Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 32

Secret Path

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 16, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Secret Path
Zinc and Nickrom betray the shaman council and deliver a file that tells of a secret path to the King of Spirits. Lyserg is thrown out of the X - Laws. Zeke attacks the shaman council and defeats Mikihisa who challenges him. Len decides that Yoh has learnt some thing he hasn't which makes him more powerful. The episode ends with Lan challenging Yoh as they are making their way to stop Zeke.


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  • Exciting.

    Everyone is scattered across the plane, and everyone\'s looking for each other. Faust is healing Jeanne\'s wounds, and Chocolove is keeping his distance from X-Laws just in case. Ryu runs into Lyzerg, and tries convincing him to join with the group again. Mina agrees, but Lyzerg chooses the path of the X-Laws. Hao has been informed of the base of where the path of the great spirits is from two traitor Priests. He ambushes Goldva, and is challenged by Mikihisa. In the end, while Hao was surprised at his father\'s strength, Mikihisa lost. After the group reunited with each other, they try chasing after Hao. Though Pirika reveals to everyone of how miniscule their Furyoku is compared to Hao\'s. The average member in the group\'s amount is around 9000, while Hao\'s is 124 000 000. Then, Ren challenges Yoh in order to settle an ancient score.

    What a wonderful episode. I\'m loving this; no more short stories of sorrowful shaman who then happen to face either Team Funbari Hot Springs or Team the Ren, with morality being thrown around the entire episode. Though while this episode is more story driven, it\'s simply good; nothing beyond that. Though some interesting twists, like Hao\'s predictable large amount of Furyoku, and Ren\'s old grudge arising, were pretty cool. Too bad with the story progressing so rapidly, that a b.s. ending is inevitable, and I\'ll have to continue the series with the manga, which I really don\'t enjoy doing.moreless
  • Notest that I need to save this site by writing Reviews so I am going to write about young Morty (Lee Tockar) he had some tough times so I dont know why Tammy (Chantal Strand)yelled at her for no Prictalar reson but I wonder why as soon as Possible soonmoreless

    Ahh Morty I wonder why Tammy yelled at him & Yun at the end of the last episode Yun(Bill Switzer) & Zeek (Jeff Bennett) were in a big ball in the sky & yun got shocked & got back in earth I Recemend it really not like Garfild: the Movie,Good Boy!,Stuart Little 2, or The Tuxedo

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Zeke has 1,250,000 furyoku points and Trey has 9,260.

    • The Anime and the Manga plot of Shaman King part here, due to the fact the Anime went too far ahead of the Manga and couldn't wait for it to catch up. In the end, the Anime made a huge fuss about the 'secret path' and Hao cheating. In the manga, meanwhile, it was talking about Yoh's past (why Anna loves him) and whatever happened to Hao before he died.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • At the begining of this episode Rimaro sings a song about Zeek.

      I will tell you the story of one who is great!

      He busted the fiercesome babylon gate!

      And his name and his legend, they spread through the land

      A shaman named Zeek, so much more than a man

    • (Goldva sends the Council out to look for Zeke, and Zeke crashes through the wall.)
      Zeke: You don't have to look for me!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Origninally in the Manga, there were no fancy 'secret' paths to the king of spirits. And Hao Asakura didn't cheat for the throne. He won it fair and square.


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