Shaman King (Edited)

Season 1 Episode 1

Yoh, Morty!

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Aug 30, 2003 on FOX
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Yoh, Morty!
Yoh Asakura, a young shaman, comes to town to prepare for the twice-a-millennium Shaman tournament. Yoh has a unique temperament – part warrior, part slacker. He meets his first friend, Morty, a funny, short kid who can see ghosts. When Morty is beat up by Rio and his Dead Ender Gang, Yoh teams up with Amidamaru, a 600 year old Samurai to teach Rio a lesson.moreless

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  • Yoh, Morty!

    This is the very first episode of Shaman King in the series, although this episode isn't the best one i have seen, it is still great for a first episode. The main plot of the episode is about a young boy named Yoh who wants to become a powerful shaman ( a shaman is a person who can control a ghost with there own strength ) . Throughout the episode we meet some awesome characters which later are important for example, Morty a young boy who is very smart at school and later becomes the best of friends with Yoh.

    Overall this episode is great.moreless
  • Great episode

    heres what happens

    It's after school and Morty Oyamata, an ordinary kid, decides to take a shortcut on his way home today. While walking through the cemetery, he hears a mysterious voice...

    "The stars are beautiful tonight!"

    Morty looks up at the stars and agrees, before realizing that someone else is there. The boy asks Morty if he wants to look at the stars with 'us', and Morty says he'll pass, but points out that Yoh is alone, and that using us is incorrect. Yoh tells him that 'us' is correct, and suddenly, the entire cemetery is filled with the images of ghosts. The next day at school, Morty is telling his friends about what he saw, and they don't believe him. Morty, angry, goes to his seat, and sees the boy from the cemetery walk in... He is introduced as Yoh Asakura, and Morty says that he's "the guy". Morty tries to get him to tell the others about the ghosts, but Yoh denies meeting him. Morty, wanting proof of the ghosts, follows Yoh around, hoping that he'll catch him for lying. After a failed attempt, Morty goes to the cemetery, planning to take a picture of Yoh with the ghosts, but then he hears the voice of Wooden Sword Rio, a notorious gangster who has made the cemetery his "best place". Rio angrily knocks down the tomb of Amidamaru, and is informed by one of his fellow gang members of the legend behind him. Amidamaru was famous for killing many people one night until the king executed him and that the tomb is there to keep his spirit from getting angry. Rio doesn't believe in curses however, and to prove it, slashes through the tomb with his wooden sword. Morty is scared and wants to leave, but is discovered by Rio and beaten up. Later that night, Yoh comes to the cemetery and sees that Amidamaru's tomb is slashed...

    The next day Morty goes to school, his friends see that he's bandaged and bruised. He tells him that Rio beat him up at the cemetery, and they tell him off for trying to get more pictures of the ghosts. He says that the incidents were unrelated, but they don't believe him until Yoh says that he's telling the truth. Yoh meets Morty in the locker room and tells him that he'll get back at Rio for what he did, because he was always told that bad people couldn't see ghosts, making Morty a good person, and he didn't want to see a good person get hurt.

    Yoh, having tied Morty up to a tree to prevent him from running away, listens to music while waiting for Rio to come. Yoh tells Morty to watch him, and Morty responds "Watch what? Watch Wooden Sword Rio beat you up?” But Yoh tells him it isn't like that. Rio comes and Yoh says that the spirits don't want him to hang out at the cemetery any more, and two of Rio's gang members attack Yoh, but Yoh quickly beats them with a grave marker. Rio, astounded, tries attacking Yoh himself and Yoh strikes at Rio, shaving his hair. Yoh is a shaman, one who bonds the worlds. Amidamaru's spirit came out of the tomb and went inside Yoh's body, allowing Amidamaru to fight Rio with his sword skills. Yoh and Morty try fixing Amidamaru's tombstone and gaze at the stars, with Morty thinking that his adventures with Yoh have just begun...moreless
  • morty sees yo with ghosts and get beat up by reo and the dead enders trying to sneak up on yo

    the whole episode is so well layed out. its funny and very kl. after morty desides to follow yo to the graveyard to see the ghosts again yo stops at a bridge and stares at the water for ages and doesnt move. yo says " man i could stare at the water all day" and its so funny when morty jumps out and shouts "well i cant!" and then quickly hides! and the fight scene where yo merges with amitamaru and does the spirit unity its such an awsome moment. but i dont see how reos wooden sword could smash up a grave stone. that bits a bit nuttymoreless
  • An excellent beginning.

    This is the episode which begins it all. A young teenager, named Morty was walking home. But this time he decided to walk across a graveyard, only to finda young 13 year old named yoh asakura asking to hang out with him and his friend. Morty however could not see his friends he could only see Yoh. That is because his friends are ghosts so Morty decided to run. Morty was picked on the next day in his class by some other pupils in his class. Then there was a new student. Guesss who?

    Yoh Asakura was the new student but on his first day he decided to ignore him. Morty wanted to spy on Yoh because he was angry with him for being ignored. He came across a gang in the grave yard named the "Dead enders" they are a nasty gang with there leader Rio. They see Morty and pumle him to the ground the following school day Morty went to school injured. Later on that day Yoh and Morty went to see the dead enders. Because yoh is a shaman he can puse with spirits, so he fused with a spirit and defeated the dead enders and Morty and Yohn became friends.moreless
  • I never knew someone so short at Manta's age could exist.

    A regular boy named Manta was walking home from school, when he encounters a boy relaxing within a cemetary. Then a large group of ghosts appear out of nowhere, partying with the mysterious boy. The next day in school, Manta, who's like 3 foot, tries telling the story to all his friends. They don't believe him, and shortly after class starts, Yoh, the boy that he saw hanging out ghosts the day before, becomes a new student in his class. He tries convincing everyone that he was the person, but they still don't believe him. Manta then goes to the cemetary with a camera, but gets beat up by Ryu of the wooden sword. Yoh apologizes, and avenges Manta by turning into a feared samurai 600 years earlier. He tells him that he's a shaman; a person that can link between the living and spirit world.

    This episode felt a little rushed and compact. It feels like the episode was pouring all this information down our throats, like the sudden appearence of the ghosts in the cemetary. While it was explained later on, it just happened was too quickly. If the episode was stretched into two episodes, it would have been easier for the viewer to comprehend with. But it was still a pretty good episode that did exactly what it was suppose to; introduce the storyline and hopefully have the watchers grasp the idea and concept behind the series. I definitely had a good grasp behind the storyline.moreless
Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson

En Tao / Additional Voices

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Amidamaru / Rio

Pete Zarustica

Pete Zarustica

Mortimer "Morty" Oyamata

Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson

Tokegeroh / Additional Voices

Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams

Additional Voices

Sebastian Arcelus

Sebastian Arcelus

Yoh Asakura

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