Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 33

The Forbidden Forest-Part 1

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 23, 2005 on FOX
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The Forbidden Forest-Part 1
Yoh and Lenny fight and Len learns that having a bigger spirit form doesn't necessarily make you stronger. Yoh's group is gradually split up by various attacks from Zeke's followers. Zeke has his final fight with the X - Laws and kills them all accept Marco and Jean. Lyserg saves the spirits of the fallen X- Laws and their guardian ghosts by merging them with Chloe who is transformed into an arch - spirit. The ground starts to shake and deep voice commands that all must leave or be destroyed. Zeke laughs claiming that the king of spirit's has fallen into his trap.moreless

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  • Sweeeeet

    Yoh, during his fight with Ren, discovered something vital that'll be a key point in his fight against Hao in the future. By reducing the size of his oversoul, his furyoku will become more concentrated and powerful. After their score was settled, they headed for the forest. There, many of Hao's subordinates came after the group, dwindling the numbers to stall time for Hao. The X-Laws tried one final tactic to annihilate Hao; destroying the source of his medium for his Spirit, which is oxygen. However, Hao's Spirit can also use the water particles in the air as his medium, so the plan was faulty. Only Marco, Lyzerg, and Jeanne remained among the final members of the X-Laws. Lyzerg, who finally used Morphine in a long time, summoned the spirits of all of his comrades, and combined them as one. "It was a beautiful angel" said Jeanne. Then, the Great Spirits finally made their move.

    This really was an extremely entertaining episode. The little fight that Yoh and Ren had in the beginning was also pretty interesting. But what really sealed it was Lyzerg's ability to form all of the spirits of his comrades into one. Though what kind of dragged the episode down was how corny they played out the whole "sacrifice for the better" situation, when the X-Laws used their selves as bait in order to discover Hao's secrets. Other than that, great episode.moreless
  • The battle between Yoh and Len.

    This is one of the best battles between Yoh and Len (of course there have only been like three of them). Yoh shows Len, that there is a pretty big gap in between their strength and ability. All in all a really good fight sequence. This is what makes Shaman King so good.

  • Choosing the Right Path...

    Zeke enters the pillar of light that will lead to the Great Spirits. Len follows, and Yoh and Morty take up the rear. Meanwhile, Lyserg is impressed that Chloe came back to him. He thanks Marco and the Iron Maiden for traveling with them, but now he must do what he can for his friends. The Iron Maiden wishes him luck and gives him back his dowsing medium as a parting gift.

    Zeke and Opacho walk along the pathway. Elsewhere, Len finds himself alone. Two of Zeke’s minions greet him and a battle ensues. Rio evens up the odds by joining Len. They realize that Yoh must be ahead, so they must get through this battle as quickly as possible.

    Meanwhile, Yoh and Amidamaru see Silva and Karimu along the path. They explain that as priests of Dobie Village, they must protect the Great Spirits. Nichrome joins them and taunts them, knowing that Goldoba hasn’t given them permission to be there. He also knows that Silva is a descendent of Zeke.

    Morty walks alone and thinks he sees Yoh in the distance. He runs up happily until he realizes it is Zeke. Zeke is impressed that a mere human like Morty came this far.

    Now knowing that he and Silva must be cousins, Yoh asks what happened 500 years ago. Silva explains that one of his ancestors was a judge who lived in Dobie Village with his wife and kid. When the Shaman Fight began, that man tried to become the Shaman King himself. When he was foiled, he took the Spirit of Fire, one of Dobie Village’s five great spirits and left the village. That was Zeke 500 years ago. The child was allowed to succeed him as judge. Generation after generation, that family continued to be among the judges. Because of that, Silva believes it is his duty to destroy Zeke. Nichrome and his priest companion allow Yoh to pass as they prepare to fight Silva and Karim.

    Morty continues to follow Zeke as they walk towards the pillar of light. Len and Rio are still fighting Zeke’s boys and realize that their opponents’ furyoku keeps increasing. Hao must have given them something greater than the Chou Senjiryakketsu. Peyote affirms that they did indeed received new strength from Zeke and attacks, nearly slicing Rio in two, as Zeke steps in to block. Meanwhile, Bason blocks football player Bill’s OverSoul tackle, but as Bill uses up too much furyuko, he drops over, destroying himself.

    Zeke explains to Morty that he increased his companions’ strength. However, if their bodies can’t handle it, they will be destroyed. Morty can’t believe Zeke would do such a think and warns that he is setting himself up to be betrayed. pbacho denies that they will betray Zeke, and Zeke laughs and explains that only the weak will betray their companions.

    Yohmei’s wife prays over prayer beads as Anna and Yohmei look on. He explains that this Senhachijyuu holds 1080 secret arts that can be used to seal Zeke. They must restore them to working order.

    Choco and Faust join Len and the boys as a lego-like dino named Broken joins Zeke’s boys. He attacks Trey, but Ren protects him, only to be hit by Peyote’s spirit, which knocks him out. Bason looks on concerned as Len lays motionless, bleeding profusely.moreless

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