Shakugan No Shana

Season 1 Episode 1

The End of Everything, the One Beginning

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2005 on MBS



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  • Quotes

    • Yuuji: What was that all about? Where did that boy go? And inside Hirai-san and others there are-
      Shana: (grabs Yuuji's hand) Shut up already. Alastor, should we dispose of this?
      Alastor: No, we mustn't open Mistes carelessly. Have you forgotten the chaos from Tenmoku Ikko's case?
      Shana: I know, but this one is so noisy.
      Alastor: Just tell it the truth. Then it should quiet down, too.

    • Yuuji: (Monologuing) I still ask myself... what would have happened if I had gone straight home? Would my destiny have been the same, even if I were someplace else? But either way, I was walking toward it without noticing... To the point a few meters away from where the world would become dislocated.

    • Yuuji: On that ordinary day, I found out that I was dead.

    • Yuuji: Stop talking to me as an "it" and a "this", like an object or something.
      Shana: That's right, you're not a human! You're an object. You're not the only one. All of those with light in them are the same. They're replacements for the humans that got their power of existance eaten by Guze no Tomogara. They're Torches.
      Yuuji: Replacements? What are you saying?
      Shana: If an existance disappears all of a sudden, the world's balance collapses, right? That's why we place a replacement as a shock absorber. Just temporarily.
      Yuuji: So in other words...
      Shana: That's right. The "real" you's existance was eaten a long time ago and has disappeared. The you right now is only the remainder.
      Yuuji: I'm... already...

    • Shana: Augh, shut up, shut up, shut up! Stop crying about being cut now!

    • Alastor: Infinite time stopped beating its heart, and humans burnt away without making any noise. Not one person notices as the world becomes dislocated and is covered in the flames of Guze.

  • Notes

    • Japanese Title:
      Subete no owari, hitotsu no hajimari

      Geneon English Title:
      The End to Everything, the One Beginning

    • Opening Theme: "Hishoku no Sora" by Mami Kawada.
      Ending Theme: "Yowake Umare Kuru Shoujo" by Yoko Takahashi.

    • Characters introduced: Sakai Yuuji, Ike Hayato, The Flame Haze of the Holy Flames (Shana), Alastor, Yukari Hirai, Eita Tanaka, Keisaku Satou, Marian

  • Allusions

    • HNV - Spoof
      Yuuji walked into a store called "HNV". This is a spoof on the music and entertainment retail company, "HMV" and even has a similar logo.