the girl that came out of nowhere? You will have to find the answer to this question by watching, sorry. Time and again you will be taken be surprise by what small sayings truly connect us to one another and how our actions affect each other. These are the most important of everything since most of us have been in these types of situations. The creators did a spectacular job in finding ways to make us care for these characters. Please pick this up if you enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist you will enjoy this!
  • Shakugan no Shana (lit. Shana of the Blazing Eyes), centering around Yuji Sakai, an ordinary Japanese high school boy who inadvertently becomes involved in a perpetual war between forces of balance and imbalance in existence.

    Yuji Sakai, a high school student, expected his very normal life to last forever. However, this expectation is quickly shattered one day while on his way home. The world suddenly freezes in time, leaving Yuji to watch in horror as blue flames engulf the people around him. Soon a monster resembling a large doll appears and begins sucking the flames into its mouth, until it notices Yuji. Surprised with Yuji's insusceptibility to the time-stop, it jumps with glee. Just as the monster prepares to consume Yuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair that burns like embers appears, swiftly and confidently destroys the monster, before noticing Yuji moving freely. The girl calls herself a "Flame Haze" who hunts the "Denizens of the Crimson Realm" and the "Rinne" they send to do their bidding. When Yuji notices a blue flame in his chest, the Flame Haze tells him that the "real" Yuji died some time ago, and that he is a "Torch", a temporary replacement for erased humans. Torches take on the forms of those erased persons, but after a period of time, they will vanish from existence and the memories of the living. Unfazed by his apparent death, Yuji befriends the strange girl and names her "Shana" after her sword. Expecting Yuji to slowly fade away like all other Torches do, Shana is surprised to find that Yuji is not a normal Torch, but instead a special kind called a "Mystes": he has a treasure inside him, known as a "Hougu", a device possessing special abilities of sorts, and an extremely powerful and valuable one at that. Shana resolves to protect Yuji from the Denizens, who would use the treasure to disrupt the balance of the world, and Yuji decides to join Shana in her fight. Shana's fight is actually a long-standing struggle between the Lords and Denizens of the Crimson Realm. The Denizens steal Power of Existence, the energy that forms the basis of the world, from living people and utilize it for their own selfish ambitions. Lords are the mortal enemies of Denizens, and utilize Flame Hazes to attempt to retain balance. Thus, the Flame Hazes create Torches in the image of the dead in order to relieve the strain on reality resulting from the actions of the Denizens. During their time together both Shana and Yuji begin to realize that their affection for each other is more then just friends. During Shana's numerous battles with the Flame Haze she has come to realize that whenever Yuji is close and cares about her, her powers increase, thus awakening the Flame inside her.
  • Sakai Yuji was a normal student, but one day his normal life was gone. He was assaulted by a monster, Guze no Tomogara.It was a monster which came from another world, and was able to turn humans into light for him to eat. It was a young girl who saced him

    He had thought his normal days would last forever, until they were ended abruptly by an encounter with a girl with red hair and eyes. He named her Shana.

    Not long after he enters high school, Sakai Yuji’s normal days come to an end. He sees something bizarre on his way home: people are frozen in a strange fire, and a monster that looks like a large doll is attacking them. Just when he's about to be killed, a girl in a dark cloak wielding a large sword appears, and slices the monster in half. Although Yuji survives the strange encounter, the girl informs him of a desolate truth: "You don’t 'exist' anymore."

    She calls herself a Flame Haze who hunts “Kuze no Tomogara”; intruders from another world. She explains to him that he is a "Torch”, a substitute of Yuji whose “existence” has already been devoured. She also told him that he is a special Torch, “Mystis”, which contains a precious item in it. When he looks at his chest, he sees within himself a faint flame, just as she said.

    It is in this way that his eternal struggle alongside the girl begins.

    wonderful show!
  • upps!

    this is my favorite, it is the best anime i ever watched and have watch aboute 50 anime.

    Yuji Sakai, a high school student, expected his very normal life to last forever. However, this expectation is quickly shattered one day while on his way home.

    The world suddenly freezes in time, leaving Yuji to watch in horror as blue flames engulf the people around him. Soon a monster resembling a large doll appears and begins sucking the flames into its mouth, until it notices Yuji. Surprised with Yuji's insusceptibility to the time-stop, it jumps with glee.

    Just as the monster prepares to consume Yuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair that burns like embers appears.......