Shakugan No Shana - Season 2

MBS (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • 3/27/08
    Shana and Wilhelmina are finding it hard to win against Hecate and Sydonay. Finally figure out the two will not attack the giant object Yuuji is in, Shana and Wilhelmina start to make a come back. Meanwhile, Yuuji is steadily making his way to the suite of armor. Can he get there before his existence is absorbed?moreless
  • Quickening Peril
    Episode 23
    Now holding the Reiji Maigo, Hecate takes it to the suite of armor that is in a nearby tower. Elsewhere Shana and the others gather outside the barrier set up by Bel Masque. After creating a fuzetsu, they begin to search for a way inside. After finally finding one, the group enters the barrier only to be attacked by Sydonay.moreless
  • Christmas Eve
    Episode 22
    With Sabrac defeated, things have returned to normal. While Yuuji finds out he is going to be an older, Shana and Kazumi decide they need to end things on Christmas Eve. Deciding to write love letters to Yuuji, Shana and Kazumi will have Yuuji choose by meeting one of them at a desegnated spot. What they aren't expecting is the arrival of Hecate.moreless
  • United Force
    Episode 21
    The battle reaches its climax as the Destructive Blade, Sabrac seems unbeatable no matter what Wilhelmina throws at him. Also with his notorious unrestricted spell proving its affect, things are looking grim. However when Yuuji rendezvous with Shana, Yoshida and Margery; he's able to figure out the secret behind Sabrac and comes up with a plan that may turn the tables on this prolong battle.moreless
  • 2/29/08
    Following the successful counterattack from Yuuji, Shana and Wilhelmina, the Destructive Blade, Sabrac emerges from the explosion. Sabrac's initial has proven lethal to Wilhelmina, Shana and Margery who were caught up in it. But still Wilhelmina continues to battle this indestructible monster, whilst protecting Yuuji from his evil clutches.
  • 2/22/08
    Yuuji is approached by a Guze no Tomogara named Zarovee, who wants Yuuji to come with them and if he chooses not to comply then danger awaits Misaki City. So Yuuji goes with them but on the way there he notices Eita out on a date with Ogata and Yuuji tries to get his help, through unorthodox methods. However with all that has happened lately Eita is reluctant to get involved. Yuuji shows how far he has developed.moreless
  • Baffled Yuuji
    Episode 18
    A group of Tomogara arrive in Misaki City, in search of the Mystes Reiji Maigo. Meanwhile Yuuji continues his intense training, by learning how to manipulate his power of existence even further, with the help of Margery Daw. They notice a major change in Yuuji's attitude, as he can only think of training and distancing himself from his loved ones. Later on, Yuuji's Mom, Chigusa gets ill.moreless
  • 2/7/08
    Under the cover of darkness Sydonay deals a deadly blow against "Outlaw", the organisation that supports Flame Haze. Meanwhile Wilhelmina is having trouble with the messed up information she's received. At school Hayato Ike and Matake Ogata talk about how their friends have changed since the Seishuu Festival and they are not far from the truth. Keisaku and Eita search for the path they wish to follow.moreless
  • Everlasting Love
    Episode 16
    The Seishuu Festival has ended and regular school days have begun however it seems that almost everyone has forgotten Konoe. Although not known everyone else, before Pheles left, she gave Yoshida a troublesome Hougu. With so much happening to Yuuji lately he feels that he also needs to prepare for the upcoming battles, so he asks for Blutsauger.moreless
  • Awakening
    Episode 15
    Pheles shows her true colours as she again tries to draw her lover and the Reiji Maigo out of Yuuji however something further unexpected happens. A silver-armoured-arm appears from within Yuuji and spears Pheles. Whilst Shana and Margery are trying regain control over the situation, things become more hectic, with the arrival of Hectate and Konoe.moreless
  • Eternal Lovers
    Episode 14
    Everyone has gathered at Satou's place, to try and find out something about the mysteries of the Reiji Maigo but they are still waiting for Shana. Shana wants Kazumi to be a part of it, so she takes her to the gathering. As a request, Kazumi invites Pheles to the last day of the Seishuu Festival, so that she will understand how important Yuuji is to her.moreless
  • 1/11/08
    The Seishuu Festival has been interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Pheles and she has her eyes set on Yuuji. In the midst of all the chaos Yuuji cast a Fuzetsu however this further complicates the situation, as Margery goes beserk after seeing the Silver Flame. Will Shana and Wilhemina be able to quell the havoc?moreless
  • 12/21/07
    The Seishuu Festival begins and everyone is enjoying the fruits of their labour. Wilhelmina now investigating into the matter of Yuuji and the Silver flame but there is one thing she must first take care of and that is to tell Margery. Manwhile something or someone seems to be approaching.
  • 12/14/07
    Everyone in school is busy preparing for the Seishuu Festival and Yuuji is under more pressure as he has other things than being Romeo for the parade to worry about. Wilhelmina finally returns but it is with some shocking news for Yuuji, about the “Beautiful Whim Pheles”.
  • 12/6/07
    Yuuji has discovered, in the midst of training that his powers bares a striking resemblance to the same guy that Margery is after, so from this moment he is forbidden from using his power. The next day at school, the class is planning for the up and coming Seishuu Festival, where they are going for a “The Wizard of OZ” and “Romeo and Juliet” theme . Meanwhile there’s a strange man lurking around Yuuji’s house.moreless
  • 11/30/07
    The narrative of Margery’s past continues. It is 20th century New York and a Guze no Tomogara has begun to make its move, in the Empire State building. Margery arrives on the scene but she experiences some difficulties while fighting 2 opponents. Will Yuri listen to Margery and stay out or will he join the fight?moreless
  • 11/22/07
    Yuuji continues his intense training with Shana and Wilhelmina and after witnessing this, Keisaku wants to be become stronger as well. So he asks Margery Daw to train him but she is reluctant because she fears that the same thing, which happened in her past, will happen again.
  • 11/16/07
    After some excessive preparations, Ike has arranged for everyone spend a day at the amusement park, which is mostly for Konoe’s benefit. If all goes well, he could ride the Ferris wheel with Yoshida but things never seem to go according to plan.
  • Eve of Trouble
    Episode 6
    Tests are coming up so Ogata comes up with the idea that everyone should gather together for an overnight cram session. This includes; Ike, Satou, Tanaka, Yuuji, Shana, Yoshida and Konoe.
  • Family Dining
    Episode 5
    Yuuji continues his intensive training with Wilhelmina and little by little he is beginning to learn how to control his vast amount of Power of Existence. Meanwhile in school Yuuji continues to neglect Shana and Yoshida and even his friend Ike has noticed. Wilhelmina decides to learn how to cook from Yuuji’s mom, in order to cheer Shana up.moreless
  • The Dismayed Girls
    Episode 4
    Konoe doesn't seem to want to leave Yuji's side. When the transfer student starts getting more and more of Yuji's attention, the other girls can't help but feel snubbed.
  • Worried Girls
    Episode 4
    Shana’s suspicions of the new transfer student, Konoe being a Tomogara have gone however there is a new thing to worry about now. Yuuji seems to be getting very close to Konoe, which is making Shana and Yoshida feel very worried. The girls are beginning to feel a new emotion, jealousy.moreless
  • 10/18/07
    If things weren’t strange enough with all the dream incidents, a new transfer student arrives in Yuuji’s class but she looks a lot like the Master Throne Hecate. Shana grows very suspicious about Konoe and she cannot accept that Konoe is a normal human, so she uses different methods to find out the truth.moreless
  • 10/11/07
    After seeing Yuuji enjoy Yoshida’s bento, Shana decides to learn how to cook from Yuuji’s mom, while Yuuji is off training with Wilhelmina. Meanwhile the Bal Masqué seem to be making preparations for something new, when all of a sudden another déjà vu incident occurs and this time more people are caught in it.moreless
  • 10/4/07
    It’s the beginning of the second semester and Yuuji is reflecting on all what has happened and the changes that people made in that time. However Yuuji begins to notice something strange, it feels as if time is repeating itself, like some kind of weird dream and only he seems aware of it.moreless
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