Shalom in the Home

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  • How do you submit a family that needs Rabbi Schmuley help?

    My sister's family is falling apart. Her husband left her years ago with a 2 yr old and 1 yr old. She has since remarried and has had another child. The children are now 3, 10 & 12. The 3 yr old is in to everything and they seem to have no control, the 10 year old has been banned by most of his friends parents from playing with their children and can't seem to make good choices and the 12 year old girl is 12 going on 16 and becoming very sassy and can't understand why she can't have every beauty product or new clothes Her husband is very moody and gets angry very easily. I think my sis is headed for a nervous breakdown. Their household is unbelievably caotic. Please help.
  • I don't really care for the show but here's why!!!

    The first time I saw the Rabbi on TV, he was giving advice on Oprah's show to different families specifically about their children, and I loved him in that setting, therefore I was very excited to see his show, but we only had antenna @ the time so I had to wait in order to see him. I was really anticipated watching the show for the first time, and I was sure it was going to be good since I love him when he's on Oprah. After watching one episode, I decided to not watch the show again unfortunately. I still love the advice he gives, but the setting doesn't seem appropriate, first of all, for the type of person he is. Something is very off about the show. I still enjoy the advice he gives, and the majority of the time I'm in agreement with him although I'm not Jewish, but something needs to change. It might be better that he does something like a Dr. Phil's house thing or have his own talk show which I would probably watch rather than what they have now. The current show reminds me kinda of Trading Spouses/Wife Swap type of thing, and I just don't see the Rabbi in that type of setting. And then sometimes his attitude gets overly excited which is okay, I guess if that's just your personality, but I'm not that type of person, even when I'm at my happiest, so that kinda turns me off, but I think if they change a few things here and there, I would be willing to watch the show. I still enjoy seeing him on Oprah.
  • Rabbi Shmuley Boteach tries to mend the fences for troubled families.

    Every week Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who has authored several books on love and relationships, visits a different family and tries to help soothe the anger, arguments and other issues causing disharmony.

    The subjects are common, from infidelity and money trouble to disruptive kids, but Boteach is somehow able to get the people to gradually cool down and talk things out. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

    Boteach does his work without removing people from their everyday environments. I had thought this format would be unproductive for a worthwhile discussion of the problems at hand, but luckily that wasn't borne out. His comments are brisk and insightful, and you get to hear from each person in the family.

    The series was very different from what I've seen before. It isn't really a talk show or pop is honest but positive, and may very well continue to get better.
  • I am not Jewish but this man makes me want to learn the Torah.

    When I first saw this show I thought he was only going to speak with Jewish families. It's nice to see him talk to all families. I myself am not Jewish, matter of fact I am muslim, but I would welcome him in my home anytime. He has really good advice and I wish some of these people with there spoiled brats would listen to him. After all he has 8 kids of his own. (God love his wife) I hope more people will take the time to see this show before it gets axed. If you do watch the show please tell me if you notice one strange thing that I noticed. This Rabbi loves to hug the wives! He is very touchy feely. I am not saying this is bad, please don't misunderstand me. It's just very strange.