Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 5

Oracle Bell Down

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 16, 2004 on FOX
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Oracle Bell Down
Millie's Oracle Bell is stolen by a Shaman named Chrysler. Yoh and the gang decides to help Millie get her Oracle Bell back.

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  • Even though it's filler, it's all right.

    Yoh and the crew get lost in America. Lyzerg blames himself for his subpar skills, but they all predictably comfort him. In a rare case, Ren unintentionally cracks jokes. Meanwhile, conflicts arise within the girl group, where Milly is fed up with their poor financial situation. She decides to leave, and a shaman named Chrysler, who didn't pass the first test, wanted an oracle bell, and targets a vulnerable Milly. With his spider like oversoul, he captured the item effortlessly. Yoh and the others came by, and agreed to help Milly locate her Oracle Bell. Amidamaru scouted ahead, and found the man who looked like the sketch that Milly made, but he just enetered a bus. Ryu, using his hitch-hiking skills, gets a vehicle to chase him with. They fall over a cliff, and in the middle of the disaster, the Oracle Bell was destroyed. But a priest came by and gave Milly a new one. Then, Anna and Morta arrive in Mt. Terror, where a group of mysterious people praise Anna as their superior.

    I'm not a big fan of filler episodes, especially after going through the crap that Naruto produced, but Shaman King is actually doing it right. Theres' really no serious direction in them, but it's funny. It was nice seeing Ren pull out some unintentional jokes comparing America and China, and other small things, like Milly's ridiculous and exaggerated sketching of Chrysler, also pulled out a few laughs. The part where Milly exploited the hole when you need an Oracle Bell replaced, and Silva running away because he couldn't answer her, was also funny.moreless

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    • Trey: My turn. I spy...something maize.
      Rio: Is it a... wait. What is maize?
      Trey: It's a color, dude! It's's-it's yellow!
      Rio: Then why not just say yellow?
      Trey: 'Cuz it's not exactly yellow-
      Len: I spy something annoying! Care to guess what it is?
      Trey: (Curiously) What?

    • Yoh: Relax, we're kidding!
      Len: We are?

    • Silva: The Oracle Bell is protected under warranty and is insured against identity fraud. So, in the event of loss or theft, just report it and we will replace it. It's all stated there in the bell under "Frequently Asked Questions".
      Everyone: Really? (Begins typing on their Oracle Bells.)
      Sharona: You're making this up!
      Silva: Try F-A-Q.
      Everyone: F-A-Q...(They type F-A-Q onto their Oracle Bells)
      Trey: Found it!
      Yoh: Look! We can even type in questions!
      Silva: Wait... before you get too excited, allow me to inform you it won't reveal the location of Doby Village.
      Everyone: (Groans)
      Silva: Farewell.
      Milly: Um...HELLO! If we lose our Oracle Bell, how are we supposed to contact you to tell you we lost it?!
      Everyone: Hmm?
      Silva: Uh... (Points to the Side) ...Bear!
      (Everyone Looks in that Direction, Allowing Silva to Fly Away)

    • Billy: You're crazier than a...
      Len: I know, and that's exactly why this is going to work.

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