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Shaman King (Edited)

Season 2 Episode 27

The Way of the Rice

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 16, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Way of the Rice
Team Len are on a search to find a tiny piece of rice which will lead them to success in the Shaman Tournament.

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  • Heh, this was pretty funny.

    After Team Star, Hao's group, easily annihiliated their opponents, Yoh and the others are thinking of ways to train in order to get stronger in case they do fight him. Team Ren an Team Funbari Hot Spring try using an oversoul combination much like how Zorgs work in Power Rangers. Mikihisa tells everyone to write the name of someone important to them on a grain of rice. He then threw them off of a cliff in the wide open desert, being carried by the wind, and told them to find it. They tried innovative ways of looking for it with their furyoku, but were unsuccessful. Team Funbari Hot Spring received a notification, and are up against team Oceans Three. Mikihisa tells them to try and win it without using their big oversouls. They tried and tried, but were forced to use their big oversouls. Mikihisa, and even Hao, was disappointed. Then, Lily Five finally get their first match, and find themselves against Team Star.

    If only some of the other ungood episodes in the past were all like this one; funny, yet progressive at the same time. Even though training sequences in anime, especially shounen, can drag on for episodes and episodes, I actually really don't mind watching things like this, which was why I was kind of disappointed with the Chou Senji Ryakketsu, sicne it automatically granted the six immense powers. But this really doesn't seem to be progressing much, but it was funny. The moments like when the characters were thinking of names of whose names to put, like when Ren was thinking of her sister Jun, Bason girlishly hoped it would be him instead; Amidamaru looks at Yoh, but a fiery Anna is in the background; and Tokageroh checking if Ryu put his name instead, but he put Lyzerg's name instead. Plus, that Ocean's Three group moment was kind of funny, especially Ryu's big thumb tactic.moreless
  • A very funny episode

    I personally think this episode is fantastic I mean i just love the way Yoh\'s father is trying to inspire them but in the end the only way for the gang to actually get anything done is for Anna to kick all of their butts\'. I could barely stop the tears of laughter when the marine three or what ever show up in their wet suits!!!! Doing their camp cheer!!

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    • Mikihisa: You have a great amount of power, but you need to become smarter fighters. Furyoku isn't just about smashing stuff. If you connect properly to your furyoku, it can power all your senses and skills. I can teach you this, but you must agree to do exactly as I say.
      Everyone: Alright.
      Yoh: A rice grain...a brush.
      Mikihisa: Use the brush to write on the grain of rice.
      Trey: Uh, WRITE on it?
      Jocko: I don't know if you've noticed, but grains of rice are TINY!
      Mikihisa: Now, write the name of the person you cherish most.
      (Everyone manages to write the person they cherish most onto the grain of rice)
      Mikihisa: Excellent, well done.
      Trey: That was really tough training!
      Rio: I feel I have reached a whole new level!
      Mikihisa: That wasn't the training. The trainig starts now. (Starts walking to the edge of a cliff) This will be an opportunity to use your furyoku in a completely different way, for a new purpose. (Throws the rice grains off the edge of the cliff)
      Everyone: AHH! (Stares in shock)
      Mikihisa: Now, go find your grain of rice.
      Everyone: WHAT?!
      Mikihisa: Is there a problem?
      Trey: Well, HELLO! We got a teeny-tiny grain of rice and a big huge desert! YOU DO THE MATH!

    • Rio: (To Len) You guys should change your name to "Team Three Stooges"!

    • (After The Lys find out that they are fighting Zeke's team, Team Star)
      Sharona: What is the matter with you guys?
      Rio: Please tell me, you did not just say your opponent is Team Star?
      Millie: Yeah, it is, and so what?
      Rio: You poor lovelies!
      Millie: Why is that?!
      Yoh: Team Star is...
      (Shows playbacks of Zeke's last Shaman Fight)
      Yoh: ...It's ZEKE'S TEAM!
      (More Playbacks)
      Lys: Zeke's Team? Hmmmmm...Zeke's Team... Uhhhhhhh.....AHH!!!
      (At Zeke's Camp)
      Zeke: (Looking at his Oracle Bell) Team Tre Magnifique? What kind of name is that? Well it doesn't matter. Whoever they are, it will be au revior to them!

    • Len: I think I've found my grain of rice!
      Choco: Gross! That's from a mouse!

    • Rio: (About finding the rice) We will have to comb the desert. It's a good thing I always carry a comb.

    • Len: Our team is so great we could crush yours in a minute!
      Choco: In a second!
      Rio: We could crush you so fast it cannot even be measured in time!

    • Bason: Pick me Master Len!

      Len: It's a tough decision Bason, Jun's name is a whole two letters short than yours.

      (Bason's eyes are big and pleading)

      Len: If it means that much to you.

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