Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 38

The King Is Dead

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 27, 2005 on FOX
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The King Is Dead
Yoh's friends are battling Zeke for Yoh. Meanwhile Amidamaru is calling for Yoh to come back. After hearing his friends fighting for him and Amidamaru calling him, he escapes from Zeke and then he battles Zeke with his friends! But something unexpected happens and now the entire world is in trouble, can Yoh stop Zeke before it's too late?!moreless

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  • Just bs...

    Our friend Yoh got devoured by our other friend Hao. Though because Amidamaru called out Yoh's name, Yoh's spirit somehow transferred back to his body. Hao was already riled up because the ideals of everyone started pissing him off. Because he can't think straight, Hao seemed to be on the same level as everyone's power combined. Hao directly goes to the source, and lets his Spirit Fire eat the Great Spirits. When he returned, the Spirit of Fire highlighted his body yellow, and is much larger compared to before. No one stood a chance thereafter, but Yoh still had energy left.

    They could have at least given a reason why Yoh came back from the dead. Somehow, because Amidamaru called out his name, Yoh's soul was magically transferred back to his body without any justification as to why. And if the last episode reveals that it was the will of the Great Spirits and they allowed Yoh's soul to go back to his body, it still sucks. And what's up with Hao being on equal planes with everyone? They even stated themselves that not even a hundred of them could match Hao, but somehow, they still are. This episode is just filled with bs.moreless
  • This episode is just about after the battle with hao and the ending is very bad because nothing happen, just only the hand device ring. Then that the end...

    This ending is damm sux... If only the got cotinue, because the ending is just the begining of another chapter of story. Theynever show wheather the spirit king is taken by hao and never show who become the shaman king... So i rated this episode 0 score... because this is the most sux ending i ever see in my whole life...

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    • Zeke: Your spirit was all but mine! Then you... how did you come back?!
      Yoh: I heard Amidamaru calling out to me! And I could hear my friends too! I heard their hearts calling. And that... was the power you couldn't beat!

    • Kino: Yoh's light has returned to our world.
      Yohmeh: What did you just say?!
      Kino: Are you losing your hearing in your old age, my husband?

    • Rio: Master Yoh, I knew the whole time that you would return!
      (Yoh laughs)
      Trey: Say what Rio!? Your the one that was all: (mimicks Rio) We Must avenge our fallen friend!
      Len: So, speaking of which, how long do you plan on falling,do tell.
      Yoh: Huh?
      Choco: I got him. Don't you know that a sword can't fly?
      Yoh: Guess I got carried away, Thanks Choco!
      Choco: Hey speaking of getting carried away... Did i ever tell you the one about the...
      Everyone: NO!
      Choco: No, I didn't tell you?
      Len: No, we're in the middle of saving the world! We don't have time for bad jokes!

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