Shaman King (Edited)

FOX (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Shape of Love
      The Shape of Love
      Episode 42
      A recap of the entire series.
    • The Form That Friendship Takes Fight
      A recap of most of the first part of season 2.
    • The Documents of the Shaman Fight
      A recap of the first season of the show. This aired around the first 26 episodes.
    • Long Live the King
      Long Live the King
      Episode 39
      Yoh continues to fight Zeke and it looks as if Zeke will defeat Yoh. The tide turns when everyone gives Yoh their strength and he and Amidamaru merge to create an Oversoul strong enough to take on Zeke. Will Zeke finally be defeated? Or will it all be for naught?
    • The King Is Dead
      The King Is Dead
      Episode 38
      Yoh's friends are battling Zeke for Yoh. Meanwhile Amidamaru is calling for Yoh to come back. After hearing his friends fighting for him and Amidamaru calling him, he escapes from Zeke and then he battles Zeke with his friends! But something unexpected happens and now the entire world is in trouble, can Yoh stop Zeke before it's too late?!moreless
    • Rage and Furyoku
      Rage and Furyoku
      Episode 37
      Yoh's friends watch as they all see yoh's spirit getting sucked in by Zeke. Seeing that, yoh's friends become enraged and they fight Zeke but they aren't fighting him the right way. Morty reminds Anna and the others that showing your rage isn't the right way to beat Zeke by making "unity" with Mosuke. Anna and the others remember that Morty is right and then they take down Zeke's Shikigamis but their greatest fight is yet to come. With the power of the 1080 beads useless now, how will they beat Zeke?moreless
    • Yoh and Goodbye
      Yoh and Goodbye
      Episode 36
      Yoh battles Zeke at the Circle of totems to stop Zeke before he captured the King of Spirits. Meanwhile, Yoh's friends have to battle the tanolon birds to get to Zeke. They manage to suceed but, not before Zeke swallows Yoh's spirit. With Yoh gone, how will they stop Zeke?!
    • Unity
      Episode 35
      Len is injured really badly and Faust and the others must save him, but with Zeke's followers attacking them, it's not going to be easy... While Yoh goes ahead to find Zeke, Calam and Silva are left to take care of Nickrom and Zinc. Everybody manages to beat Zeke's followers but their greatest test is yet to come!moreless
    • The Forbidden Forest-Part 2
      Beams of light fall from the sky, bringing the Shamans into the King of Spirits' inner Sanctum. The groups are seperated upon arrival, causing Morty to meet up with Zeke. Meanwhile, Silva and Callum prepare to face Nikkrom and Zinc again, and the rest of Yoh's group face Zeke's followers, who have been given major power increases. During battle, Len is mortally wounded.moreless
    • The Forbidden Forest-Part 1
      Yoh and Lenny fight and Len learns that having a bigger spirit form doesn't necessarily make you stronger. Yoh's group is gradually split up by various attacks from Zeke's followers. Zeke has his final fight with the X - Laws and kills them all accept Marco and Jean. Lyserg saves the spirits of the fallen X- Laws and their guardian ghosts by merging them with Chloe who is transformed into an arch - spirit. The ground starts to shake and deep voice commands that all must leave or be destroyed. Zeke laughs claiming that the king of spirit's has fallen into his trap.moreless
    • Secret Path
      Secret Path
      Episode 32
      Zinc and Nickrom betray the shaman council and deliver a file that tells of a secret path to the King of Spirits. Lyserg is thrown out of the X - Laws. Zeke attacks the shaman council and defeats Mikihisa who challenges him. Len decides that Yoh has learnt some thing he hasn't which makes him more powerful. The episode ends with Lan challenging Yoh as they are making their way to stop Zeke.

    • The Door of Babylon
      Jean manages to open the gate of babylon and everyone is sucked inside. The only ones who can survive inside are Zeek and Yoh. Zeek breaks the seal and everyone is released. The episode ends with the spirit of fire devouring Mosh, Jean's spirit and the guardian of the babylon gate whilst Zeek laughs saying that he is unstoppablemoreless
    • Bait And Switch
      Bait And Switch
      Episode 30
      Lyserg captures Morty to lure Yoh to the gate of babilon, as the X-Laws believe Zeek will come to save Yoh.

      Jean comes out of the Iron Madien to trap Yoh who is getting away.

      Out of the iron madien Jean is vunerable and ends up being captured by the spirit of fire. Zeek burns hermoreless

    • X-Caliber
      Episode 29
      The X-Laws face their ultimate challenge yet, Team Star. The X-Laws want to destroy Zeke more than anything in the tournament. If they fail now - they believe the world will end and all will bow down to Zeke.
    • Double Jeopardy
      Double Jeopardy
      Episode 28
      Lily Five must fight Team Star (Zeke's team) in the next match of the tournament. The Lily Five are scared and it's up to Yoh to find out a way to stop the match. Meanwhile, Team Len is still searching for the kernel of rice.
    • The Way of the Rice
      Team Len are on a search to find a tiny piece of rice which will lead them to success in the Shaman Tournament.
    • Spirit Busters
      Spirit Busters
      Episode 26
      A Spirit Sealer named Fudo comes to seal away all evil spirits. Chaos confronts the Shamans when mistakes are made by Fudo.
    • Hearts of Darkness
      Hearts of Darkness
      Episode 25
      Team Len are faced with a pre-empted strike from their future opponent Team Dira Doe. Who's leader Muri uses a spell to reveal the darkness in your heart, or in other words the feelings you do no want to admit, and in the end it is up to Chocolove to save the day!moreless
    • Gladiators
      Episode 24
      Faust VIII catches a young women's eye, when she suddenly faints. Faust VIII learns that the women is a Shaman.
    • The Prophecy
      The Prophecy
      Episode 23
      Trey and Pilika soon figure out that a prophecy another Shaman team is preaching on about is about Trey.
    • Sand Storm
      Sand Storm
      Episode 22
      Rio finally meets a girl that will talk to him, and has hopes that this is the one that will be his Shaman Queen but Rio's hopes are shattered because it turns out this girl has a fiancee.
    • Family Feud
      Family Feud
      Episode 21
      Lenny's cousin and her siblings come to challenge Len for the position of head of the family, which is Len's current role, but before this is revealed Jun and her Guardian suspect they are being followed.
    • Doby Village or Bust
      The Shamans will be disqualified from the Shaman Tournament if they do not reach Doby Village by tommorow. Time will tell the fate of our heroes.
    • The Ice Team Cometh
      Three Shamans challenge Yoh's team, a three-on-three match is determined. Faust and Rio decide to fight with Yoh to take on those chilly Shamans.
    • Lyserg Lost
      Lyserg Lost
      Episode 18
      The X-Laws arrive when the Egyptian Shamans come and interfere with Iron Maiden's talk with Yoh.
    • The Double Medium
      The Double Medium
      Episode 17
      Yoh's father explains to Yoh that Zeke reincarnated himself into his original bloodline, making him even more powerful in the process. Yoh and the gang than start training and heading torward Doby Village.
    • Perfect Possesion
      Perfect Possesion
      Episode 16
      Zeke and Opacho are angry about Yoh's new powers. Zeke sends off the gothic girls to take care of him.
    • A Touch Of Evil
      A Touch Of Evil
      Episode 15
      Anna tells Yoh he must read the book from when Zeke was a uncorrupted Shaman.
    • Goth Assault
      Goth Assault
      Episode 14
      As Yoh's Shaman team is still strolling off to Doby Village, followers of Zeke stop them in their tracks.
    • Five Great Chiefs
      Five Great Chiefs
      Episode 13
      After Anna inviting Faust into Yoh's Shaman team, Yoh and the gang must find the Five Great Chiefs in order to get to Doby Village.
    • Punch Line
      Punch Line
      Episode 12
      After losing Lyserg to the X-Laws - the Shamans meet a new friend named, Choco and his Spirit, Mick.
    • Winged Destroyers
      Winged Destroyers
      Episode 11
      Before Lyserg is bitten by the vampire, Boris - Lyserg tells Yoh that if he is bitten to destroy him.
    • Vampire Ambush
      Vampire Ambush
      Episode 10
      The Shamans head to a theater to watch a movie when suddenly Rio is bitten by a vampire-like Shaman.
    • The Great Western Spa
      Yoh and the boys notice a geyser ahead and Yoh is ready to relax in the hot springs that must be nearby.
    • Zeke Attack
      Zeke Attack
      Episode 8
      Zeke sends Basil, a Shaman to destroy Yoh's friends but to leave Yoh for him.
    • A Very Trey Day
      A Very Trey Day
      Episode 7
      When Yoh and his gang were stranded in desert, Trey searched for food in a forest guarded by Alan and his bear spirit. Alan's overzealous effort of protecting the forest caused the forest to ignite. Trey destroyed part of the forest to save the remaining trees. As a gift from nature, Trey returned with a piece of meat. In return, the gang planted trees.moreless
    • Ghost Town
      Ghost Town
      Episode 6
      The guys get stranded in the middle of no where they head off to a local town called, "Hocuspoc".
    • Oracle Bell Down
      Oracle Bell Down
      Episode 5
      Millie's Oracle Bell is stolen by a Shaman named Chrysler. Yoh and the gang decides to help Millie get her Oracle Bell back.
    • The Nature Of Nature
      Rio tells his story of becoming a Shaman to Yoh and the gang. Rio passed his test by training with Yoh's father, Mikihisa.
    • Lost Boy Found
      Lost Boy Found
      Episode 3
      After a small riot between Lyserg and Len - the two Shaman fight as two Shaman sent by Zeke approach them.
    • The Dowser
      The Dowser
      Episode 2
      Yoh comes across a young Dowser named Lyserg and his Spirit, Chloe. Lyserg's parents were killed by Zeke Asakura and he wants revenge.
    • The Second Round Begins
      The Shamans get off Len's private jet in America and the Lily Five meet up with them.
  • Season 1