Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 37

Rage and Furyoku

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 20, 2005 on FOX
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Rage and Furyoku
Yoh's friends watch as they all see yoh's spirit getting sucked in by Zeke. Seeing that, yoh's friends become enraged and they fight Zeke but they aren't fighting him the right way. Morty reminds Anna and the others that showing your rage isn't the right way to beat Zeke by making "unity" with Mosuke. Anna and the others remember that Morty is right and then they take down Zeke's Shikigamis but their greatest fight is yet to come. With the power of the 1080 beads useless now, how will they beat Zeke?moreless

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  • Still great, but dragged down by...well, dragged out scenes.

    Everyone, including Anna, witnessed Yoh get his soul devoured by Hao. Enraged, they unleash their fury on Hao. They made no progress. Anna's Shikigami were being controlled by Hao again, and he used them to distract the others so he can continue towards the Great Spirits. Manta gets furious himself, hammers both the Shikigami into the ground, and opens everyone's eyes. Everyone then combines their powers, and defeat the two Shikigamis. Everyone heads towards Hao, distracting him so Anna can prepare for the sealing technique that was used on him 500 years back. It seems they were coming close to defeating Hao, but he quickly escaped the spell. It seemed hopeless, but everyone refuses to give in. Then, within Hao's soul is Yoh floating. Within his eyes he sees nothing but Hao, except for a small silhouette that resembled Amidamaru's figure.

    I'm always inclined to loving these types of episodes, supporting 100% the main protagonist group as the series comes to a close and they all put their all towards defeating the main antagonist. But there were some stuff that dragged this episode down to becoming truly great. The scene when everyone was remininscing of the moments they had with Yoh was way too long. It kind of depleted much sympathy away for the characters and how shocked they are to see Yoh get. And then out of all the insert songs, they had to use Oversoul? It's one of the worse anime songs ever! Good thing Hao stopped it. Other than that, it was a good emotional episode.moreless
  • A very exiting ,dramatic and sad episode

    This episode rocked yet sad at the same time because seeing everyone Rio,Trey,Faust,Len,Choco,Morty,Lyserg and even anna standing over Yoh\'s spiritless body and everyone having flash backs of how Yoh had influenced everyone but I have to say the best part was when everyone got balistic and started attacking Zeak First Len snapped and did some weird move where swords and staffs come out of the ground then having everyone else jumping into the battle (Exept Anna and Morty)though it was touching seeing someone like Anna at first se looked a bit stoned but later on I figured she was actually really sad.

    But overall i vote this to be the best Shaman King episode ever.moreless

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